Vasylkiv: Procedural violations could have affected election results

Oleksandr Chernenko, Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine believes it possible that procedural infringements during both the voting and the vote count could have influenced the election outcome. | detail

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Infringements reported during Vasylkiv Mayoral Elections

During the elections on 2 June for Mayor of Vasylkiv, in the Kyiv oblast, observers from the election watchdog OPORA, as well as from particularly candidates, faced obstruction | detail

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OPORA expresses concern over Constitutional Court’s postponement of Kyiv elections

OPORA is concerned about the ramifications for people’s constitutional rights and their right to local self-government of the judgement which postpones elections for Kyiv Mayor and Council until the end of October 2015 | detail

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Consitutional Court once again obliges

The Constitutional Court has once again overturned a previous judgement and, in response from the Party of the Regions submission, stated that the Kyiv council and mayoral elections can be delayed until well after the next scheduled presidential elections | detail

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CVU:: Re-elections no earlier than autumn, if at all

Five months after the parliamentary elections resulted in the Central Election Commission stating that it could not determine the results in certain single-mandate electoral districts, the re-runs have still not been scheduled | detail

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Bypassing the Voters: on the Ousting of the Mayor of Cherkasy

The following is an updated report on the latest of many moves which have undermined the will of the voters, with 40 members of the Cherkasy City Council voting to oust the elected Mayor, Serhiy Odarych | detail

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Judicial Vagaries

In the last week two Ukrainian administrative courts have rejected civil suits brought by private claimants from Donetsk. The refusal to strip another opposition MP, Yury Odarchenko, of his mandate was unexpected, but entirely constitutional. The other was neither | detail

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Ukrainian parties cagey about funding

Ukrainian parties have to fill out annual income declarations but when and where these are published is up to them, and what they report is also scarcely regulated | detail

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Party of the Regions extending control over parliamentary committees

The civic network OPORA reports that after receiving control over the majority of parliamentary committees at the end of last year, the Party of the Regions is now seeking to make their advantage even greater | detail

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Dodgy „parliament”, dodgy laws

During blackouts, looters grab their chance. During any high-profile events or disturbances in Ukraine, it’s all too often parliament that needs to be closely watched | detail

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Canned Democracy

It was a bad week for democracy in Ukraine – what there was being as close to the real thing as canned laughter on TV shows to genuine mirth | detail

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Win the elections or end up imprisoned?

Attempts to prosecute former opposition parliamentary candidate, Viktor Romanyuk, who was the clear leader until Party of the Regions candidate Zasukha got results in some polling precincts cancelled make any assurances given at the summit seem depressingly empty | detail

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Opposition candidate arrested in Italy on extradition demand

In a particularly worrying development, Viktor Romanyuk who recently stood for election to parliament from the opposition Batkivshchyna Party in the problematical single-mandate electoral district No. 94, has been arrested in Italy | detail

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Ukraine’s Parliament fails on all counts

The civic network OPORA has given a pretty damning assessment of the first 100 days of the Verkhovna Rada’s work with the latter term to be understood very loosely since for 53 of the 100 days parliamentarians didn’t work at all. | detail

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Back in the USSR?

The Cherkasy branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine reports that in elections for the Sharin Village Council, the Party of the Regions candidate received 100% of the votes | detail

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Legislators in name alone

The Civic Network OPORA has been monitoring the legislative activity (or otherwise) of current MPs and finds that during February over half took no part in any legislative work | detail

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Vast amounts spent on effectively secret MPs’ aides

OPORA has drawn attention to the questionable situation where public funding is allocated to pay MPs substantial amounts for “assistants”, yet the public and media are refused information about who these assistants are | detail

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OPORA: Former parliamentary candidates are leaving the country

Viktor Romanyuk who recently stood for election to parliament from the opposition Batkivshchyna Party in the problematical single-mandate electoral district No. 94, has been forced to leave Ukraine | detail

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Serious doubts over court cancellation of two election results + MPs’ mandates

The ruling by Ukraine’s High Administrative Court on 8 February which cancelled – as inaccurate - the election results in two single-mandate electoral districts has caused concern and aroused serious criticism. | detail

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Strasbourg to examine one of the most scandalous election results

Viktor Romanyuk, an opposition Batkivshchyna candidate at the 2012 parliamentary elections has had his application to the European Court of Human Rights declared admissible. He contends the decision of the election commision to invalidate the results at 27 polling stations, before which he had been in the lead, violated his rights | detail

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