Korolevska retracts law suit against public opinion researchers

The rather surreal law suit brought by leader of the Ukraina Vpered Party against public opinion researchers whose survey found that the party would not reach the requisite 5% threshold has been closed by the court after Korolevska withdrew her claim | detail

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Politicians spent more on the elections than they officially earn and won’t reveal sources

Monitoring has found that vast amounts of money were spent on the election trail and on media advertising, both open and covert. There is no liability for infringements of the rules regarding election funding | detail

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Opposition candidate in scandal-filled No. 94 appeals to Strasbourg

Viktor Romanyuk, candidate for the United Opposition has applied to the European Court of Human Rights over the decision of District Election Commission No. 94 which found the voting in 27 polling stations invalid after he had won the election on number of votes | detail

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First December Initiative scathing of caricature-like elections

The farce with the vote count over many days, the fear of peaceful gatherings, the fiddling of the results – all these turn the image of a confident regime into a scandalous caricature which staggers people in Ukraine and the world | detail

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Politician vs. Public Opinion Researchers Battle Postponed

Natalya Korolevska’s party is suing the (authoritative) institutes whose survey predicted that her party Ukraina Vpered would not get enough votes (5%) to enter the Verkhovna Rada. She has asked the court for more time to locates surveys which said otherwise | detail

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How very hurtful! Party of the Regions officials takes OPORA to court

Andriy Melnyk from the Volyn Regional Administration has taken a coordinator for the election watchdog OPORA to court for saying (with corroborating tape) he instructed election commission members how to falsify election results | detail

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Razumkov Centre: Use of force at elections returned Ukraine to 2004

Valery Chaly Deputy Director of the Razumkov Centre has told the newspaper Gazeta po-ukrainsku that the methods used at October’s parliamentary elections, especially the involvement of the law enforcement bodies, were reminiscent of those in 2004 | detail

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Media accused of facilitating dodgy tactics on Election Day

Ukraine’s National Union of Journalsits has condemned media publications who issued outsiders with journalist ID. It says that in so doing they encouraged dirty election manipulation | detail

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CVU: New election needed in 7-8 constituencies

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine speaks of deliberate procrastination and infringements during the vote count stage at election commission level and there must be new elections where this distorted the will of the voters | detail

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185 infringement of journalists’ rights during election campaign

From 30 July to 31 October there were 185 infringements of journalists’ rights, with 115 of these directly linked with the parliamentary elections and / or with those infringing their rights being candidates or MPs. | detail

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EU Concern over post-electoral process

In a Joint Statement issued by High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Füle concern is expressed, on top of previous issues raised, over irreguarities, delays in the vote count and lack of transparency in the electoral commissions | detail

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Canada Urges Ukrainian Officials to “Do Right” by Voters

Canada is distressed by the lack of openness, transparency and timeliness that has characterized vote tabulation and notes that this is just the latest of many concerns about elections which did not meet democratic standards | detail

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KHPG will represent voters whose rights were infringed

The Kharkiv Human Rights Group has announced its willingness to ensure representation in the European Court of Human Rights of people whose electoral rights were infringed during the parliamentary elections on 28 October | detail

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CEC Head wants judges who allowed Zasukha’s “victory” punished

Volodymyr Shapoval plans to approach the High Council of Justice regarding possible breach of oath by the judges who declared the voting at 27 polling stations in single-mandate electoral district No. 94 invalid | detail

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OPORA: Dubious winner in contentious Kyiv constituency

The election watchdog OPORA reports that the Central Election Commission has taken the protocols in one of the most controversial single-mandate electoral district commission No. 223 for examination | detail

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Damning OSCE Post-election Interim Report

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has issued a post-election report on the 28 October parliamentary elections and the vote count afterwards. It reports a lack of transparency and strong evidence that election results were falsified | detail

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Politician claimant ordered to prove her rating

Natalia Korolevska’s party Ukraina Vpered is suing the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology whose survey found that her party would not get into the Verkhovna Rada (it didn’t) | detail

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Andreas Gross: Ukraine already an authoritarian regime

The Head of the PACE Observers and head of the Group of Socialists in the PACE, Andreas Gross has told Ukrainsky Tyzhden that he believes Ukraine is not moving towards authoritarianism, but has already got there. | detail

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Basic Instinct

The Party of the Regions’ “leaders re-crafted the electoral playing field to suit their own needs: changed the election law, gerrymandered the districts, reshuffled election commissions, and endorsed a carte-blanche for all forms of illegal agitation to their loyalists” | detail

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CEC calls for re-elections in 5 single-mandate electoral districts

The Central Election Commission (CEC) announced on Monday that it could not determine the outcome in five single-mandate electoral districts and adopted a resolution to ask for a revote | detail

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