CVU takes electoral commission in Donetsk oblast to court

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] is challenging the decision of a precinct electoral commission which removed an official observer and journalist who was trying to check the passport of a person believed to be voting for a second time | detail

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New Ukrainian Parliament keeps politics a family affair

Dozens of relatives of high-ranking lawmakers and politicians will be entering the 450-seat Verkhovna Rada after winning one of the parliament’s 225 single-mandate seats -- a situation in which candidates can particularly profit from the influence and endorsements of well-placed relatives | detail

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Tymoshenko stopped from meeting OSCE delegation because of hunger strike

The OSCE observers called the refusal to allow the meeting because of Ms Tymoshenko’s hunger strike to be a violation of her human rights | detail

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Election Day: 18 infringements of journalists’ rights

The Institute for Mass Information reports that on Election Day there were 16 reported cases where journalists were obstructed when carrying out their work. There was also one attack on a journalist and a case involving indirect pressure | detail

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OPORA: The Elections did not meet democratic standards

It says that the parliamentary campaign was marked by competition in the election process being artificially restricted and by flagrant violations of the principle of equal opportunity for political parties and candidates | detail

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US calls Ukrainian elections a step backwards

A US State Department spokesperson has reiterated the concerns expressed by the OSCE regarding the use of government resources to favor ruling party candidates, interference with media access, harassment of opposition candidates and others | detail

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OSCE: Democratic progress appears to have reversed in Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections were characterized by a tilted playing field. This was the result, primarily, of the abuse of administrative resources, as well as a lack of transparency in campaign and party financing and of balanced media coverage.” | detail

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Chernenko: "These elections the worst since 2004"

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has published its report on its monitoring of Election Day. It says that although violations were not of a mass and systematic nature, infringements were recorded in most regions | detail

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ENEMO notes regress compared to previous elections

ENEMO notes significantly higher number of campaign violations, abuse of administrative resources, voter bribery, harassment and intimidation of candidates, campaign workers and journalists. The political landscape of 2012 elections was also influenced by imprisonment of two prominent opposition figures..” | detail

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International observers: Serious doubts about elections’ fairness

The Civil Society Election Observation Mission considered the election process to have been competitive, but point to the imprisonment of opposition leaders, significant abuse of power by some officials and of administrative resource, and others | detail

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Schulz on Ukraine: need to overcome stalemate in EU ties despite vote shortcomings

Campaign and party financing lacked transparency and media coverage was tilted in favour of the ruling party. Continued imprisonment of prominent opposition activists cast a shadow over the election process. | detail

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Dodgy Election Techniques: Keeping the Voter uninformed

Efforts to ensure that all infringements on Election Day in Ukraine were reported hit a major hurdle at around 14.00 with a number of sites coming under a DDoS attack whch last well beyond the end of voting | detail

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«Carousel” voting seen in Yenakieve

In Electoral District No. 53 in the city of Yenakiyeve observers have detected the use of carousel voting with 2 carloads voting in at least three polling stations | detail

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Party of the Regions wants new rules on appointing speaker and forming factions

MPs have passed in its first reading a draft bill which would considerably simplify the procedure for electing and dismissing the parliamentary speaker and also introduce new rules on forming factions and groups. | detail

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CVU reports first infringements in Donetsk region

These include not enough ballot papers, voters being brought to polling stations in minivans apparently organized by the local authorities and others | detail

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Chernivtsi: Electoral commission refuses to accept report on infringement

Vitaly Holts, a journalist from the publication New Alternative has informed them that at polling precinct No. 741085 (Chernihiv, electoral district No. 206) members of the precinct electoral commission refused to accept a formal report of an electoral infringement | detail

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CVU official observers not allowed into Crimean polling stations

The Head of the Crimean Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] Andriy Krysko reports that at many polling stations in a number of single-mandate electoral districts CVU observers have not been admitted | detail

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Free and Fair Elections? Court bans meetings in Kyiv centre till 12 November

If the information from the Coalition of Participants in the Orange Revolution reported by Ukrainska Pravda is true, then he District Administrative Court in Kyiv has banned protests in the centre of Kyiv up till 12 November inclusive. | detail

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OPORA final monitoring report

In its report for October, OPORA highlights the main infringements, some of which already make it difficult to call the elections fair or competitive, as well as problems with CEC decisions and in electoral legislation | detail

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OPORA identifies most problematic districts and rates most serious infringements

OPORA will be providing observers at all voting precincts in the 10 the most problematic areas, as identified by long-term monitoring | detail

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