Russia’s Donbas proxies flood Yunkom Mine despite risk of radioactive catastrophe

Militants from the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [DPR] are ignoring local residents, the Ukrainian government and international warnings, and flooding the Yunkom (Yuny Komynar) former coalmine which was used for a nuclear test in 1979.  The scale of radioactive contamination of soil and water sources could prove catastrophic | detail

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Russia’s Crimea Bridge Could Collapse Anytime

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called construction of a bridge between Russia and occupied Crimea a “historic mission”. Putin should pay better heed to historical lessons, since this ‘mission’ is doomed to failure, and by no means only because of sanctions. | detail

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President named Ukraine’s Environmental Pig of the Year for vetoing crucial EU-integration laws

A number of environmental organizations and activists have cooperated in drawing up the ignominious recipients of some hilariously titled anti-awards | detail

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Putin’s Kerch Bridge to Crimea: No Money, Dodgy Insurance & No Accountability

Upbeat noises in the pro-Kremlin media about the Kerch Strait Bridge that Russia is trying to build to Crimea without any environmental impact studies are fighting against the odds, with reports of financing problems now compounded by news of an extremely obscure ‘insurer’. | detail

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From Concealment to Half-Truth about the Chornobyl Disaster

With so much media attention now, it is hard to imagine the terrible silence & dearth of information in 1986, when virtually nothing was reported, and no advice given on fundamental safety measures and when communist officials, who had evacuated their own children, sent others onto the street for May Day ‘celebrations’ | detail

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Russia’s Bridge to Crimea: Quick Profits for Putin’s Crony, Zero Accountability

Russian legislators look set to pass a bill virtually eliminating environmental impact analyses to enable fast-track construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait linking Crimea with Russia and massive profit for one of Vladimir Putin’s oligarch friends | detail

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Ukraine’s environmentalists demand swift integration with Europe

Environmental civic groups are among the strongest in Ukraine. These activists had a clear sense of the changes they wanted to see after the 2014 Euromaidan revolution and subsequent election of a new government. Many are dissatisfied with the pace of reforms and have even called for replacing the Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources only a few months into his tenure. | detail

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Chornobyl: Bitter Anniversary

It is 29 years since the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster which the Soviet Union tried through all means to conceal, with this tradition almost certainly followed ever since by the International Atomic Energy Agency and World Health Organization. | detail

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Fears on the eve of Chornobyl anniversary: is nuclear power in Ukraine safe?

Despite Ukraine’s tragic experiences with nuclear power, there are legitimate reasons why it is an attractive energy source for this struggling country. But a recent study raises concerns about the safety of nuclear reactors operated beyond their design lifetime. | detail

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“Our brothers are dying in the East”, yet environmental protection efforts must continue

“Not only are our brothers dying in the East, but a series of environment threats have emerged related to environmental pollution and destruction of nature reserves. State parks are seriously suffering – 33 different sites in the protected areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv oblasts were damaged during the ATO ..." | detail

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Rewiring Crimea

The environmental consequences of disconnecting Crimea from Ukraine | detail

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Court finds police inaction unlawful during Gorky Park protests

There have been two important court rulings over the last three months concerning the behaviour of the Kharkiv police during the peaceful protests against the tree-felling in Gorky Park | detail

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Crimean money laundering zone for Russian bandits?

Crimean environmentalists warn that Moscow’s plans for a Crimean ‘Las Vegas’ could spell ecological disaster for the peninsula. | detail

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First flicker of justice over Gorky Park tree-felling

Four years after Kharkiv police stood back and let peaceful Gorky Park tree defenders be beaten up by unidentified men, a Ukrainian court has finally allowed the cassation appeal and quashed rulings which saw no grounds to question the police behaviour. | detail

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Honcharenko murder: Questions unanswered – and unasked

Two years ago Dnipropetrovsk environmentalist Volodymyr Honcharenko was murdered just days after publicly warning of a “chemical time bomb” with potentially horrific consequences for the region and beyond. Although he was almost certainly killed because of his work in revealing environmental dangers, there was terrifying little media coverage | detail

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Parliament adopts Yanukovych’s dangerous environment law

That a draft law waiving the permit procedure needed for activities with impact on the environment was proposed by former president Viktor Yanukovych is no surprise. Why 270 MPs in post-Yanukovych Ukraine should have adopted this law on April 9 is much more baffling | detail

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Information the hard way

A cement factory outside Kerch in the Crimea has a glowing environmental impact assessment. The first problem is that the document was, perplexingly, put together in Donetsk. The second - it’s wrong, and the third is that local residents are being prevented from even seeing it | detail

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Volodymyr Honcharenko. No End to Impunity

It is exactly a year since a fatal attack silenced prominent environmentalist Volodymyr Honcharenko just four days after he had warned of a “chemical time bomb” with potentially devastating consequences for his native Dnipropetrovsk and beyond | detail

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Dnipropetrovsk Environmentalist hospitalized from toxic waste

A serious case of chemical poisoning has taken place in Krasnopolye, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, and once again it is environmentalists who are forced to sound the alarm. | detail

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State plundering of nature reserves

Over the last five years nature reserve land in Ukraine has contracted to a catastrophic degree. Environmentalists say that this is because those in power are appropriating parts of it. | detail

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