No carving up Ukraine’s heritage!

Crucial appeal court ruling imminent over the landscape park “Granite-Steppe Pobuzhya” in which Energoatom is fighting public opposition to its plans to flood part of an area of vital environmental, historic and cultural significance | detail

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Environmentalists against the Tashlyk Hydro Accumulating Power Station

The Prime Minister’s support for this project has outraged environmentalists who warn that it will flood the regional landscape park “Granite-Steppe Pobuzhya” which is of unique natural and historic importance | detail

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Environmental help line launched

Lawyers from the organization “Environment – People – Law” will be providing legal consultations on environmental protection, defence of environmental rights and promotion of good environmental practice in Ukraine. | detail

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Only 6 percent of Ukraine’s territory remains unpolluted

OSCE experts believe the main factors to be the Chernobyl Disaster; military ammunition which has not been destroyed and toxic wastes | detail

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Cabinet of Ministers churning out agencies to flog Kyoto emission quotas

Present plans for creating yet another agency would appear to reflect the Government’s concern to rake in profits from selling emission quotas at the expense of real implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, and needless to add, at the expense of our shared planet | detail

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The twilight zones of Ukrainian regional authorities

Curious details regarding regional variations in how forthcoming (or otherwise) the authorities are with information, even when this is on a statistical form and when it takes much more trouble to remove it than to simply answer the question .. | detail

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Journalists to fight for access to environmental information

The project participants are planning to investigate the possibilities of access to environmental information at central and regional level, and also take active measures to put an end to restrictions on such information | detail

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Ukraine’s international commitments over the Danube – Black Sea canal won’t be forgotten

The canal, opened for shipping on 10 May, as well as the way the decision to build it was made have aroused strong criticism from Ukrainian and international environmental organizations | detail

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21 years since the Chernobyl Disaster

Ceremonies are taking place today in Ukraine and in other countries in memory of the victims of the terrible disaster.President Yushchenko has called on the authorities and society to make every effort to revive the Chernobyl zone. | detail

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Requiem gathering in Ivano-Frankivsk to mark the twenty first anniversary of Chernobyl

The region holds 13,227 people who suffered as a result of the Chernobyl Disaster, 3,835 of them children. There are 908 people with disability status as a result. | detail

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Access to information is the first step towards effective democracy

Among the areas of concern with regard to the new version of the Law on Information is ensuring access to environmental information. Given the authorities’ lack of adherence to environmental legislation and Ukraine’s international commitments, this remains a burning issue for all of us | detail

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Lviv journalists to become detectives

The Lviv civic journalist organization WETI is beginning its own investigation into pesticides which have gone missing in the Lviv region. If these have been buried anywhere, they could present a serious danger to the local population | detail

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“Article 19” to monitor the situation with environmental information in Ukraine

The “Article 19” project sets out to discover from local journalists how easy it is for them to work with environmental topics and information in Lviv and what problems they encounter when gathering environmental information | detail

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UN: Ukraine endangered by toxic waste

The UN Special Rapporteur believes that Ukraine urgently needs to to limit the quantity of toxic and dangerous products and wastes present on the territory of Ukraine and to take “all the necessary measures to put an end to any further import” | detail

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Environmentalists disturbed by plans to build a storage area for nuclear waste

The coordinator of the Ukrainian National Environmental Centre believes that the plans will increase the risk of accidents, and comments that the government did not consult the public on this issue and is effectively satisfying the wishes of only “Energoatom” and American businesspeople. | detail

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Notes from the “Tashlyk” tour, or National places of significance and civil rights sacrificed to energy independence

An area of vital cultural and historic significance, as well as of unique natural beauty is being flagrantly – and irrevocably! - sacrificed in order to build the Tashlyk Hydro Accumulating Power Station – to obtain more and more energy, instead of learning not to squander it | detail

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Yet another environmentally dangerous project

Environment protection groups in Ukraine have only today learned that a plan for building a Kaniv Hydro-Accumulating Power Station has appeared on the official list of projects of the BRD Reconstruction, after “public hearings” were apparently held unbeknown to the public | detail

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Crimean environmentalists hail victory

Thanks to the concerted efforts of the public, the media and his own representatives in the Crimea, President Yushchenko has cancelled a Decree creating an environmentally disastrous transport and industrial complex | detail

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Who’s destroying the historic centre of Lviv?

The "visit" today by over 70 Lviv journalists and their statement achieved one aim - a commission has been created. Postive as a beginning, but by no means enough ... | detail

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Russia plans to extradite to Uzbekistan 13 people suspected of involvement in the events at Andijon

The Prosecutor General has formally announced the decision to extradite the men who have all received mandate refugee status from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees | detail

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