Volodymyr Honcharenko: Chemical Time Bombs in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

At a press conference on 27 July 2012, four days before he was fatally injured in a brutal attack, Volodymyr Honcharenko warned of highly toxic heat exchangers which environmentalists fear could be mixed with other scrap metal and sold, possibly abroad | detail

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Well-known Ukrainian environmentalist murdered

Volodymyr Honcharenko, environmentalist and Head of the NGO “For Citizens’ Right to a Safe Environment” has died in hospital following a brutal attack four days after a press conference where he made public information about 180 tonnes of chemically contaminated and radioactive metal waste in Kryvy Rih | detail

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Supreme Court saves nature reserve Granite-Steppe Pobuzhya from Energoatom

The Supreme Court on 29 May 2012 closed the book on a six-year judicial battle over the natural reserve Granite-Steppe Pobuzhya in the Mykolaiv region | detail

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Gorky Park illegal construction workers attack human rights activist and journalist

The journalist and activist were brutally set upon by workers taking part in the new wave of wanton and entirely illegal destruction of Kharkiv’s Gorky Park | detail

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Kharkiv: Protest over ongoing tree felling in Gorky Park

Mayor Kernes’ explanation made after the felling was discovered is not backed by paperwork nor is it in the plan for reconstruction of Gorky Park. Protesters are on vigil at the site where 200 trees have already been felled | detail

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New large-scale tree-felling in Kharkiv’s Gorky Forest Park

A belt of trees running parallel to the new road and much wider than during the illegal felling in May-June 2010 have been cut down and environmentalists fear that the plan to build elite arpartments and entertainment complexes has not, as claimed, been abandoned | detail

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Negotiations over dangerous environmental draft law

A meeting was held in parliament on 19 June regarding changes to a draft law which all Ukrainian environmental groups are agreed would spell disaster for any real environmental protection in the country | detail

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Legislative slight of hand

The environmental draft law slammed by environmental NGOs as destroying any mechanisms in Ukraine for environmental protection has been slipped through at first “reading” in the wake of conflict over the highly contentious bill on language | detail

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New Head of National Park may be person who has called for its liquidation

Environmentalists are concerned by apparent plans to appoint a local deputy Director of the national nature park Homilshanski Forests since the latter in 2010 initiated a petition to get the park removed from the nature reserve fund. | detail

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Legislative Plundering

A dangerous bill proposing to redistribute powers with respect to environmental protection could give corruption and plundering in Ukraine a whole new dimension | detail

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Dangerous redistribution of powers on environmental issues proposed

The draft law proposes amendments which would assign the Cabinet of Ministers and local administrations an excessive role in deciding on the use of natural resources, environmental impact assessments and others | detail

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Forest defender assaulted

In the evening of Monday 12 March Volodymyr Kramarenko, one of the defenders of a forest area planted in the 1950s, was attacked | detail

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Yanukovych signs into law storage facility for used nuclear waste at Chornobyl

NECU and other environmental organizations have on a number of occasions expressed doubts about plans for a centralized storage facility in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone | detail

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Kharkiv’s new “safe” nuclear installation

In the spring construction will begin in Kharkiv of a nuclear installation. The public receive assurances that the plan is absolutely safe. Yet why then were environmentalists not allowed into the public hearings? | detail

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NGOs ask where European Chernobyl money has gone

The Head of the International Public Coordination Chernobyl Council has written to the European Parliament asking that it investigate how funding allocated by the European Commission for eliminating the humanitarian consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster has been used. | detail

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Wall of Officialdom’s Lies

A “Wall of Lies” has been erected in the centre of Kyiv in the place of a scandal-filled construction site. It will now sport the portraits of officials who are believed to be responsible for unlawful construction work in the city and/or who have not kept their word | detail

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Kharkiv authorities open a new front against Gorky Park defenders

A clone has been created of the environmental organization committed to protecting Kharkiv’s green zones. It bears almost the same name, but is clearly designed to enable the authorities to continue destroying the forest park, while discrediting the real organization | detail

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Gorky Park defenders beaten and hospitalized

There was an escalation in violence on 2 August at Kharkiv’s Gorky Park where activists are trying to prevent new tree felling which is being carried out without any permits, public discussion etc. Loggers and the so-called “municipal guards” beat up 5 of the Park’s defenders, two of whom received serious injuries | detail

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Anger over shelving of important environmental plan

Zeleny Svit [Green World] has issued an open letter to Yanukovych expressing concern at plans to shelve the Nationwide Programme for the Creation of a National Ecological Network in Ukraine for 2000-2015 | detail

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Ongoing destruction in Gorky Park

There were attempts again in the morning of 1 August to carry out illegal tree-felling in Kharkiv’s Gorky Park with one of the loggers turning on activists with his saw turned on. And once again, despite the illegality of the destruction, the police are obstructing only the protesters | detail

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