Gorky Park – and democratic rights – under siege again

Reports are coming in that after the illegal felling of over two thousand trees in Kharkiv’s Gorky Park and brutal suppression of peaceful protest in May and early June 2010, attempts are again underway to destroy more of the Park. Activists trying to protect the trees – and uphold the law - have been detained by police | detail

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Aarhus Convention: Ukraine still not complying

The latest Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention has warned Ukraine that if it does not begin implementing the recommendations originally issued in 2005, its special rights and privileges under the Convention will be suspended | detail

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Kharkiv Court: Police not obliged to respond to calls for help

On 24 May this year the Kharkiv District Administrative Court rejected a claim filed against the unlawful actions and inaction by the police during the protest in Gorky Park in Kharkiv from late May to early June 2010 | detail

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Kyiv residents march against criminal destruction of the capital

On Saturday a march was held for the second time in defence of Kyiv against construction work in the historical area and destruction of architectural places of heritage through such construction | detail

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Gorky Park Scandal: One Year on

One year ago in Kharkiv the scandalous construction was initiated of a road through the city’s Gorky Park. Almost two thousand members of the public tried in vain to stop the barbaric destruction of century-old trees. No criminal investigation against the officials involved has been initiated | detail

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Two cities say no to new nuclear power plant

Construction of two nuclear reactors at the Khmelnytski Nuclear Power Plant is under discussion in Ukraine. The residents of Khmelnytski and Ostroha have come out categorically against the new reactors | detail

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Lviv courts inundated by Chernobyl victims’ civil suits

Victims of the Chernobyl Disaster have become much more active at standing up for their rights in court. However they have to wait years for enforcement of the court rulings | detail

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Chornobyl: A Troubled Health Legacy

Twenty five years ago, on 26 April 1986, the powerful explosion that tore through Chornobyl’s nuclear power plant spewed radioactive material across large swathes of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. | detail

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Leaders accused of neglecting Chernobyl legacy

Ex-Soviet governments are failing to protect their people from the deadly legacy of the Chernobyl disaster, former cleanup workers and environmental groups charged Monday on the eve of ceremonies commemorating the 25th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear accident | detail

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Environmentalists ask Europe to not finance nuclear projects in Ukraine

Ukrainian environmentalists believe that European banks should not finance the development of nuclear energy in Ukraine, but instead direct investment at energy saving and energy renewal projects | detail

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New tree-felling in Kharkiv’s Gorky Park

Following the scandalous tree felling by the Kharkiv authorities last year which led to the illegal destruction of up to 2 thousand trees and flagrant violations of the right to peaceful assembly and a fair trial, the assurances that this time all will be according to law are difficult to take seriously | detail

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Kharkiv environmentalists protest over dangerous new law

Protests have taken place in a last attempt to convince President Yanukovych of the need to veto the Law on Regulation of Urban Construction | detail

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No Hunting in Nature Reserves!

The Kyiv Environmental and Cultural Centre is calling on the Verkhovna Rada to reject the draft law on hunting in nature reserves | detail

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MIA: It’s their fault for deliberately protesting

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has provided yet another extraordinary response regarding its officers’ activities during the measures taken in Kharkiv to crush peaceful efforts to stop unlawful tree-felling in Gorky Park | detail

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Kharkiv authorities concealing criticism from international institutions

The notorious events around the building of a road through Kharkiv’s Gorky Park and violent dispersal of protest against the destruction of century-old trees are to be discussed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe | detail

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CE Human Rights Commissioner heeds call over Gorky Park lawlessness

The Internet publication Glavnoye has published a letter from Thomas Hammerberg, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, expressing concern regarding the “dispersal of protests” over the destruction of a part of Kharkiv’s Gorky Park. | detail

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Court agrees that Ministry for the Environment’s site does not comply

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has accepted the civil suit brought by Environment – People – Law [EPL] against the Ministry for Environmental Protection regarding the latter’s official website | detail

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Bundestag Deputy slams authorities over Gorky Park lawlessness

With the tree-felling in Kharkiv and methods used, Ukraine will not draw nearer to the European Union. This warning was heard by Bundestag Deputy from the Greens, Viola von Kramon | detail

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UEFA sends Kharkiv’s Acting Mayor another letter

Mr Callen expresses surprise that despite repeated assurances to UEFA, the construction of the contentious road is continuing and the media are continuing to erroneously link this with Kharkiv’s preparations for Euro-2012 | detail

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Human Rights Ombudsperson reacts to events in Gorky Park

Nina Karpacheva says that the information she has received suggests that there were numerous violations of civic rights with regard to protection of life and health, personal security, the right to information, freedom of views and of expression, and safety regulations | detail

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