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CE Human Rights Commissioner heeds call over Gorky Park lawlessness

The Internet publication Glavnoye has published a letter from Thomas Hammerberg, Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, expressing concern regarding the “dispersal of protests” over the destruction of a part of Kharkiv’s Gorky Park. | detail

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Court agrees that Ministry for the Environment’s site does not comply

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has accepted the civil suit brought by Environment – People – Law [EPL] against the Ministry for Environmental Protection regarding the latter’s official website | detail

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Bundestag Deputy slams authorities over Gorky Park lawlessness

With the tree-felling in Kharkiv and methods used, Ukraine will not draw nearer to the European Union. This warning was heard by Bundestag Deputy from the Greens, Viola von Kramon | detail

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UEFA sends Kharkiv’s Acting Mayor another letter

Mr Callen expresses surprise that despite repeated assurances to UEFA, the construction of the contentious road is continuing and the media are continuing to erroneously link this with Kharkiv’s preparations for Euro-2012 | detail

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Human Rights Ombudsperson reacts to events in Gorky Park

Nina Karpacheva says that the information she has received suggests that there were numerous violations of civic rights with regard to protection of life and health, personal security, the right to information, freedom of views and of expression, and safety regulations | detail

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PACE President to raise the issue of Gorky Park with the Kharkiv authorities

Mr Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu was responding to an appeal from “Zeleny Front” [“Green Front”] regarding the illegal tree-felling and construction work in Gorky Park and behaviour of the Kharkiv authorities | detail

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Italian human rights campaigner visits Gorky Park defenders’ camp

This is the first visit by a representative of foreign human rights and environmental organizations who came to see with his own eyes what is happening. Michele Curto is the President of the international human rights network FLARE | detail

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Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor finds no infringements in beating peaceful protesters

Their letter asserts that neither the police who beat and/or unlawfully detained defenders of Gorky Park nor the unidentified individuals in black with badges saying “Municipal Security” who also used force against peaceful protesters committed any offence. | detail

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New graves uncovered in Kharkiv’s Gorky Park

The workmen have not been stopped. This Death road is continuing to be built despite the rules of road construction, commonsense and basically everything. Over human remains | detail

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Yury Karamzin: Road through Gorky Park is illegal

The First Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Justice Issues states that the construction workers do not have the necessary documents for the building of a road through Kharkiv’s Gorky Park | detail

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Gorky Park: Judge not amused by multiplying City Council original documents

The Prosecutor is to be asked to check the City Council’s documents, to find out why two copies of the same “original” City Council decision have different content | detail

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Ministry for Environment takes situation in Kharkiv under its control

It also stated that over the results of an unscheduled check of the park by the Kharkiv Regional State Environmental Inspectorate, material had been sent to the Prosecutor | detail

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Road over unmarked graves

As reported already, on 2 July human remains were found in Kharkiv’s Gorky Park at the site where workmen are carrying out the illegal instructions of the Kharkiv authorities. Deadlines outweigh the law and fundamental human decency and the remains are being dug back | detail

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Park defenders’ camp cordoned off by barbed wire

Barbed wire is being erected along where the illegal tree felling is continuing, including, it would seem, on an area where human remains were uncovered a week ago | detail

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Defenders of Kharkiv’s Gorky Park again detained

Around midday the police attempted to disperse people who had formed a chain, sitting on the ground to stop the bulldozers | detail

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New appeal to UEFA over lawless cynicism of Kharkiv authorities

On 1 July, Zeleny Front sent another letter to Michael Platini thanking UEFA for its concern and warning them that the local and national authorities are disregarding UEFA’s opinion and stubbornly continuing to destroy the Park to further their business plans. | detail

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So what are the Kharkiv authorities not oblivious to?

On Friday, 2 July, human remains were found at the site where in spite of legitimate protest, including from the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Environment, and the clear illegality of their actions, the Kharkiv authorities are continuing to fell trees in Gorky Park | detail

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Verkhovna Rada Committee demands an end to the destruction in Gorky Park

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on Environmental Policy has called on the Prosecutor General to check the legality of the decision by the Kharkiv City Council of 19 May to fell trees in Gorky Park | detail

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UEFA concerned over events around Gorky Park in Kharkiv

The Director of Euro 2012 Martin Callen has addressed an official letter to the Ukrainian Government asking it to investigate the situation which has arisen around Gorky Park in Kharkiv and to inform of specific measures taken to resolve the problem | detail

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Kharkiv produces prisoners of conscience, not-so-public hearings

The Kharkiv authorities, having run roughshod over residents’ rights and the law, then resorted to a pitifully unconvincing imitation of public participation | detail

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