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Demonstrators defending Kharkiv park’s trees assaulted

The attack lasted around 30 minutes, after which police officers, called by the demonstrators, appeared. The assailants did not succeed in breaking through the cordon | detail

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Stop Running Down the Ministry for Environmental Protection!

Environmental groups have issued an appeal expressing concern that the constant change of leadership and staffing policy of the Ministry, not based on professional considerations, place in doubt the ability of the Ministry for Environmental Protection to carry out effective and legislatively productive functions | detail

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Defence of Kharkiv’s Gorky Park: continues

Aleksei Vedmidsky on behalf of the environmental NGO Pechenihy has managed to convey a statement from the Park where he and around a hundred other people are trying to stop the barbaric and probably unlawful destruction of a huge number of trees | detail

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Kharkiv citizens stand up to police and bulldozers

In Kharkiv’s Gorky Park throughout the night and into Tuesday, protesters stood guard trying to prevent further felling of trees in the park | detail

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How can you have a non-transparent National Environmental Policy?

Seven leading Ukrainian environmental organizations have addressed an open letter to the Prime Minister and EU Representative Office in Ukraine expressing serious concern over the lack of transparency and cooperation by the new management of the Ministry of the Environment | detail

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Ministry for Environmental Protection: Keep Environmentalists out?

A large number of environmental groups have addressed an open appeal to Prime Minister Azarov following a quite unprecedented demonstration of disregard for the principles enshrined in the Aarhus Convention on public participation in decision-making | detail

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Granite-Steppe Pobuzhya: High Court rules in favour of the environment:

A cheering indicator that the courts will heed the law over the ongoing assault by Energoatom on land from the regional landscape park “Granite-Steppe Pobuzhya”, however there are worrying attempts to get the President to support even greater encroachments on reserve land | detail

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24 years since the Chernobyl Disaster: environmentalists warn of new dangers

On 26 April Ukraine remembers the victims of the Chernobyl Disaster, while environments point to serious problems due to the accumulation of nuclear waste and the extension in the term of exploitation of the reactors | detail

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Environmentalists: Belarus nuclear power station would also endanger Ukraine

At a press conference before scheduled public hearings on plans to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus, members of civic organizations from Ukraine and Belarus presented serious arguments against the project | detail

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Joint UN/EU team concludes technical scoping mission to Kalush

The Mission found among other things that the possible presence of compounds such as hexachlorobenzene in a nearby disposal site could pose serious risks to local populations if released into the environment | detail

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Is it worth creating catastrophes from industry?

The local authorities and residents of Kalush and the villages declared an environmental disaster zone are seriously concerned that a month has passed since the President signed his Decree and yet none of the funding stipulated and vitally needed has appeared | detail

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UN, EU experts arrive in Ukraine to study Kalush’s environmental problems

The Mission includes experts in geology, hydrogeology, in obtaining samples for environmental analysis, and on emergency response | detail

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Ministry of Finance warns against measures over Kalush

As reported, last week the Verkhovna Rada declared the area including the city of Kalush and two villages – Kropyvnyk and Sivka-Kaluska – in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast an environmental emergency zone | detail

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Parliament declares environmental emergency in Kalush

The Verkhovna Rada has declared the area including the city of Kalush and two villages – Kropyvnyk and Sivka-Kaluska – in the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast an environmental emergency zone | detail

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Environmental organizations outraged over attempts to hijack public participation

They express concern over attempts by certain political structures and pseudo-civic organizations created by them to substitute efficient independent institutions of civic society with imitations and demand that recent Government Resolutions be revoked | detail

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Legislative restrictions on access to environmental information?

If the draft law is adopted as it stands now, the ban on classifying as secret environmental information will apply only to information about the state of the environment in its literal meaning | detail

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Chernobyl area doctors and researchers show predicted UN mortality figures as far too low

Doctors at a Ukrainian and Belarusian hospital are seeing what they have no doubt is a spike in cancer rates, mutations and blood diseases among their patients linked to the world’s largest nuclear disaster at Chernobyl 24 years | detail

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So how is round twice better than blue?

The National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and the Ukrainian River NGO Network accuse the Ukrainian Government of ignorance and of trying to manipulate public opinion over the capacity and supposed advantages of the Dniester Hydro-Accumulating Electric Power Station | detail

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A Barbed reminder for the future President

The leaders of prominent environmental organizations have analysed election programmes and called on the public to support their appeal to the candidates to take specific measures needed to resolve urgent environmental and social problems | detail

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Natural reserve land under the protection of the local authorities defenceless

The procedure over the natural reserve fund suffers from a lack of clarity regarding those involved in making areas reserve land; considerable dependence of the final decision on the interests of the local authorities; and the effective lack of liability for inflicting damage to natural treasures formally under State protection | detail

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