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Russia instils ‘patriotism’ in occupied Crimea with automatic rifles and propaganda

Air pistols; automatic rifles; sniper and air rifles have been purchased for the Artek children’s camp in occupied Crimea, with this Russia’s latest criminal use of weapons to attract Crimean children to the occupiers’ army and to inculcate a war-focused notion of ‘patriotism’ | detail

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140 Crimeans sentenced for refusing to serve in the Russian occupiers’ army

26-year-old Alim cannot return to his family in Russian-occupied Crimea because he is unwilling to do military service and swear allegiance to the aggressor state | detail

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Ukraine sabotages reintegration chances for students from occupied Crimea and Donbas

Ukraine’s Ministry of Education is refusing to set aside funding for critical preparatory courses and information work, aimed at ensuring that young Ukrainians from occupied Crimea and Donbas can study in government-controlled Ukraine | detail

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Putin’s law aims to educate ‘patriots of Russia’ and eliminate Ukrainian identity in occupied Crimea

Russia’s State Duma has adopted a bill which will make inculcation of ‘Russian patriotism’ and ‘civic consciousness’ part of the school curriculum in both Russia and occupied Crimea | detail

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Ukrainian language removed from schools in Russian proxy Luhansk ‘republic’

Russian has been declared the only ‘state language’ in the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ which Moscow controls but has never recognized | detail

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Donbas children deployed as weapons in Russia’s hybrid warfare against Ukraine

Through systematic militarization and indoctrination, children at preschool and school level are being taught that they should love and defend Russian proxy Donbas ‘republics’ and that Ukraine is essentially the enemy | detail

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Crimean children trained to want to fight for Russia and forget they’re Ukrainian

Even physical exercise is on a war footing in Russian-occupied Crimea, with children training to be ‘young soldiers’ like their grandfathers or grandfathers and mass efforts at indoctrination | detail

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Russia spends millions on indoctrination and crushing children’s identification with Ukraine in occupied Crimea

Since 2016, the Russian occupation regime has spent over 100 million roubles on efforts to turn children into so-called “new citizens” and “patriots of Crimea” | detail

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Ukrainian stripped of official language status in Russian proxy Donbas “republic”

The self-proclaimed and Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ has announced that Ukrainian will no longer be a ‘state language’ in the pseudo republic, and has claimed that this status will be held by Russian alone | detail

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Russia’s militarization of childhood hits new low in occupied Crimea

Russia is glorifying war and teaching children how to kill in occupied Crimea, and no lessons at all have been drawn from the mass killing in Kerch on 17 October 2018, in which 20 students and teachers were gunned down | detail

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1500 Crimean children recruited into Russian occupiers’ ‘youth army’ in Crimea

A week after the anniversary of the first ever mass shooting of students in occupied Crimea that left 21 people dead, Russia has recruited 1500 children and young people from Sevastopol to its ‘youth army’ or Yunarmia | detail

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Russian-controlled Donbas ‘republics’ remove Ukrainian language and everything connected with Ukraine from schools

Although Russia repeatedly claims that Russian speakers were under threat in Crimea and Donbas, it is the Ukrainian language that has come under attack as soon as Russia took actual or effective control, as well as Ukrainian history and culture | detail

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Zelensky vetoes scandalous law on forced castration of ‘paedophiles’

There is no information as to what amendments the President has sent back for parliament’s consideration, but any review of a fatally flawed bill adopted at high speed for election campaign purposes is already welcome. | detail

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Children in occupied Crimea and Russia fed lies about the war in Donbas and anti-Ukrainian propaganda

A new Russian textbook in verse for children claims that Ukraine “has stirred up war and vengeance” and that people have been prohibited from speaking Russian | detail

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Ukraine President Zelensky urged to veto populist law on forced castration for ‘paedophiles’

Human rights groups have called on President Zelensky to veto a disastrously ill-considered bill introducing chemical castration for sex offenders which they, and specialists in this area see as a cheap populist move aimed at winning votes in the coming parliamentary elections | detail

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Preschool soldiers and children with rifles in occupied Crimea and Russia

Less than a quarter of Russians believe that military parades and processions are an appropriate way to mark Victory Day, yet thousands of children, even of pre-school age, have been decked out in military uniforms and sent onto the streets for elaborate 9 May events | detail

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Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk republic’ creates ‘children’s army’ to instill ‘correct views’

The self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ has announced the formation of a militarized ‘army’ for children and young people - essentially a copy of the Russian ‘Yunarmia’ or ‘Youth Army’ which is being used to militarize childhood in both Russia and occupied Crimea | detail

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Russia has eliminated all classes taught in Ukrainian since its annexation of Crimea

Almost two years after the UN’s International Court of Justice ordered Russia to “ensure the availability of education in the Ukrainian language” in occupied Crimea, there is not one school teaching all subjects in Ukrainian | detail

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Russian Defence Ministry wants a million children in ‘Youth Army’ by 2020

Russia’s Defence Ministry is reportedly seeking the creation of ‘Yunarmia’ [‘Youth Army’] units at all defence industry enterprises in its drive to get one million children and young people ‘enlisted’ by 2020 in a structure that has been compared to the Nazi Hitlerjugend | detail

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Children taught how to hunt ‘the enemy’ and disperse protests in Russia and occupied Crimea

In a recent ‘military game’ in occupied Crimea, Russia’s Defence Ministry had children pretending to be military intelligence agents and gathering information about ‘the enemy’ | detail

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