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Permission to fire, sir

Allegedly to fight discrimination where women are not employed because they may get pregnant, the Minister of Employment is seriously suggesting giving employers the right to dismiss pregnant women employees for “infringements of labour legislation” | detail

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One of the reasons for labour migration in Bukovyna may be the prevalence of domestic violence

In largely Romanian-speaking areas of the Chernivtsi region a fourth of the children have at least one parent, most often their mother, working abroad. | detail

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Ukraine needs to toughen sentences for domestic violence against women

Amnesty International in Ukraine is calling for stiffer sentences for those guilty of crimes of violence against women and for state-funded refuge centres to be created | detail

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Plans afoot to restrict the right of women serving in the Armed Forces to marry and have children

"One wonders whether the officials in the higher echelons of power, in taking such decisions, consider the consequences of such conditions and their legality. The question must arise of the competence of such officials and their familiarity with Ukrainian legislation" | detail

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Ukrainian victims of human trafficking freed in Turkey

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that thanks to their formal request to the Turkish police, 20 Ukrainian women, some of whom they believe to be victims of human traffickers, have been freed. | detail

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Women’s salaries in Ukraine are 68.8% that of men’s

Despite the ratio of women to men in the state service being 75 - 25%, men predominantly hold managerial positions, and the higher up the ladder, the less women one finds | detail

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Ukraine is taking part in the international action “16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence”

The action, which this year focuses on countering violence in the family, traditionally begins on 25 November, International Day against Violence against Women, and continues to International Human Rights Day on 10 December. | detail

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Aware means prevented

Over the last two months, the program “Families without violence” has been carrying out awareness raising measures aimed at preventing violence against children in the family in various districts of the Kherson region. | detail

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Changes for the better in the fight against human trafficking

Human rights groups welcome the fact that over 280 criminal investigations have been launched this year, however comment that the number of actual court rulings handed down remains too low | detail

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The President has endorsed unlawful limitations of the constitutional powers of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

It is staggering that the President should have agreed to such a manifestly dubious legal step. Particularly given that the Constitutional Court may declare these very changes to be unconstitutiona | detail

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We have the opportunity to defend our rights

Two promising pieces of legislation give the opportunity to really exercise ones rights, and this recent seminar discussed ways of doing just that | detail

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A civil case was considered by court in absence of one of the sides and with other violations of the procedure

The Krasnodon town court issued the decision about the payment of non-existent debts to a communal service. The court considered this case in absence of the defendant and without the proper notification. The defendant also did not get a copy of the decision. | detail

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Non-execution of court decisions undermines the authority of judicial power

This is a resolution of the General Meeting of the Association of Judges of the Donetsk oblast that was held on 4 February. | detail

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Donetsk judges are ready to repudiate the claim to the European Court, if pay arrears would be recompensed to them

Three days ago the group of judges of the Donetsk Appeal court sent to Strasbourg the additional claim “on the compensation of moral damage”. Yet, they are ready to withdraw all demands if the state would pay them their money. | detail

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Picketing of the Donetsk appeal court

On 4 February ten people, dissatisfied with court decisions on their cases, picketed the building of the Donetsk oblast appeal court. The picketers want their problems to be considered by the commission of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. | detail

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Consideration of Feldman’s case by the Supreme Court of Ukraine

The Court started the consideration per se of the cassation complaints of Boris Feldman, the vice-president of the bank “Slavianskiy”, and his advocates. | detail

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Advocates Viktor Ageev and Andrey Fedur will represent the judges of the Appeal court of the Donetsk oblast in the case against Ukraine in Strasbourg court (press release)

37 judges turned to the European Court of human rights with the claim about pay arrears and the violation of their right for just court. | detail

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Violations of the legislation on the protection of human rights

During 2002 and 2003 the advocates of the Crimean collegium observed a great number of serious violations of the legislation on the protection of human rights and the violations of the rights of advocates. The author tells about several facts of such violations. | detail

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