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SBU demands that asylum seeker retracts testimony to ECHR about torture in secret SBU prisons

An asylum-seeker from Tajikistan is believed to have been detained by Ukraine’s SBU just days after the European Court of Human Rights sent a letter asking for information about the man’s case, which informs his account of torture at the hands of the SBU | detail

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Opposition journalist facing political persecution is in danger of extradition from Ukraine to Kazakhstan

Zhanara Akhmet, an opposition journalist and solo mother, is in immediate danger of being forcibly taken from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, where she would almost certainly face torture and political persecution | detail

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Ukraine will be in direct violation of international law if it extradites Kazakh opposition journalist Zhanara Akhmet

Almost three years after journalist and opposition activist Zhanara Akhmet (or Akhmetova) fled to Ukraine, with her small son, she is in danger of extradition, despite clear grounds for believing she will face political persecution if forcibly returned to Kazakhstan | detail

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Azerbaijan opposition blogger illegally deported from Ukraine despite ECHR ruling

In what looks more like an abduction than deportation, Ukraine’s authorities appear to have handed over opposition blogger Elvin Isayev to Azerbaijan, despite the Court in Strasbourg having prohibited Russia from deporting him | detail

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Ukraine ordered to pay compensation to Russian activist it helped Russia abduct and jail

Ukraine has, together with Russia, been found in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights over the abduction of Leonid Razvozzhayev, a Russian left-wing activist who was illegally taken to Russia and imprisoned for several years | detail

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Defendant in notorious Russian political trial seeks asylum in Ukraine

Sergei Gavrilov, one of the defendants in Russia’s sinister ‘Novoye Velichiye’ trial has fled from house arrest, and asked for political asylum in Ukraine | detail

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Ukraine’s SBU must not help Russia persecute an asylum-seeker

Ukraine’s SBU are yet again demonstrating baffling readiness to help the Russian FSB even where the Russian citizens whose extradition Russia is seeking appear to be victims of persecution, like the many Ukrainian political prisoners illegally held in Russia or occupied Crimea. | detail

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Ukraine may extradite Kyrgyz man facing the same flawed charges as Russia’s Ukrainian political prisoners

Ukraine’s collaboration with the Kyrgyzstan authorities over Makhmudzhon Kholdarov would be especially incomprehensible as he is facing persecution on the same grounds as around 55 Ukrainian political prisoners arrested by the FSB in Russian-occupied Crimea. | detail

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Defender of Ukraine sentenced to 18 years after being treacherously handed over to Russia

Timur Tumgoev has been sentenced by a Russian court to 18 years after being forcibly handed over to the Russian FSB although he had risked his life fighting for Ukraine in Donbas, and was handed over to the country waging undeclared war against Ukraine | detail

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Ukraine’s Security Service abducts and deports former political prisoner to Belarus

Ukraine’s Security Service have deported a former political prisoner to Belarus, less than two years after the Belarusian authorities helped Russia abduct Pavlo Hryb, a Ukrainian student in order to imprison him on politically motivated grounds. | detail

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Another fighter for Ukraine threatened with deportation to Russia

Less than a year after Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office treacherously sent an asylum seeker who had fought for Ukraine in Donbas back to certain persecution in Russia, another Russian citizen could be facing the same fate. | detail

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Ukraine illegally strips human rights activist of her Ukrainian citizenship

The ways of Ukrainian officials are truly unfathomable.  This time they have stripped Olena Hlushko, a human rights activist who while still in Russia risked arrest for her opposition to Russian aggression against Ukraine of her Ukrainian citizenship | detail

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Ukrainian court orders that rights activist persecuted in Russia for pro-Ukraine views be granted asylum

This was the latest of several cases where Russians facing persecution solely or in part because of their support for Ukraine have run up against the Ukrainian Migration Service’s unwillingness to notice Russia’s aggression against Ukraine or evident political motivation, but who have found justice with the courts | detail

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Fighter for Ukraine savagely beaten after being treacherously handed over to Russia

Timur Tumgoev, who was illegally handed over to Russia on 12 September, has reportedly been savagely beaten up in a Russian detention unit [SIZO] and is threatened with a sentence of up to life imprisonment | detail

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Lutsenko admits asylum seeker who defended Ukraine in Donbas was handed over to Russia “by mistake”

A week after Ukraine flouted international law by forcibly returning an asylum seeker who had fought for Ukraine in Donbas to Russia, the Prosecutor General’s Office has admitted that it “may have been handed Timur Tumgoev over to Russia’s FSB by mistake”.  This is an about-turn from Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko’s attempts to justify the move, parroting Russia’s unsubstantiated claims about Tumgoev | detail

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Ukraine hands asylum seeker Timur Tumgoev over to FSB to face certain torture in Russia

In their zeal to hand a Russian citizen over to a country holding at least 70 Ukrainians prisoner on politically motivated grounds, the Ukrainian authorities also lied in order to separate Timur Tumgoev from his lawyer | detail

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Inept lies after Ukraine illegally hands journalist & Erdogan critic over to Turkey

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has shifted from total denial of any part in handing journalist Yusuf Inan over to Turkey on July 12, to claims that this was an extradition in full accordance with Ukrainian law.  There are strong grounds for believing that the latter is also not true, and that Inan was given no chance to appeal against his enforced return to a country where he faces imprisonment on questionable charges | detail

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Russian asylum seeker whom Ukraine helped send back to Russia convicted of ‘extremism’ for criticizing Putin

Although it was Belarus that extradited Russian opposition activist Vladimir Yegorov to Russia, this was only because Ukraine’s Security Service had first flouted both Ukrainian and international law by simply dumping Yegorov, who had applied for asylum in Ukraine, on the border, leaving him no choice but to cross into Belarus. | detail

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Ukraine refuses asylum to journalist facing persecution in Kazakhstan

Ukraine’s Migration Service has refused to explain to Detector Media why it rejected Kazakhstani journalist and opposition activist Zhanara Akhmet’s request for asylum.  Simply claiming that the information is ‘confidential’ and contains personal data will not do given the serious grounds for believing that Akhmet will face persecution if forcibly returned to Kazakhstan.  | detail

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Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader: If Ukraine extradites Chechen refugee to Russia, I could be next

Yet another asylum-seeker facing torture and persecution if forcibly returned to the Russian Federation has had his application for refugee status rejected by Ukraine’s Migration Service. | detail

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