Russian activist Mikhail Gangan granted asylum in Ukraine

The State Committee for Nationalities and Religion has granted refugee status to Mikhail Gangan a member of the National Bolshevik Party (led by Edward Limonov) which is banned in Russia | detail

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Yushchenko suspends Government Resolution on migration matters

The Cabinet of Ministers placed the function of specially authorized central body on migration matters in the hands of the Ministry of Internal Affairs | detail

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In defence of redheads

We should watch out for criminals, not for people of a certain race. The law enforcement agencies undoubtedly have a tough and complicated task, however primitive methods only generate new problems and contribute to a rise in racism and xenophobia | detail

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Human rights prevail in Lema Susarov case

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has declared wrongful the decision of the Prosecutor General allowing the extradition of Lema Susarov to the Russian Federation | detail

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Court decision over Lema Susarov adjourned

The court hearing into the appeal lodged by Oleh Levytsky, lawyer representing Lema Susarov, was adjourned on Tuesday until 23 June. The appeal is against the decision by the Prosecutor General to extradite Susarov, an ethnic Chechen, to Russia | detail

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Un-sign international conventions or start observing them

The civic project “Without borders” is calling on the Ukrainian authorities to either withdraw their signatures from a number of international conventions or start fulfilling their commitments, firstly, by not extraditing Lema Susarov to Russia | detail

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Amnesty International: no safe haven for refugees in Ukraine

Lema Susarov, an ethnic Chechen, and a citizen of the Russian Federation, has been detained in Kyiv remand prison awaiting extradition to the Russian Federation since July 2007 | detail

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Readmission agreement with Russia in question

After this agreement comes into effect, Moscow will be faced with the prospect of readmitting illegal migrants who entered Ukraine from its territory in conditions where Russia is unable to ensure physical guard over its own borders | detail

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The Russian press on the influence of the Centre for Legal Aid on geopolitics

In March Oleg Kuznetsov, a Russian businessman was granted asylum in Ukraine. Quite unexpectedly, this rather modest event was interpreted in a Russian newspaper within the context of the confrontation of Russian and Ukrainian military industry complexes and discussion around Ukraine’s joining of NATO | detail

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You round up cattle, not human beings

Take the title of parliamentarian Gennady Moskal’s interview: “Paedophiles, deviants and maniacs come en masse to Ukraine”. Well, what more can you ask? Why watch moronic horror films when the “news” can make you tremble? | detail

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Journalists twisted survey results on xenophobia

The State Institute for the Development of the Family and Youth has issued a statement warning that the information presented in the media about the results of a sociological survey on levels of tolerance and xenophobia among young people has been twisted | detail

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Another young Russian activist seeks political asylum in Ukraine

Anna Ploskonosova, who has taken part in opposition protests and whose boyfriend Yury Chervochkin was killed last year is seeking political asylum in Ukraine | detail

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Human rights defenders criticize the authorities for deporting asylum seekers

The Ukrainian authorities’ attitude to fulfilling their international obligations on granting asylum to people facing persecution or torture in their own country remains unacceptable and unchanged since the time of former President Kuchma | detail

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Centre for Legal Aid clients receive refugee status in Ukraine

On 5 March Katerina Dubovik from Belarus and Oleg Kuznetsov from Russia were granted refugee status in Ukraine. We welcome the decisions taken by the relevant bodies in Ukraine who took into consideration the risk of serious rights violations if these people were sent back to their countries | detail

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Large skinhead organization blamed for refugee’s murder

Kyiv police have detained a minor suspected of murdering a 40-year-old refugee from Sierra Leone on 8 March. | detail

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Young Russian political activist granted political asylum in Ukraine

Olga Kudrina, 24-year-old activist of the National Bolshevik Party [NBP] which is banned in Russia, received a prison sentence for hanging a banner on the façade of the “Russiya” Hotel reading “Putin, go by yourself!” | detail

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Refugee from Sierra Leone murdered in Kyiv

The police report that one of the main versions being considered is that the killing was racially motivated. They suspect two minors who have not yet been detained | detail

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Painful lessons

The response “They never learn!” was probably shared by many on Friday when it became known that the Ukrainian authorities had expelled 11 asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka. A great deal was hideously reminiscent of February 2006 when the authorities handed over 11 Uzbeks to Karimov’s henchmen. | detail

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Et tu, Ukraine?

The UNHCR and Amnesty International have both expressed concern over the forced return (refoulement) by Ukraine of a group of eleven Sri Lankan asylum seekers. Particularly disturbing is the fact that six of them had applied for refugee status in Ukraine | detail

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Two detained over murder of Congolese national

Kyiv police have detained two 16-year-olds suspected of killing the young Congolese man in December last year. They are said to belong to a skinhead organization | detail

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