Centre for Legal Aid clients receive refugee status in Ukraine

On 5 March Katerina Dubovik from Belarus and Oleg Kuznetsov from Russia were granted refugee status in Ukraine. We welcome the decisions taken by the relevant bodies in Ukraine who took into consideration the risk of serious rights violations if these people were sent back to their countries | detail

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Large skinhead organization blamed for refugee’s murder

Kyiv police have detained a minor suspected of murdering a 40-year-old refugee from Sierra Leone on 8 March. | detail

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Young Russian political activist granted political asylum in Ukraine

Olga Kudrina, 24-year-old activist of the National Bolshevik Party [NBP] which is banned in Russia, received a prison sentence for hanging a banner on the façade of the “Russiya” Hotel reading “Putin, go by yourself!” | detail

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Refugee from Sierra Leone murdered in Kyiv

The police report that one of the main versions being considered is that the killing was racially motivated. They suspect two minors who have not yet been detained | detail

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Painful lessons

The response “They never learn!” was probably shared by many on Friday when it became known that the Ukrainian authorities had expelled 11 asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka. A great deal was hideously reminiscent of February 2006 when the authorities handed over 11 Uzbeks to Karimov’s henchmen. | detail

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Et tu, Ukraine?

The UNHCR and Amnesty International have both expressed concern over the forced return (refoulement) by Ukraine of a group of eleven Sri Lankan asylum seekers. Particularly disturbing is the fact that six of them had applied for refugee status in Ukraine | detail

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Two detained over murder of Congolese national

Kyiv police have detained two 16-year-olds suspected of killing the young Congolese man in December last year. They are said to belong to a skinhead organization | detail

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Is it easy to gain refugee status in Ukraine?

Approximately 2 thousand 300 people have received refugee status since Ukraine declared independence. According to th UN High Commissioner for Refugees, this is a very small figures. What is the problem? | detail

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UNHCR appalled by murder in Ukraine

The UN is asking the Ukrainian authorities to consider the possibility of a racially motivated attack in their investigation of the murder of a Congolese asylum seeker | detail

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Ukraine gives political asylum to Russian journalist

Kosvintsev asked for political asylum at the beginning of February 2007. He stated that after a series of reports on alleged criminal links of the Governor of the Kemerovsk region, he had suffered persecution from the Russian law enforcement bodies | detail

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No grounds for remanding Gangan in custody

The Zamostyansky District Court in Vinnytsa has rejected an application made by the Department for Fighting Organized Crime to take Mikhail Gangan whose extradition is sought by the Russian authorities into custody again | detail

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A Headache of some benefit

The Russian authorities by hurtling across the border in pursuit of one politically out of sync young man, Mikhail Gangan, have presented Ukraine with an invaluable test and an opportunity to demonstrate its maturity to the world | detail

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Russian asylum seeker released from custody

The Vinnytsa Regional Court of Appeal on Friday 11 January released Mikhail Gangan from custody as he is presently seeking asylum in Ukraine | detail

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MIA working group to monitor conditions for Russian asylum seeker

The group of MIA specialists arrived in the Vinnytsa region on 11 January where they are to check that Ukrainian legislation and international standards are being observed with regard to Mikhail Gangan whose extradition is sought by the Russian authorities but who has asked for asylum in Ukraine | detail

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Russian opposition leaders call on Yushchenko to intercede on Gangan’s behalf

The leaders of «The Other Russia» Garry Kasparov and Edward Limonov, as well as the politicians Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Hemtsov, have addressed an open letter to President Yushchenko asking him to ensure an unbiased review of Mikhail Gangan’s application for refugee status in Ukraine | detail

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MIA has no plans to hand Gangan over to Russia

A Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson stresses that there can be no question of Mikhail Gangan’s extradition to Russia while his application for asylum is being processed | detail

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Mikhail Gangan remanded in custody

A Vinnytsa court has allowed the police application to hold Mikhail Gangan, the activist from the National Bolshevik Party, which is banned in Russia. The detention is for 40 days while the issue of Gangan’s possible extradition to Russia is considered | detail

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Young Russian political activist detained in Ukraine

The Vinnytsa Human Rights Group is calling on the Ukrainian authorities to allow Mikhail Gangan to apply for refugee status in Ukraine and stresses that it would be a violation of Ukraine’s international commitments were he to be extradited without being given this chance | detail

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“Green card” for Lemma Susarov?

The Kyiv migration office has issued Chechen asylum-seeker Lemma Susarov with a document confirming his status as a person whose application for refugee status is being processed. The document is valid until 30 October 2007 | detail

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Lawyer demands access to Chechen threatened with extradition to Russia

Lawyer Oleh Levytsky is calling on the Prosecutor General to allow him to see Lemma Susarov and to carry out an investigation into the extraordinary actions of prosecutor’s office staff in refusing a detained man access to a lawyer | detail

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