Russian tried for picket in support of Savchenko seeks refuge in Ukraine

Russian civic activist Irina Kalmykova has been forced to flee Russia where she was facing the same charges over totally peaceful protest that resulted in a three-year prison sentence for Ildar Dadin. Like 76-year-old Vladimir Ionov, Iryna and her 14-year-old son have come to Ukraine, and are clearly in need of asylum. | detail

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Seeking Asylum In Ukraine, Russian Dissidents Get Cold Shoulder

Amid a deepening Kremlin crackdown on dissent, more than 200 Russians who have fallen afoul of the authorities in their country have fled to Ukraine since the beginning of 2014, according to the Ukrainian State Migration Service. | detail

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How can Ukraine claim it’s safe to send opposition activists back to Russia?

Incredibly, given the ongoing imprisonment of Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov, Oleksandr Kolchenko and other Ukrainians, as well as long sentences passed on Russians for peaceful protest, Ukraine’s migration service is still claiming that Russia is a democratic country to which activists can be returned. | detail

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Solidarity & asylum needed as Russians face persecution for opposing aggression against Ukraine

There is strong evidence that the draconian sentence against Ildar Dadin was in part because of his support for Ukraine, while Rafis Kashapov is serving a 3-year sentence for opposing Russia’s annexation of Crimea. The list of those facing persecution in Russia for a pro-Ukrainian stand is rapidly increasing, and there can be no excuse for Ukraine’s authorities to send activists back. | detail

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Ukrainian Refugees Say Russia Not So Welcoming Anymore

Hundreds of Ukrainians who fled to Russia from the fighting at home in eastern Ukraine could soon be out on the streets after Moscow in November adopted tougher new rules for the refugees. | detail

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Bemused anger as Poroshenko vetoes vital law for people forced to flee their homes

In yet another blow to the huge number of Ukrainians forced to flee their homes in Crimea and Donbas, President Petro Poroshenko has vetoed a law lobbied by groups working with displaced people and human rights NGOs | detail

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Crimean’s right to vote in local elections recognized, 1.5 million others disenfranchised

(Updated) In a vital, but belated victory, Crimean Yakiv Vityuk has won the right to vote in Ukraine’s local elections on Sunday. Up to one and a half million Ukrainians, forced from their homes in Crimea or Donbas, have, however, been denied this constitutionally guaranteed right..  | detail

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Over 1.3 million people forced from Donbas and Crimea need a decent law

Ukrainian human rights organizations have addressed an appeal to the country’s legislators to enable swift passage of a bill urgently needed to help people forced from their homes by Russia’s invasion of Crimea and military conflict in Donbas. | detail

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New government ruling makes life for displaced people even harder

Human rights activists have criticized a resolution passed by Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers on March 4 as unconstitutional and discriminatory, and say that it likens internally displaced people [IDP] from Crimea and Donbas to criminals. | detail

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Kyrgyz journalist persecuted for supporting Maidan refused asylum in Ukraine

Ilya Lukash, a Kyrgyz national of Ukrainian descent, who organized pro-EuroMaidan demonstrations in Kyrgystan and fled persecution to Ukraine at the beginning of March 2014 has been refused asylum. | detail

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Russian journalist to seek political asylum in Ukraine

Before feeling pride that a Russian opposition blogger facing persecution at home has sought refuge in Ukraine, note that Ukrainian border guards initially tried to stop Dmitry Shipilov entering the country even after he lodged an application for asylum | detail

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Are calls to kill all Ukrainians not extremist?

Pavel Shekhtman, the Russian political activist who fled to Ukraine in recent days, has been added to Russia’s ‘register of terrorists and extremists’. The list includes Oleg Sentsov, but not Russian fascist ideologue Alexander Dugin whose call to “kill all Ukrainians” was more public and no less extreme than the Facebook comment made by Shekhtman. | detail

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Kuban Federalization activists who face persecution in Russia denied Ukrainian asylum

The Ukrainian Migration Service is reported to have turned down two activists’ asylum application despite very strong grounds for believing that they could be imprisoned on falsified charges if forced to return to Russia | detail

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Donetsk union official tries to throw refugees out into the freezing cold

Llocal official Leonid Bessarabov from the Donetsk Railway Union is trying to evict almost 100 women, children, pensioners and invalids from their shelter. He has met with determined resistance from Pastor Sergei Kosyak and others helping the displaced people who ask the media to publicize this monstrous attack on people in need of refuge and support. | detail

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Law on Internally Displaced Persons finally passed into Law

President Poroshenko has signed a law regulating the status and rights of people forced to leave their homes in the Crimea or Donbas. The law was long overdue even when adopted by parliament on Oct 20 and a month later the delay was simply incomprehensible | detail

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Donbas Ukrainians feel betrayed

The Ukrainian government has issued a blow to people living in areas under the control of Kremlin-backed militants.  That at least is how many view measures which could leave some of the most vulnerable people in Donbas without pensions, or access to hospitals, etc. | detail

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Kuban ‘federalization’ activist to receive asylum in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Migration Service looks set to provide refugee status to Viacheslav Martynov, one of three Russian activists placed on Russia’s List of Extremists and Terrorists for planning a peaceful march in support of greater federalization for Kuban | detail

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President and authorities make life even harder for displaced people

While the President is in no hurry to sign a vitally needed law on displaced persons, Ukraine’s Migration Service is continuing to hamper attempts by Crimeans forced to leave their homes to legitimize their position in mainland Ukraine. | detail

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Thousand Ukrainians leave fighting zone in the last 24 hours

Over 455 thousand people are registered as displaced, including 127,409 children | detail

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Finally! Law on Displaced Persons adopted

On Monday, Oct 20, the Verkhovna Rada passed a long-needed law on internally displaced persons. The bill was drawn up in cooperation with NGOs directly working with people forced to flee the Crimea or Donbas. | detail

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