UNHCR: Ukraine must not extradite a person recognized as a refugee in the USA

The UNHCR has issued a statement in which it gives no names, however it appears to be referring to the already reported detention of ex- Tajik Prime Minister Abdumalik Abdullojonov | detail

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Former Tajik Prime Minister also detained in Ukraine on extradition request

Ex- Tajik Prime Minister Abdumalik Abdullojonov has been detained in custody in Kyiv for 40 days pending a review of an extradition request from the Tajik authorities. He had arrived from the USA where he has been living for some time | detail

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Danger of Uzbek refugee being extradited to Uzbekistan

It is a bitter irony that Khurmatillo Zokirov should have fled to Ukraine from Russia where attempts to extradite him to face obviously trumped up charges had failed. He has now been in custody for eight months and could well face extradition if action is not taken now | detail

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Unprecedented Cynicism in the Razvozzhaev Case

After a “check” by investigators found “no substance” in the allegations by Leonid Razvozzhaev, the Russian activist abducted from Ukraine in October that their fellow investigator had tortured him, Razvozzhaev himself is now being prosecuted for the allegation | detail

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Nowhere to turn: Suicide of Russian asylum seeker

Alexander Dolmatov, member of the Other Russia opposition party and participant in the 6 May anti-Putin demonstration has taken his life in a Rotterdam detention centre after his asylum application was turned down | detail

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Razvozzhaev Case: No Pretence of Rule of Law

While the Ukrainian authorities continue to deny any involvement in the abduction of Russian opposition figure and asylum seeker Leonid Razvozzhaev, their Russian counterparts may be using inadmissible pressure on him to trump up charges against prominent opposition figures | detail

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Razvozzhaev: Any change in my testimony will be through coercion

The Russian activist scandalously abducted while seeking asylum in Ukraine calls his removal to Irkutsk an attempt by the investigators to put pressure on him and force him to give the testimony they require | detail

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Official noises from the police over Razvozzhaev case

It is difficult to gauge whether the Kyiv Police really are looking into the abduction of the Russian activist and asylum seeker or whether formal requirements of the new Criminal Procedure Code are simply being fulfilled | detail

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Enforced Silence: From Kyiv to Siberia

As feared, Leonid Razvozzhaev, the Russian Left Front activist abducted while applying for asylum in Kyiv, has been sent to Irkutsk to face charges on a 15-year-old criminal investigation | detail

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Charges and questions multiply in the Razvozzhaev case

The new charge against Leonid Razvozzaev, the Left Front activist who was abducted in Kyiv while in the process of seeking asylum and forcibly returned to Russia seems staggeringly inept as is so much else in this shocking case | detail

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Razvozzhaev case: Answers urgently requred

Strasbourg, it seems, would also like answers regarding the abduction in Kyiv, forced return to Russia, likely torture and prosecution of Russian activist and asylum seeker Leonid Razvozzhaev | detail

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Razvozzhaev: No let up to lawlessness

Russian investigators have pulled out a criminal case abandoned 15 years ago against Leonid Razvozzhaev, the Russian activist who was abducted in Kyiv on 17 October as he was in the process of applying for asylum | detail

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No Offence?

The Kyiv Police have informed the UNHCR that they will not be initiating a criminal case over the abduction of Russian civic activist Leonid Razvozzhaev in broad daylight from outside the place where he was seeking political asylum | detail

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Moscow court finds the arrest of abducted asylum seeker Leonid Razvozzaev legal

Leonid Razvozzhaev was abducted in Kyiv while applying for political asylum and forcibly taken to Moscow, yet the response within Ukraine has been dangerously muted | detail

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Asylum seeker abducted from Ukraine, imprisoned in Russia. End of story?

Leonid Razvozzhaev was abducted while applying for asylum and could now face a long prison sentence on questionable charges in Russia yet the Ukrainian authorities are continuing to deny all knowledge and any responsibility for this grave breach of international law | detail

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Mossad, FSB, and others: make yourself at home!

Marina Hovorukhina suggests that the message to foreign security services from Ukraine’s Interior Ministry regarding the abduction of Leonid Razvozzhaev is that abductions are no problem with the authorities ready to call them special operations and turn a blind eye | detail

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US concerned over Russian activist’s ’abduction’ and detention

The United States on Thursday expressed alarm over the case of opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev who claims he was abducted from Ukraine by Russian agents, as he retracted an initial confession made to Russian investigators. | detail

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On the abduction of Leonid Razvozzhaev (open for endorsement)

Open letter with demands to the authorities over the abduction of Russian opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev from outside the UNHCR office in Kyiv where he was applying for asylum | detail

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Ukraine’s Interior Ministry’s staggering response to Razvozzhaev’s abduction

No criminal investigation can ensue over the abduction, a Ministry spokesperson says, since a foreign national was abducted by a foreign security service and such services should not share their plans regarding such activities. | detail

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Human Rights Watch calls for investigation into disappearance of asylum seeker

For an asylum seeker to simply vanish while lodging his asylum claims and then reappear in the country he fled is profoundly shocking | detail

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