On the abduction of Leonid Razvozzhaev (open for endorsement)

Open letter with demands to the authorities over the abduction of Russian opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev from outside the UNHCR office in Kyiv where he was applying for asylum | detail

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Ukraine’s Interior Ministry’s staggering response to Razvozzhaev’s abduction

No criminal investigation can ensue over the abduction, a Ministry spokesperson says, since a foreign national was abducted by a foreign security service and such services should not share their plans regarding such activities. | detail

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Human Rights Watch calls for investigation into disappearance of asylum seeker

For an asylum seeker to simply vanish while lodging his asylum claims and then reappear in the country he fled is profoundly shocking | detail

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Ukraine – no safe place for refugees

And with Russia increasingly dangerous for members of the opposition, this new style of abduction and removal without going through any extradition procedure is extremely worrying | detail

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Russian activist abducted in Kyiv, jailed in Moscow

Russian opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev has been remanded in custody for two months just two days after being abducted in broad daylight from outside the UNHCR Office in Kyiv | detail

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Amnesty International urges Ukraine not to extradite refugee to Uzbekistan

Amnesty International calls on the Ukrainian authorities not to extradite Ruslan Suleymanov to Uzbekistan where he would be at risk of torture and other grave human rights violations | detail

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Serious danger that Ukraine will return an asylum seeker to Uzbekistan

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has expressed deep concern about the serious risk of refoulement of another refugee facing extradition in spite of a well-founded fear of persecution in his country of origin. | detail

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Outrage over Ukraine’s extradition of a refugee

There remains confusion within Ukraine as to whom the authorities have extradited to Russia, however it is quite clear that a grave breach of international law has been committed | detail

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UN Refugee Agency condemns refoulement of a refugee to Russian Federation

UNHCR condemns the extradition of the refugee from the Russian Federation (Ingushetia) on 15 August 2012 in breach of national and international law. The refugee was recognized by UNHCR under its mandate in March 2012 and had been granted refugee status by an EU member-state | detail

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Two men facing extradition over “Putin assassination plot”

The Odessa Court of Appeal has rejected the appeal against the extradition of Chechen Adam Osmayev to Russia. He is accused of planning an “assassination attempt” on Putin in February this year, as well as on Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. | detail

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Fears rising over fate of two refugees wanted by Russia

Kyiv Post journalist Svitlana Tuchynska writes that although international law forbids Ukraine from sending them back, one has disappeared from a Kyiv detention center while the other was so severely beaten in custody he slipped into a coma. | detail

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UNHCR protests over treatment of two mandate refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has issued a statement expressing concern over the fate of two refugees recognized by UNHCR under its mandate and condemning their treatment as in flagrant disregard for fundamental human rights. | detail

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UNHCR condemns Ukraine’s refusal to admit Kyrgyz asylum seeker

The UN Refugee Agency has condemned the refusal to allow a Kyrgyzstan national onto Ukrainian territory in violation of international law and the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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HRW: Stop Harassing Somali Asylum Seekers

The Ukrainian authorities should immediately stop police harassment and threats against Somali asylum seekers held at the Zhuravychi Migrant Accommodation Centre, Human Rights Watch insists | detail

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Ukraine must release Somali asylum-seekers

Amnesty International is calling on the Ukrainian authorities to release Somali nationals who are currently on hunger strike in protest at being detained for up to a year “for the purposes of deportation” following court orders issued in December last year. | detail

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Concern over plight of Somali asylum seekers in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Refugee Council has issued an open appeal to the President, Minister of Internal Affairs, Head of the Migration Service and others calling on them to take all measures needed to regulate the situation of Somali asylum seekers presently in Ukraine. | detail

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90% of asylum seekers in Ukraine turned down

Ukrainian NGOs report that over the ten years since Ukraine signed the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees, it has not created a system for giving effective assistance to asylum seekers. | detail

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The Whole Truth about fighting Ilegal Immigration: Facts and Figures

In a damning expose of myths about migration and those who encourage them, Volodymyr Batchae stresses that the fight against illegal migration must not turn into a hunt for CIS nationals so as to be able to proudly present to Europe hunting trophies in the form of figures supposedly demonstrating an exacerbation of the problem | detail

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Watch out for skinheads and the police

Yury Nuzhny writes about an asylum seeker from Guinea who asked him to tell people about the latest of many encounters with the Kharkiv police. Perhaps, he says, the people at the top in the police don’t know what’s happening and when they find out, will punish those responsible. | detail

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Hospitality the Ukrainian way: three days in custody at Boryspil Airport

Late in the evening of 9 September a family from Afghanistan – a pregnant woman, her husband and one-year-old infant – was allowed onto Ukrainian territory after being unlawfully detained for three days by Kyiv border guards | detail

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