The Whole Truth about fighting Ilegal Immigration: Facts and Figures

In a damning expose of myths about migration and those who encourage them, Volodymyr Batchae stresses that the fight against illegal migration must not turn into a hunt for CIS nationals so as to be able to proudly present to Europe hunting trophies in the form of figures supposedly demonstrating an exacerbation of the problem | detail

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Watch out for skinheads and the police

Yury Nuzhny writes about an asylum seeker from Guinea who asked him to tell people about the latest of many encounters with the Kharkiv police. Perhaps, he says, the people at the top in the police don’t know what’s happening and when they find out, will punish those responsible. | detail

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Hospitality the Ukrainian way: three days in custody at Boryspil Airport

Late in the evening of 9 September a family from Afghanistan – a pregnant woman, her husband and one-year-old infant – was allowed onto Ukrainian territory after being unlawfully detained for three days by Kyiv border guards | detail

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Will the new law make life easier for refugees?

While reception has been generally positive, there are doubts as to its practical enforcement. Its success will also depend on the court system | detail

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What to expect from the new law on refugees

The Law on Refugees and People who need additional or temporary protection came into force on 4 August 2011. Nadiya Ediyeva from the Chernihiv Public Committee for Human Rights, assesses its new features. | detail

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Good News at Last: mandate refugee Denis Solopov released!

Denis Solopov, Moscow artist and civic activist who had been held in a Kyiv SIZO (detention unit) since March pending a decision on the extradition request from Russia has been released and has gone to the Netherlands which, unlike Ukraine, found grounds for offering him political asylum | detail

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Ukraine to pay refugee from Russian Federation 6 thousand euro in moral compensation

While a Ukrainian court did finally overturn the Prosecutor General’s order to extradite Lema Susarov to the Russian Federation, the Chechen refugee still spent a year in a Ukrainian SIZO | detail

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UNHCR comments on new refugee legislation

While the new law on refugees “takes several progressive steps in refugee protection, it does not yet meet EU and international standards on two key points and could be further fine tuned on a number of relevant matters that would further improve Ukraine’s legislative framework” | detail

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Calls for release of mandate refugee Denis Solopov

On 20 June, International Refugee Day, human rights activists and artists picketed the Prosecutor General’s Office demanding the release from detention of Moscow artist and civic activist, Denis Solopov who took part in the Khimki Forest protest in Moscow region | detail

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Political Refugee Denis Solopov could be deported to Russia

Environmental activist and artist Denis Solopov holds mandate refugee status from the UNHCR in Ukraine, yet this, a spokesperson says, is not a decisive argument according to Ukrainian legislation | detail

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Amendments proposed to Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals

While the new draft law apparently gives foreign nationals and stateless persons virtually the same opportunities as Ukrainian citizens, it retains provisions which tighten the rules for entering and staying in Ukraine, including the possibility of refusing entry or deporting a person who “discredits” the country | detail

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Denis Solopov, Khimki Forest defender still in danger of extradition to Russia

Denis Solopov is a mandate refugee and must not be extradited. Whatever prompted the Ukrainian authorities to reach a different conclusion, the UNHCR studied the material and is certain that there were grounds to grant him status which precludes extradition | detail

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Amendments to migration legislation: Punish and ban, or resolve the problems?

The No Borders Project warns that the amendments to migration legislation adopted on 5 April 2011 pose the threat of greater abuse and human rights violations, while giving some hope for positive development of one important constitutional concept | detail

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Parliament introduces new rules for foreign nationals and stateless persons

The changes increase the number of grounds allowing deportation as well as fines for exceeding time limits for registration. Specialists consider that the amendments do not meet international standards. | detail

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Afghan citizens beaten in detention at Ukraine airport

Amnesty International has condemned the mistreatment of eight Afghan citizens awaiting deportation from Ukraine, who are being beaten by border guards and denied adequate food, water and medical treatment | detail

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Eleven Afghan citizens are at imminent risk of deportation from Ukraine to Afghanistan, without any opportunity to challenge their deportation, including on asylum or other international protection grounds (PLEASE SEND APPEALS!) | detail

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Refugees cannot be extradited – release Sopolov!

The “No Borders” Project of the Social Action Centre has issued a statement over the arrest of refugee Denis Sopolov pending extradition to the Russian Federation despite having been recognized by the UNHCR as a mandate refugee | detail

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Ukraine: Migrants and Asylum Seekers Tortured, Mistreated

Migrants and asylum seekers, including children, risk abusive treatment and arbitrary detention at the hands of Ukrainian border guards and police, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on 16 December 2010 | detail

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Zhytomyr journalists announce boycott of the Regional MIA Public Relations Department

Following accusations against journalists from the Zhytomyr newspaper “20 minutes” presentt at the arrest of Igor Koktysh and others, the newspaper’s team has declared a boycott of the police public relations department and call on colleagues to join them in this | detail

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HRW: Unlawful Seizure of Organization’s Files Imperils Asylum Seekers

The Ukrainian authorities should immediately return materials and equipment seized from the prominent human rights activist Dmytro Groisman and the organization he leads, and allow the group to resume its lawful human rights activities, Human Rights Watch has stated | detail

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