Refugees cannot be extradited – release Sopolov!

The “No Borders” Project of the Social Action Centre has issued a statement over the arrest of refugee Denis Sopolov pending extradition to the Russian Federation despite having been recognized by the UNHCR as a mandate refugee | detail

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Ukraine: Migrants and Asylum Seekers Tortured, Mistreated

Migrants and asylum seekers, including children, risk abusive treatment and arbitrary detention at the hands of Ukrainian border guards and police, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on 16 December 2010 | detail

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Zhytomyr journalists announce boycott of the Regional MIA Public Relations Department

Following accusations against journalists from the Zhytomyr newspaper “20 minutes” presentt at the arrest of Igor Koktysh and others, the newspaper’s team has declared a boycott of the police public relations department and call on colleagues to join them in this | detail

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HRW: Unlawful Seizure of Organization’s Files Imperils Asylum Seekers

The Ukrainian authorities should immediately return materials and equipment seized from the prominent human rights activist Dmytro Groisman and the organization he leads, and allow the group to resume its lawful human rights activities, Human Rights Watch has stated | detail

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Ukraine: Allegations of ill-treatment of Amnesty International members must be investigated

Amnesty International is concerned that six people including Amnesty International activists and former prisoners of conscience were held for three days in incommunicado detention in Ukraine | detail

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Zhytomyr journalists present during arrest of Ihor Koktysh summoned to the police

The journalists were present during the arrest on 3 November by members of a drugs squad of six people, including Belarusian opposition figures, among them Igor Koktysh | detail

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Belarusian dissident Igor Koktysh once again arrested in Zhytomyr

Belarusian youth activist and rock musician, Igor Koktysh, who spent two and a half years in custody in Crimea because the Belarusian authorities were demanding his extradition, has again been arrested, this time with his wife and three friends | detail

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Strasbourg: extradition to Uzbekistan equivalent to handing over to be tortured

In yet another case - Karimov v. Russia – that the Ukrainian authorities should note, the European Court of Human Rights has found that the applicant’s extradition to Uzbekistan would be a violation of the prohibition against torture. | detail

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Kyiv Regional Police boast of “successes” in breach of the Constitution

Upbeat reports about police search operations demonstrate contempt for Ukraine’s Constitution and human rights. TUkraine’s authorities are obliged to protect the rights of asylum seekers, and not violate the principle of the presumption of innocence | detail

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Uzbekistani asylum-seekers at risk of extradition from Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Amnesty International is concerned that Ukraine and Kazakhstan may be stepping up their efforts to forcibly return asylum-seekers to Uzbekistan | detail

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Ukrainian Refugee Council concerned over detention of asylum seekers from Uzbekistan

The detention of three people sought by the Uzbekistan authorities in the space of three weeks leads them to fear that other Uzbek asylum seekers are also in danger | detail

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Have the Ukrainian authorities decided to hand asylum seekers over en masse to their Uzbek “colleagues”?

Over the last two weeks two asylum seekers from Uzbekistan have been detained by the enforcement bodies. They are being held in custody to begin the procedure for handing them over to those from whom they once managed to flee | detail

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Will Ukraine protect the rights of asylum seeker Umid Khamroyev ?

The Ukrainian authorities have detained an asylum seeker who has not exhausted all possible stages of appeal and who would almost certainly face torture if extradited | detail

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Court confirms that asylum seekers may work

The detention and prosecution of asylum seekers for working without special permits, standard both for the police and for Ukrainian courts should be stopped if the ruling from the Sviatoshynsky District Court in Kyiv is heeded | detail

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Readmission not as terrible as the media painted it

The Readmission Agreement between Ukraine and the EU regarding nationals of a third country or stateless persons is already in force. However those working to defend the rights of refugees and asylum seekers say that only an isolated few have been readmitted | detail

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Department on Citizenship and Migration to stay with the MIA

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has found unconstitutional the liquidation by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs [MIA] Department on Citizenship, Registration and Migration and the transfer of its powers to the State Migration Service of Ukraine | detail

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European Court acknowledges that refugee status in Ukraine is no guarantee against extradition

The Court noted that there is "no clarity in the national law or the practice of its application as regards the legal effect of challenges by the prosecutors to decisions granting refugee status" | detail

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Igor Koktysh freed at last

In the Crimea after two and a half years in the Simferopol SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] Belarusian youth activist and rock musician, Igor Koktysh has finally been released, following calls from human rights groups, and finally a judgment from the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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Strasbourg prohibits extradition of Austrian refugee Chataev to Russia

On 14 January the European Court of Human Rights applied Rule 39 and pointed out to the Ukrainian Government that Akhmed Chataev must not be extradited to Russia until further notice. | detail

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Ukraine must not extradite Convention refugee Akhmed Chataev

If the Russian authorities have compelling evidence that Mr Chataev is a terrorist, they should present it to Austria which has granted him asylum. Instead they are trying to find another country prepared to violate its obligations under international conventions. Ukraine must stand firm | detail

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