New ruling against the Prosecutor General regarding a refugee

On 25 November the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal rejected an appeal lodged by the Prosecutor General against the ruling of the District Administrative Court in Kyiv over Viktor Kreidych | detail

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Strasbourg halts any extradition to Kazakhstan of four refugees

The Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan has for three years now been seeking the extradition of the Baisakov brothers and two other Kazakhstan nationals granted refugee status by Ukraine in 2006 | detail

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Strasbourg: Ukraine must not extradite Soldatenko

The European Court of Human Rights has found that Ukraine’s extradition of Nikolai Soldatenko to Turkmenistan would be in violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights | detail

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Ukraine gives political asylum to Russian member of a banned party

20-year-old Russian national Anna Ploskonosova is a member of the National Bolshevik Party (headed by Limonov) which is banned in Russia. Her boyfriend Yury Chervochkin, also an activist, was killed last year | detail

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When a country is ill, you hear cries of “They’re coming in hordes”

It sometimes seems like the Ukrainian enforcement bodies are deliberately pinning the image of enemy on people from the Caucuses who are quite legally in Ukraine | detail

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Verkhovna Rada ratifies agreement between Ukraine and Russia on readmission

The Agreement is aimed at creating the legal conditions needed for coordination and cooperation on preventing and countering illegal migration, as well as human trafficking | detail

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President’s Secretariat sees no problem in extraditing a refugee

A reply has been received from the President’s Secretariat to the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union’s letter regarding the extradition to the Russian Federation on 28 July of Oleg Kuznetsov, who had been granted refugee status in Ukraine in March this year. | detail

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On the agenda

The war in Georgia has highlighted clearly that Ukraine’s stability and development as a law-based democracy is crucial for the stability of Europe itself. Put most crudely, we are all in it together and urgently need to support one another. | detail

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The rule of law is not just on paper!

We must send an unequivocal message to all members of the authorities that those who violate domestic and international legislation and shame the country will bear personal responsibility for their actions | detail

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Ministry of Justice comes out in support of a special migration body

This followed the latest suspension by the President on 30 July of (the latest) Cabinet of Ministers Resolution which entrusted the Ministry of Internal Affairs [MIA] with implementing State policy on migration | detail

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Strange welcome

It is truly difficult to fathom why the Kyiv Head of Police decided to talk about “a possible surge of migrants from the Caucuses due to the events in South Ossetia”. The consequences of such utterances are unfortunately depressively obvious | detail

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Letter in defence of the Law: Refugees must not be extradited!

Please help us convince the authorities that they cannot break the law with impunity | detail

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UHHRU position on the extradition of a refugee by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General

The official statement issued by the Prosecutor General’s Office arouses concern as to the level of legal awareness of a person called upon by the Constitution to oversee observance of human rights and adherence to the law in this sphere | detail

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The Prosecutor General must go!

The courts must not be ignored when their rulings are not to the Prosecutor’s liking, and the law is not a device for manipulation, but a mechanism for protecting us all. | detail

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Ukrainian human rights defenders report a worsening in the human rights situation in Ukraine

It was both a bitter irony and a telling statement that the press conference to present the annual report “Human Rights in Ukraine in 2007” was forced to emphatically call for the dismissal of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General over his violation of Ukraine’s commitments with regard to refugees | detail

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The Prosecutor General has overstepped domestic and international law. What next?

Open Appeal from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union regarding the Prosecutor General’s extradition of a recognized refugee | detail

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Ukraine’s Prosecutor General flouts court ruling

On 28 July the Prosecutor General, flouted a recent court ruling, as well as Ukraine’s domestic legislation and international commitments, by sending Oleg Kuznetsov back to the Russian Federation | detail

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Russian activist Mikhail Gangan granted asylum in Ukraine

The State Committee for Nationalities and Religion has granted refugee status to Mikhail Gangan a member of the National Bolshevik Party (led by Edward Limonov) which is banned in Russia | detail

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Yushchenko suspends Government Resolution on migration matters

The Cabinet of Ministers placed the function of specially authorized central body on migration matters in the hands of the Ministry of Internal Affairs | detail

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In defence of redheads

We should watch out for criminals, not for people of a certain race. The law enforcement agencies undoubtedly have a tough and complicated task, however primitive methods only generate new problems and contribute to a rise in racism and xenophobia | detail

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