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Fatal attack on the Vilshany Roma community reaches the court, but not as a hate crime

The Vilshany Town Mayor, Andriy Lytvynov, and his father, Oleksiy Lytvynov, a Kharkiv Regional Council deputy, are on trial over an attack on members of the Vilshany Roma community and the killing of its informal leader, 49-year-old Mykola Kaslytsky | detail

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Israeli and Ukrainian media report fake anti-Semitic ‘pogrom’ in Ukraine

On 11 January 2020, the Israeli publication Yeshiva World News posted a supposed news report about a shocking anti-Semitic attack in Uman. There was no pogrom, yet within hours ‘the story’ had been repeated as though it were established fact by other Israeli, Ukrainian and Russian media | detail

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Loshchynivka child murder – mounting evidence that case against Roma man was falsified

In the trial over a child’s murder in Loshchynivka (Odesa oblast) that made world headlines, two witnesses have given testimony contradicting the prosecution’s version and raising serious doubts about the ‘investigators’’ wish to find the real killer. | detail

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Monument to Crimean Tatar WWII heroes which debunked Russia’s lies destroyed in occupied Crimea

‘Vandals’ in Russian-occupied Crimea have totally destroyed a monument to Crimean Tatars killed in battle during World War II | detail

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Crucial victory as Ukrainian court orders compensation for Roma families driven out of Loshchynivka

A court of appeal in Odesa has found that the police failure to react adequately during anti-Roma riots in August 2016 was unlawful, and has awarded compensation to the families driven from their homes | detail

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Memorandum of the “Art of Tolerance” Platform

We, representatives of independent non-governmental organizations, foundations and private companies in the field of culture, education, information and human rights from different countries of Europe and the world create the international platform "Art of Tolerance" as an independent cultural, educational and human rights defending initiative of civic organizations. | detail

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Lviv teenagers on trial for fatal attack on Roma settlement

The trial has begun in Lviv of 10 young men, all but one of whom are underage, over a horrific attack on a Roma settlement on the outskirts of Lviv in which 23-year-old David Pop was stabbed to death, and four others, including his wife and a 10-year-old child, injured | detail

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The arrest for a child’s murder that sparked anti-Roma riots in Ukraine may be based on faked DNA evidence

Apparently damning ‘evidence’ linking a murdered child with the young Roma man whose arrest for the killing led to appalling riots in the Odesa oblast may have been faked | detail

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The Facts about Anti-Semitism in Ukraine that Russia doesn’t want known

There have been no acts of anti-Semitic violence in Ukraine over the last two years and relatively little anti-Semitic vandalism.  This lack of news would not be worth reporting if it wasn’t for the constant claims that the opposite is true, as well as evidence that paid provocateurs have been used to simulate hate crimes | detail

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Suspected ‘Anti-Semitic’ provocateurs go on trial in Ukraine

Two men are about to go on trial in Ukraine charged with 27 apparent hate crimes in 2016 and 2017 which the prosecution believes were aimed at inciting inter-ethnic enmity in Ukraine and carried out for financial gain | detail

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Shocking riots against Roma in Odesa oblast sparked by arrest of a man with an alibi

If the forensic medical expert is right, then the young man on trial for the murder of a child that led to shocking anti-Roma riots in the Odesa oblast could not have committed the crime | detail

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Neo-Nazi C14 vigilantes appear to work with Kyiv police in latest ‘purge’ of Roma

Members of the neo-Nazi C14 movement, together with the ‘Kyiv Municipal Watch’ civic organization which is led by C14 activist Serhiy Bondar, have carried out another raid, driving Roma citizens out of the area around the Southern Railway Station in Kyiv.  | detail

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Ukrainian neo-Nazi C14 activist under house arrest over violent attack on Roma camp

Serhiy Mazur, the far-right C14 activist who boasted on Facebook in veiled terms about an attack on a Roma camp in Kyiv during which young children could be seen fleeing in terror has been placed under 24-hour house arrest for the next two months. | detail

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Fatal attack on Roma Camp in Lviv leaves young man dead, a child and others injured

A 24-year-old was stabbed to death on Saturday night, in the latest savage attack on Roma settlements in Ukraine this year.  Four other people were injured, including a woman and a 10-year-old boy.  This is the first death, but there have been five attacks over recent months, with the authorities’ failure to react swiftly and adequately on the previous occasions unfortunately making such a tragedy seem inevitable. | detail

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Police, who watched on as homes were destroyed by Loschchynivka mob, now deny there were riots

Almost two years after violent anti-Roma riots in Loshchynivka (Odesa oblast) made world headlines, the police are ignoring hard evidence of who was to blame and essentially denying that there were riots at all | detail

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Ukrainian neo-Nazi C14, known for racist and homophobic attacks, gets public funding for ‘patriotic education’

‘C14’, a neo-Nazi group involved over recent months in anti-Roma, homophobic and other attacks in Ukraine, has become one of the recipients of Ministry of Youth and Sport grants, together with an organization linked to the far-right Svoboda party. | detail

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With Axes And Hammers, Far-Right Vigilantes Destroy Another Roma Camp In Kyiv

Swinging axes and sledgehammers as a camera rolled, members of the far-right Azov National Druzhyna militia destroyed a Romany camp in Kyiv’s Holosiyivskiy Park on June 7 | detail

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Ukrainian Jewish associations outraged by Kyiv Council plans for bloodstained anniversary

The VAAD Association of Jewish Associations and Communities and a number of other Ukrainian Jewish organizations have expressed strong concern over the decision by the Kyiv City Council to hold events marking 250 years since Koliyivshchyna, a rebellion which resulted, among other things, in the 1786 Uman Massacre of Poles, Jews and Greek-Catholics | detail

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Ukrainian prosecutor accused of brutal attack on Roma hate crime lawyer

Andriy Mukha, the lawyer representing victims of a fatal attack on Roma residents in Vilshany (Kharkiv oblast) has himself been badly beaten up in his office by men who, he says, were led by a local prosecutor.  A criminal investigation has been launched, and though Mukha was alone at the time, the assailants did not wear masks and there appears to be CCTV video footage. | detail

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Third violent attack on a Roma camp in Ukraine in just over a month

There has been another arson attack on a Roma camp in Ukraine, the third in just over a month, with this one accompanied both by shooting and by an appallingly xenophobic report on the Facebook page of a local media publication. | detail

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