Putin’s Neo-Nazi Helpers

Russian TV has a new hero, “elected” by the people and persecuted for his beliefs by the new baddy regime in Kyiv. Pavel Gubarev is certainly pro-Russian and, as of March 6, in custody, but his neo-Nazi background, seemingly shared by some of his most vocal defenders, makes him a curious choice | detail

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Chief Rabbi and others dismiss Putin’s “anti-Semitic extremist” claims

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi believes that Russia could try to manufacture anti-Semitic attacks to try to justify its invasion of Ukraine | detail

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Panic in Ukraine the work of provocateurs

VAAD Ukraine [The Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine] and the Congress of National Communities are calling on political forces in Ukraine and beyond to refrain from making statements which undermine inter-ethnic harmony in Ukraine. | detail

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Anti-Semitism on EuroMaidan: Not seen, just heard about

Overt attempts to use anti-Semitism as a propaganda weapon against the EuroMaidan movement have run up against two major hurdles: the facts and a large number of authoritative analysts, historians and human rights activists determined to prevent Ukrainians and the international community from being misled | detail

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On the situation with anti-Semitism in the context of civic protest

A statement from human rights organizations regarding reports in the media and claims of a surge in anti-Semitism in Ukraine | detail

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Anti-Semitism as a Weapon of Political Technology

The propaganda campaign accompanying the street confrontations has seen the use of the entire range of the political technology arsenal, including the most dirty tricks. A common currency in the confrontation has been the ‘Jewish Question’. | detail

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Far-right march through Lviv

On Nov 23, while people throughout the world joined Ukrainians in remembering the Victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 and in protesting against the government’s about-face on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, around 150 extreme rightwing racists held a march through Lviv. | detail

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Assembly of Nationalities and other Election Manoeuvres

With presidential elections on the horizon and ongoing attempts by the Party of the Regions to play the “anti-fascist” card, attention to the launching of a new “Assembly of National Minorities” seems warranted.. | detail

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Arson attacks on mosques in the Crimea

Two Crimean Tatar Mosques have burned down in the Crimea and witnesses say that they have found signs of arson The Mufti of the Muslims of Crimea Hajji Emirali Ablaev has called on Muslims to remain calm and called the arson attacks attempts to provoke interreligious conflict. | detail

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A Syllabus Divided

On moves heightening division within the country, demonstrated even in controversial changes to the history syllabus and a book, published with local authority funding, which repeats Soviet lies about the Crimean Tatars. . | detail

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Student union reports attack probably by extreme rightwing thugs

The independent student union Direct Action [Pryama Diya] has reported what it calls the latest attack on one of its activists and asserts that this is the latest attack in a wave of extreme rightwing violence. | detail

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Concern mounting over provocation on the eve of Hasidic Pilgrimage to Uman

With the arrival of Hasidic pilgrims to Uman just over a week away, concern is strong regarding the Orthodox cross recently erected in a place of religious significance to the pilgrims. The actions seem clearly directed at provoking conflict and inciting inter-ethnic and inter-faith enmity.. | detail

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Anti-Semitic Mindsets

Problems, like prices, have a tendency to rise. Not always, however, and as well as decreasing, they can also mutate. This makes anti-Semitic mindsets of any kind especially dangerous and easily manipulated. | detail

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Dangerous “antifascist” card

Unlike administrative resource, thugs and cynical "antifascist" rhetoric, imagination was in short supply at the 18 May “antifascist demonstration” in Kyiv. While VO Svoboda ideological consistency does not make its bigoted views any more palatable, the Party of the Regions was still stupendously uncovincing | detail

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On the danger and cynicism behind the “anti-fascist” events planned for 18 May

The Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine [Vaad] and the Congress of National Communities have issued a joint statement regarding the supposed “anti-fascist” demonstration planned for 18 May. | detail

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Proposed revelry on anniversary of the Deportation inappropriate

The Mejlis is angered over the decision of the Crimean Parliament to to boycott the traditional celebration of Khydyrlez and organize their own festivities falling right on the days marking the 69th anniversary of the signing by Stalin of the decree ordering the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars | detail

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More anti-Semitic vandalism in Mykolaiv

The Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust has been vandalized for the second time in the last year, as well as a memorial plaque to Menachim Mendlu Shnerson | detail

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Engineering Conflict in the Crimea

The Crimean leadership, almost certainly with encouragement from above, seem hellbent on fuelling confrontation with potentially tragic consequences | detail

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Parliamentary Committee call for intervention in Crimean conflict

The Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and Inter-Ethnic Relations has called on President Yanukovych to intervene in the conflict between the Crimean government and the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People | detail

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More hate-related acts of vandalism in Mykolaiv and the Crimea

In Mykolaiv the Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust was defiled (with a foul word daubed over the memorial plaque, while in the Crimea the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Crimea was daubed with a swastika, five-pointed star and foul language | detail

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