More hate-related acts of vandalism in Mykolaiv and the Crimea

In Mykolaiv the Memorial to Victims of the Holocaust was defiled (with a foul word daubed over the memorial plaque, while in the Crimea the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Crimea was daubed with a swastika, five-pointed star and foul language | detail

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Provocation over Crimean Tatar Deportation anniversary

Present actions by the Simferopol and Crimean authorities appear aimed at using traditional remembrance events marking the Deportation on 17 - 18 May to provoke discord and disturbances | detail

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Dangerous manoeuvres in the Crimea

Highly worrying moves afoot in the Crimea suggest that concern back in November 2011 over the President’s quite staggering promotion of Anatoly Mohylyov to the post of Prime Minister of the Crimea was extremely well-founded | detail

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Mustafa Dzhemiliev: Assault on Kurultay representative threatens Crimean stability

In Simferopol one of the influential activists of the Crimean Tatar national movement and official of the Kurultay or National Assembly of the Crimean Tatar People, Kurtseyit Abduplayev has been attacked and brutally beaten | detail

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Uses and abuses of far-right electoral gains in Ukraine

Recent electoral success of the rightwing VO Svoboda Party and the obvious benefits to the ruling Party of the Regions have prompted considerable speculation, while attempts to play hero to the far-right xenophobes suggest the influence of other players, including at least one Kremlin-supported organization | detail

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Anti-Semitism in Ukraine in 2012

Viacheslav Likhachev’s monitoring of anti-Semitism in Ukraine is especially valuable as he places each given year within a broader context making it possible to assess how accurate are the frequent claims of sharp increases in anti-Semitism, etc. | detail

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Dangerous Alliance

Justified concerns about the rightwing VO Svoboda Party may have concentrated of late on its members’ revolting displays of anti-Semitism. They should not end there, and the opposition would do well to recall that the party’s platform is light years away from freedom and democracy | detail

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Dividing Tactic

Moves are afoot to reinstate a distasteful relic of Soviet times - the “fifth point” in ones passport indicating “nationality”. The term fully warrants the inverted commas since in Soviet times the fifth point identified a person as “Ukrainian” OR “Russian” OR “Jew”, “Crimean Tatar” etc | detail

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Weekend attacks fuel inter-ethnic friction in the Crimea

In the early hours of 1 December around 100 people forcibly dismantled unauthorized buildings erected by Crimean Tatars. A few hours later a guard at the site of the future Soborna Mosque was attacked and Molotov cocktails thrown | detail

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Rivne Inter-Church Council condemn anti-Semitic attack

The Inter-Church Council of Rivne on Friday issued an appeal to the police, authorities and public regarding the attack on the Head of the Jewish Society Hesed Osher, Hennady Frayerman. They express concern over the fact that this is the third incident in four months against Jewish people | detail

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Tyunin’s conviction for incitement to racial enmity overturned

The Simferopol Court of Appeal has overturned the sentence passed on one of the leaders of the pro-Russian Crimean Cossack Movement, Vladimir Tyunin | detail

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VAAD expresses concern over Kyiv-Mohyla inaugural lecture by anti-Semitic historian

The Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (VAAD Ukraine) has issued a statement regarding the decision by the Kyiv –Mohyla Academy [NaUKMA to invite historian Serhiy Bilokin to give this year’s inaugural speech at the university | detail

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Suspended sentence in the Crimea for incitement to racial enmity

A Simferopol court has found one of the leaders of the pro-Russian Crimean Cossack Movement, Vladimir Tyunin guilty of deliberately inciting ethnic and religious enmity against Crimean Tatars and Muslims | detail

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Football, violence and neo-Nazism: attacks in Ukraine

Worrying reports of attacks by football louts with an extreme rightwing twist, as well as disturbing failure by the police to protect those under attack | detail

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Assessment of the Draft Bill on Principles of State Language Policy

Yulia Tyshchenko from the Ukrainian Independent Political Research Centre scrutinizes the highly contentious draft Law on the Principles of State Language Policy (No. 9073) and how it correlates with the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages | detail

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Roma in Odessa region suffer from lack of documents and police lawlessness

More than 60% of all applications for legal assistance to the Law Centre of the Odessa Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine concerned unlawful actions by law enforcement bodies, mainly the police | detail

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Gypsy Camp set alight in Kyiv – “for Euro 2012”

On the eve of Euro 2012 the authorities would appear o have set light to a gypsy camp and killed one of the camp dogs in Kyiv, leaving up to 60 people homeless. | detail

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Man arrested over attacks on Nigerian students

The police have detained a 22-year-old man living in the Kharkiv oblast who they say has confessed to carrying out attacks on foreign students | detail

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UK Foreign Office warns fans to except racial abuse in Ukraine

The UK’s Foreign Office has advised any black or Asian supporters going to Ukraine for this summer’s European Championship that they face the possibility of being racially abused | detail

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Two vicious attacks on Nigerian students

The Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office reports two attacks on students from Nigeria which the police are treating as racially motivated attempted murder | detail

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