Nigerian held in detention for 6 months after being attacked

On 9 April a protest was held outside the Leninsky District Court in Luhansk demanding the release of Olaola Sunkami Femi, who is accused of trying to kill 5 people who attacked him in the entrance to his apartment block on 5 November 2011. | detail

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Congress of National Communities speaks out over recent criticism of OSCE official

A recent letter supposedly from 120 national minority organizations expressing anger over a report, not yet published by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, is baffling for a number of reasons and can in no way represent the position of any of the national minorities as a whole | detail

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Protest over religious discrimination in the Crimea

100 well-known figures in the Crimea have signed an appeal accusing the Simferopol authorities of discrimination and of provoking inter-ethnic and inter-denominational conflict in the region | detail

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Ethics Commission condemns Ternopil newspaper’s scandalous article

The Journalist Ethics Commission has issued an assessment of the article in Nova Ternopilska Gazeta which created a scandal both within Ukraine and abroad. The words and picture are profoundly offensive, although the Ternopil Regional Prosecutor’s Office recently announced that it had not found any reason to initiate criminal proceedings. | detail

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Racism scandal over Ukraine’s Eurovision contestant

The rightwing party VO Svoboda party is denying insulting Ukrainian candidate for Eurovision Gaitana after one of its members publicly criticized her selection (on the grounds of her Congolese father | detail

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Two suspects in Luhansk racist attack caught in Russia

In November between 15 and 25 thugs in medical masks and with bats smashed shop windows and caused damage to a kiosk selling shaurma (kebabs) The assailants then beat up foreign students, four of whom ended up in hospital. | detail

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Council of Europe’s Anti-Racism Commission publishes new report on Ukraine

ECRI’s Chair ad interim, François Sant’Angelo, said that, while there have been some improvements, there are still concerns in most areas covered by the Commission’s mandate | detail

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Ternopil Prosecutor “finds no racism” in scandalous article

The decision is unlikely to be understood either in Ukraine or abroad. The article in question was written about in foreign newspapers because it was so shockingly racist | detail

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Ternopil Prosecutor promises to check “whether” offensive article is racist

The Ternopil Prosecutor’s Office has apparently begun a check over the scandalous material which has deeply offended local students from other countries, elicited outrage not only in Ukraine | detail

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Alleged organizer of Luhansk attack on foreign students released from custody

The website reports that one of the three men detained on suspicion of involvement in an attack on foreign students in Luhansk and vandal attack on a kiosk owned by Azerbaijanis, has been released by a Luhansk court | detail

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Luhansk: Continuing run-ins between local residents and foreign nationals

Run-ins have become more frequent between Luhansk residents and people from the Caucuses, Central Asia and Africa. While the police deny any racial motivation, those defending the victims are convinced that they were targeted because of their ethnic origin | detail

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Volatile Appointment for the Crimea

If, back in March 2010 responsibility for some quite scandalous ministerial appointments could be shared with the Prime Minister, in November 2011 President Yanukovych stands alone. And the burden of responsibility for appointing Anatoly Mohylyov Prime Minister of the Crimea is serious | detail

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Any Politician justifying Stalin’s Crime against the Crimean Tatar People is unacceptable

The Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Mustafa Dzhemiliev has commented to TV 1 + 1 on the appointment by President Yanukovych of Anatoly Mohylyov Prime Minister of the Crimea | detail

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Luhansk: Masked gang beat up foreign students

There is some evidence that the thugs who on 1 November beat up four foreign students from the Luhansk National University had come from the Kharkiv region. | detail

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Uman: Rightwing activists detained over rally against Hassidic Pilgrims

Police detained at least 50 activists of the rightwing party VO Svoboda on Sunday after they defied a court order banning a rally against Hassidic pilgrims in Uman | detail

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Rightwing Svoboda Party begins campaign against Hassidic Pilgrims

The rightwing Svoboda Party is not known for its tolerance and commitment to multiculturalism, so the present “campaign” by the Cherkasy branch is not especially surprising. The reports about the reasons for their actions in the media do not, however, foster understanding themselves | detail

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Another Muslim grave desecrated in the Crimea

The Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of the Crimea reports that another Muslim grave has been desecrated. In the village of Korbekul near Alushta the gravestone of the Muslim holy man Aziz Devletli Baba was smashed | detail

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Undeclared war waged by Sumy skinheads?

A potentially fatal arson attack against foreign students in Sumy is being treated in isolation from the racist captions against foreigners which appeared during the summer | detail

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Antifascist site reports assault on two Britons in Lviv

According to “two tourists from Great Britain whose skin colour was closer to dark than white were attacked by a group of young people of typical appearance in Lviv. | detail

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Pro-Russian Radical prosecuted for anti-Semitism in the Crimea

In the Crimea the local prosecutor’s office has initiated criminal proceedings against the leader of the “Sobol Cossack Community”, Vitaly Khramov for inciting inter-ethnic and inter-faith enmity | detail

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