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Total impunity for Ukrainian politician suspected of involvement in killing of journalist Serhiyenko

On 25 November, Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Court revoked a ruling against former MP Hennady Bobov over his failure to list an incredible 124 million UAH worth of his own and his wife’s assets | detail

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Ukrainian prosecutor hurries to acquit judge who persecuted Maidan activists

After almost four years of dragging out the trial of Viktor Kytsiuk, a judge involved in the persecution of Automaidan activists, the Ukrainian prosecutor and court have suddenly begun moving with breath-taking speed | detail

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Crisis deepens after Constitutional Court sabotages Ukraine’s anti-corruption reform

A major crisis has erupted in Ukraine following a 27 October Constitutional Court [CCU] judgement that has seriously obstructed Ukraine’s efforts to fight corruption and placed visa liberalization and other aspects of EU relations, as well as IMF funding, in jeopardy | detail

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Head of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court concealed illegal purchase of land in Russian-occupied Crimea

A day after Ukraine’s Constitutional Court [CCU] issued a shocking judgement that seriously obstructs efforts to fight corruption, investigative journalists have reported a highly incriminating land purchase in 2018 which CCU President Oleksandr Tupytsky illegally concealed | detail

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Ukraine’s Constitutional Court rules against fighting corruption and European integration

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court appears to have again struck a blow against efforts to properly fight corruption | detail

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Zelensky’s dangerous judicial reform bill puts Ukraine on collision course with IMF and EU

The Council of Europe’s authoritative Venice Commission gave a pretty damning assessment of major elements in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s judicial reform bill last week, although many Ukrainians might be forgiven for thinking the opposite was true. | detail

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Kyiv court orders witness to retract ‘defamatory’ testimony given in Yanukovych trial

In a truly jaw-dropping ruling, the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv has allowed a defamation suit brought by the son of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and ordered that testimony given in Yanukovych’s trial for state treason be retracted. | detail

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Ukrainian court acquits judge who released Berkut suspected Maidan killer to escape to Russia

The judge who, in September 2014, released under house arrest a former Berkut commander charged with the gunning down of peaceful Maidan protesters has been acquitted of issuing knowingly wrongful court rulings | detail

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High-level sabotage of judicial corruption probe into Ukrainian judges boasting of ‘political prostitution’

Several weeks after Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU} publicly issued the most shocking allegations of judicial corruption and rigged court rulings, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova has still not ordered the suspension of the judges implicated | detail

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What judicial reform in Ukraine? Notorious Poltava judge gets lavish golden handshake instead of dismissal

Ukraine’s still unreformed High Council of Justice has allowed the president of a Poltava court to retire with full, very generous, pension and benefits, a week before he was due to face disciplinary proceedings | detail

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Zelensky urged to stop the sabotage of judicial reform in Ukraine

Prominent Ukrainian NGOs have called on President Volodymyr Zelensky to remove grave flaws in recent legislation that are paralyzing vitally needed judicial reform | detail

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Ukraine to generously pay “judges” in Russian-controlled Donbas after shock Constitutional Court judgement

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has issued a shock judgement overturning major parts of the 2016 judicial reforms, making it all but impossible to stop paying judges who have failed qualification assessment, as well as those judges who betrayed their oath by working as ‘judges’ for the Russian proxy ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’ | detail

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Notorious Kyiv judge fully reinstated despite high-profile judicial corruption scandal

Judges from Kyiv’s District Administrative Court have re-elected Pavlo Vovk president, despite compelling evidence of serious judicial corruption and rigged court rulings | detail

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Ukraine High Council of Justice refuses to suspend notorious judges under criminal investigation

Bitter questions have been asked about judicial reform in Ukraine following the refusal on 20 August by the High Council of Justice to suspend a top judge accused of using his position to try to influence various judicial bodies, including that very same High Council of Justice | detail

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Notorious judge awards ex-Yanukovych aide millions in damages from Ukraine

Andriy Portnov, a former adviser to ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and First Deputy Head of his Presidential Administration, has been awarded almost seven million UAH in damages purportedly inflicted upon his reputation by the Ukrainian authorities | detail

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Ukraine’s Human Rights Ombudswoman caught in mounting judicial corruption scandal

There have been demands for the resignation of Ukraine’s Human Rights Ombudsperson Lyudmila Denisova and / or for a special parliamentary committee to investigate allegations that she helped to fill a key judicial commission with members likely to block, rather than facilitate judicial reform | detail

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Dramatic exposure of corruption and rigged judgments in central Ukrainian court notorious for eyebrow-raising rulings

A major operation on 26 July, involving searches of the District Administrative Court in Kyiv, has exposed serious corruption and fiddled court rulings which almost certainly explain several notorious rulings in Ukraine over recent months. | detail

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Ukrainian anti-corruption journalists expose manipulation behind Kolomoisky & other notorious court rulings

Skhemy Corruption in Detail investigative journalists have uncovered the methods used to bypass an automated system in the Kyiv District Administrative Court aimed at ensuring random selection of judges for each case | detail

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Ukraine’s Supreme Court rules against whistle-blower judge persecuted for exposing corruption

Supreme Court judges have effectively upheld an earlier refusal to allow Poltava judge and corruption whistle-blower Larysa Holnyk to compete for a post in the Anti-Corruption Court, despite the knowingly unlawful reprimand used to block her participation having been revoked | detail

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Whistle-blower who exposed judicial reform farce in Ukraine dismissed

The news of Andriy Kozlov’s dismissal came soon after a widely-published post on Facebook in which Kozlov accused fellow members of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of shenanigans to protect morally compromised judges . | detail

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