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Ukraine’s High Council of Justice fights back against measures to combat judicial corruption

Corrupt judges can breathe a sigh of relief. An amendment to Ukraine’s Constitution restricting judges’ immunity from arrest in cases where they have been caught committing an offence has been deftly ‘readjusted’ by the High Council of Justice | detail

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Reformers warn of dangers in new bill on High Council of Justice

While broadly welcoming the law, the Reanimation Package of Reforms propose some amendments to ensure mechanisms of response to judges’ complaints of interference in their work, and to prevent preservation of the old system | detail

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Crucial Maidan killings suspect released with courts accused of sabotage

Roman Zavorotny, who is accused of a key role in arming ‘titushki’ or paid thugs with police machine guns, was released from custody just after midnight on Sunday morning | detail

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Judges face selective disciplinary proceedings

Only one in 100 complaints achieved its end in2011-2012, however analysts point out that where judges cannot fail to infringe time and other constraints because of their excessive workload, disciplinary proceedings can easily be used as pressure. | detail

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Final Act for Supreme Court Saga?

With the imminent retirement of the candidate elected as a temporary compromise measure after Supreme Court judges resisted pressure from those in power to install the latter’s preferred candidate, it is likely that this time the favoured candidate will be chosen | detail

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Judges on a lead: classified income declarations in exchange for loyalty

Corrupt judges can rest easy, their income declarations will not be seen by anybody except the heads of the courts. | detail

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Analyst: New Law will assist illegal seizures and Yanukovych with Mezhyhirya

Roman Kuybida, Deputy Head of the Centre for Political and Legal Reform, believes that Law No. 9635, just adopted, on Procedure for Court Proceedings makes it possible to ensure possession of property received through dubious court rulings | detail

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Judges will themselves determine which rulings to hide from the public

As feared, parliament has undermined a vital mechanism for ensuring public monitoring of court rulings by allowing judges to themselves determine which court rulings will be entered in the “Single Register of Court Rulings” | detail

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Vasyl Onopenko removed from the High Council of Justice

The High Council of Justice on Tuesday terminated the authority of Vasyl Onopenko in connection with the end of his term as President of the Supreme Court. The election, in which he is standing again, has been blocked | detail

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Supreme Court begins proceedings on Stanislav Lutsenko cases

For more than two years the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights with respect to Lutsenko v. Ukraine has remained unenforced. During that period Stanislav Lutsenko has been serving a prison sentence on the basis of a conviction whose questionable nature was confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights. | detail

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Parliamentarians want to restrict access to court rulings

The Verkhovna Rada on 6 October passed at its first reading a draft law which would determine which court rulings are entered in the Register of Court Rulings. Responsibility for the selection would be vested with the Council of Judges | detail

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Venice Commission: Individuals have the right to constitutional submissions

The Head of the Venice Commission Delegation visiting Ukraine to discuss the draft law on the parliamentary elections, believes that Ukrainian citizens must be given the right to make individual submissions to the Constitutional Court | detail

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Ukraine’s unprecedented law

With less than 6 months remaining for Ukraine to rectify systemic faults leading to abuse of remand in custody, the tale here of a Court of Appeal’s ruling finding detention unwarranted and the subsequent motion in the High Council of Justice to have all three judges dismissed, gives no grounds for optimism | detail

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Dependent independence

According to the Accounting Chamber, systemic failings in legal regulation of organizational provisions for the Constitutional Court are seriously impeding fulfilment of the constitutional guarantees of Court and judges’ independence | detail

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Ukraine vs. Children: Whose side is the court on?

Ukraine’s laws do not help children to resolve their problems via the courts. Quite the contrary: the courts simply multiply these problems, deeply traumatizing children who are already in a difficult situation | detail

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Why are court rulings not available to all?

The Single Court Register which was intended to provide free and comprehensive information about court rulings in Ukraine is not working | detail

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Judges accused of bribe-taking

The Prosecutor General’s Office has launched one criminal investigation into an alleged case of corruption involving a judge, sent another to the court and asked the Supreme Court to determine jurisdiction in two other cases | detail

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Call for judge to be dismissed over the case against “CAT plus”

In December 2007 Tetyana Khaustova passed a ruling ordering “CAT plus” and the journalist Nataliya Popova to pay 80 thousand UAH in damages to the Mayor of Slovyansk Valentin Rybachuk . The ruling was later overturned as in breach of norms on freedom of expression | detail

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Monitoring of Judicial Independence in Ukraine: 2008

The results of this study by the Centre for Judicial Studies demonstrate dangerous tendencies with infringements of judicial independence, with the institutional independence of the judiciary under constant threat from individual high-ranking public officials and state bodies. | detail

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State-funded legal aid leaves just about everything to be desired

In a study just published, only 1.2% of those surveyed said that the situation with regard to legal protection had significantly improved over the last three years, while 20.9% answered that it had become considerably worse | detail

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