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State-funded legal aid leaves just about everything to be desired

In a study just published, only 1.2% of those surveyed said that the situation with regard to legal protection had significantly improved over the last three years, while 20.9% answered that it had become considerably worse | detail

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President approves conceptual strategy for reforming the criminal justice system

It includes reform of all stages of the criminal justice process and is based on guarantees of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Its implementation should undoubtedly lead to greater protection of the individual from the State | detail

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Zhytomyr judge faces charges over exploiting prisoners

A judge from the Zhytomyr region is accused of using people imprisoned for 15 days to help build his father’s dacha. He could now face between 5 and 8 years imprisonment himself | detail

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Mediation is better

The Ministry of Justice has announced plans to introduce a mediation procedure to be applied when examining criminal, civil and economic court cases | detail

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Transparency lacking in the courts

A sstudy has found that judges quite often restrict access to information which according to the law is open. On the other hand members of the media are not sufficiently aware of the individual’s right to privacy | detail

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Corruption in the Ukrainian judiciary: public assessment

According to the results of the “Hidna Ukraina” project, 59% in western regions of Ukraine believe corruption in the judiciary is extremely widespread. This view is held by 64% of those surveyed in eastern regions; 66% in central and 67% in southern regions | detail

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Criminal liability for non-enforcement of court rulings is nonsense

KHPG legal expert Arkady Bushchenko calls the new legislative initiative an attempt to transfer the problem from the patient to a healthy person. There are laws, they need to be made to work. | detail

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Pechersky District Court in Kyiv suspends Verkhovna Rada Resolution which the Supreme Court slammed

On 30 May the Verkhovna Rada passed a Resolution stating that the High Court of Justice would temporarily take over the functions of appointment and dismissal of judges to administrative posts | detail

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Supreme Court accuses Deputies of trying to destroy the judicial system

The Supreme Court has issued a statement sharply criticizing the Resolution passed by the Verkhovna Rada on procedure for appointing judges which it says will seriously increase pressure and interference in the court’s work | detail

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A judge won’t stand in judgment on a judge

“The case was closed due to the non-appearance of the respondent” is just one of the stages in this surreal, although unfortunately true, tale of a journalist’s efforts to stand up for his rights and those of the public to receive objective information | detail

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PACE calls on Ukraine to accelerate implementation of a European judicial model

PACE welcomes the tabling in parliament of a number of draft laws which allow for fundamental changes to the court system in Ukraine, however is concerned by numerous reservations from the Supreme Court which some parliamentarians seem to be using to drag out the reform | detail

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Journalists define Ukraine’s main problems

A recent study showed that while most journalists consider reform of the judiciary to be one of the highest priorities for society, their assessment of actual progress and of relations between the press and courts in Ukraine is worryingly low | detail

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“Ukraine doesn’t have independent monitoring of the level of offences committed by judges

While in present conditions, the Verkhovna Rada’s consent to the arrest of a corrupt judge was by no means guaranteed, it is probably a drop in the ocean given the likely level of corruption within the Ukrainian judiciary | detail

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A long and squalid wrangle over Artist Union’s property

With property rights weakly protected in Ukraine, there are all too many conflicts between the authorities and individuals, civic organizations, creative unions, etc. These can be won, but perseverance is needed | detail

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Open Letter on the state of the judiciary

The author believes the time is long overdue to stop the endless empty chatter and begin real reform | detail

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Corruption in delirium?

One would like to laugh over this truly surreal saga however the picture it paints of court corruption and (apparent) impunity renders even a smile impossible | detail

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On a recent ruling from the Severodonetsk City Court

The recent ruling on an administrative suit filed by the victim of an attack against the police for their refusal to launch a criminal investigation is a positive move for a Ukrainian court and hopefully a lesson for the police | detail

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The President has endorsed unlawful limitations of the constitutional powers of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

It is staggering that the President should have agreed to such a manifestly dubious legal step. Particularly given that the Constitutional Court may declare these very changes to be unconstitutiona | detail

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We have the opportunity to defend our rights

Two promising pieces of legislation give the opportunity to really exercise ones rights, and this recent seminar discussed ways of doing just that | detail

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