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The Ministry of Justice plans to broaden the right to alternative military service

The proposed new law recognizes the right to alternative service of those who on moral grounds reject the use of violence. | detail

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The Military prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv garrison has begun a campaign against “dedovshchina”

According to information given by senior lieutenant of justice S. Trubchaninov, a deputy of the military prosecutor of the Kharkiv garrison, during 2005 the officers of military prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv garrison has taken preventive measures against illegal bullying and other forms of pressure by senior military personnel. As a result, no facts of dedovshchina were registered during the first six months of 2005 | detail

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Report on the results of monitoring of quality of the autumn recruiting campaign-2003

The Kharkov Union of soldiers’ mothers (KhUSM) continues the monitoring of the quality of recruiting campaigns. | detail

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A farewell to arms

Reduction of the Ukrainian army is a catastrophe for servicemen. | detail

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Privileges envisaged by laws must be granted

Communal services do not want to observe the law «On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families», according to which parents and other members of families of servicemen, who perished, died, disappeared or became invalids during the army service, get the 50% discount for the payments for dwelling and communal services | detail

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A civil case was considered by court in absence of one of the sides and with other violations of the procedure

The Krasnodon town court issued the decision about the payment of non-existent debts to a communal service. The court considered this case in absence of the defendant and without the proper notification. The defendant also did not get a copy of the decision. | detail

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Non-execution of court decisions undermines the authority of judicial power

This is a resolution of the General Meeting of the Association of Judges of the Donetsk oblast that was held on 4 February. | detail

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Donetsk judges are ready to repudiate the claim to the European Court, if pay arrears would be recompensed to them

Three days ago the group of judges of the Donetsk Appeal court sent to Strasbourg the additional claim “on the compensation of moral damage”. Yet, they are ready to withdraw all demands if the state would pay them their money. | detail

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Picketing of the Donetsk appeal court

On 4 February ten people, dissatisfied with court decisions on their cases, picketed the building of the Donetsk oblast appeal court. The picketers want their problems to be considered by the commission of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. | detail

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Consideration of Feldman’s case by the Supreme Court of Ukraine

The Court started the consideration per se of the cassation complaints of Boris Feldman, the vice-president of the bank “Slavianskiy”, and his advocates. | detail

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Results of the monitoring of the quality of spring recruiting campaign-2003

The quality of the recruiting campaigns did not improve: 80% of young soldiers from Kharkov and the Kharkov oblast are not ready for army service. | detail

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Advocates Viktor Ageev and Andrey Fedur will represent the judges of the Appeal court of the Donetsk oblast in the case against Ukraine in Strasbourg court (press release)

37 judges turned to the European Court of human rights with the claim about pay arrears and the violation of their right for just court. | detail

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Violations of the legislation on the protection of human rights

During 2002 and 2003 the advocates of the Crimean collegium observed a great number of serious violations of the legislation on the protection of human rights and the violations of the rights of advocates. The author tells about several facts of such violations. | detail

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Court practices on civil responsibility of the state.

The court decision on the claim about the compensation of the damage inflicted by the illegal arrest with the comment of the KhG expert. | detail

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The vicious circle

Why unhealthy recruits are enlisted to the army? The analysis of some normative acts concerning the conscription. | detail

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Who is the guilty?

Another case of dedovshchina occurred in one of military units of the Kharkov oblast. A young soldier got hard injuries. The accused was condemned to the service in disciplinary battalion, and several officers of the unit were disciplinary punished or dismissed. The article is supplemented with "Prava ludyny" commentary about the general situation in the Ukrainian army and the reasons of this situation. | detail

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Advocate Andrey Fedur vs. the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine

Today judge Bernatskaya read out the decision on the claim of Andrey Fedur against the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine and the newspaper "2000", who spread the slanderous information about him. The decision reads that the court rejected the claim of A. Fedur, since the claimant could not prove that the defendant really spread the above-mentioned information. | detail

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Boris Feldman vs. Nikolay Azarov and the State Tax Administration of Ukraine (the case on the authenticity of major Mernichenko’s records)

Advocates of Boris Feldman got the complete text of the decision on the suit of B. Feldman vs. N. Azarov and the State Tax | detail

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Who is responsible for recruiting ill youths to army?

The Kharkov oblast governor Kushnariov created the commission that must investigate the cases of the youths, who were dismissed from army because of bad state of health within first six months of their service | detail

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