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Three-day wages for a life.

Yu. Mozol was tortured to death in the preliminary prison. By the claim of the ombudsperson the court appointed to pay compensation to Mozola’s parents. The representative of the prosecutor’s office offered the compensation equal to Yu. Mozola’s wages for those three days when he was kept in the preliminary prison. It was a liberal proposition, since the prosecutor’s office might subtract from the compensation the wear of torture tools. | detail

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The court met the demands of left-wing parties.

The court permitted the left-wing parties to conduct the meeting devoted to 1 May. | detail

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Press release of the attorney firm „Ageev, Berezhnoy and partners“.

Series of the articles devoted to Boris Feldman’s case. | detail

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Case of Boris Feldman and the bank „Slavianskiy“.

Press-release of the attorney firm „Ageev, Berezhnoy and partners“ | detail

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Again about advocate Salov’s case

The Supreme Court of Ukraine satisfied the claim of Sergey Salov about illegal actions of the Donetsk prosecutor’s office. Advocate Salov was accused of preventing the election right. | detail

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Lviv prosecutor’s office and the USS recompensed the moral damage.

The Frankivski city court of Lviv completely satisfied the claim of ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva against the Lviv oblast prosecutor’s office and the Lviv oblast USS concerning recompensing the moral damage to the parents of Yuri Mozol tortured to death in prison. | detail

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Who will defend the rights of the parents of perished servicemen?

On 20 January 2002 the conference of the union of the parents of servicemen perished in peaceful time was held in Kharkov. The participants of the conference undersigned a letter to the President and the Supreme Rada. This letter demands to adopt the special law concerning the parents of servicemen perished in the peaceful time | detail

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Antonik’s case may be falsified.

Ruslan Antonik, the manager-editor of the People’s TV company of Ukraine, was accused murdering a businessman and condemned to 13 years. Antonik’s advocate and the journalists, who investigated and reflected this case in the press, discuss the arguments of the prosecution and come to the conclusion that this criminal case was falsified. | detail

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How to defend from authorities’ slander

It is told how a citizen K. was arrested for a crime he had never committed, what kinds of pressure were applied to him and his advocate, and how some militia officers were punished for this after all. | detail

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’This system, in the framework of the operating laws, enables officials to misuse their power’

Sergey Potamanov disagrees with his verdict and his appeal of is being considered in the appellation court and the European Court of human rights. | detail

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A citizen and the prosecutor’s office .

The law ’On prosecutor’s office’ substantially changed the functions of prosecutor’s offices passing most of them to courts. The author analyzes how the situation has changed. | detail

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Right of cassation in the Supreme Court: myth or reality?

The author’s meditations about the right of cassation with ’PL’ comment. | detail

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Quality of the autumn recruiting campaign of 2000.

The Kharkov Union of soldiers’ mothers permanently monitors the quality of recruits from Kharkov and the Kharkov oblast. The article presents the results of such monitoring. | detail

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Judge’s sack of tricks appeared empty

The judge was obviously biased, but could not find arguments in favor of the needed decision. So, after a long court session, she used a quibble, which she could use even before the trial. | detail

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