Police valiantly fight … paint daubed on Yanukovych billboards

The police claim that criminal investigations are justified since "the acts involved flagrant infringements of public order, coupled with extraordinary cynicism, demonstrative disregard for generally accepted norms of morality and rules of behaviour in public places, damage to property, as well as undermining the President’s authority.” | detail

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Trial of police officers over death of Yevhen Zvenigorodsky continues

Forensic tests found that Mr Zvenigorodsky had died from a stomach injury, and that he had been beaten no later than 5 hours before his death, this meaning while in police custody | detail

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We are left with shame before Ihor Indylo and his parents.Shame and fear, since each case of impunity for police who kill and torture can result in new outrages. | detail

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Ukraine must launch fresh investigation into student death in custody

The Ukrainian authorities must launch a fresh investigation into the death in custody of a student, Amnesty International said after two police officers suspected of responsibility for his death walked free following a court hearing in Kyiv | detail

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Yanukovych signs into law extension of Security Service’s powers

Among other extended powers, the SBU is now responsible for investigating “mass disturbances” and crimes falling under "abuse of power" | detail

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Protests against impunity for Ihor Indylo’s killers

In Kyiv and Zhytomyr protests took place on Thursday evening over the announcement of a verdict in the case of the one police officer left facing charges over the death in police custody of young student Ihor Indylo | detail

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Conditional sentence over death in police custody of Ihor Indylo

Neither the court nor the Prosecutor established what had led to the serious injury which caused Ihor’s death. Prykhodko was convicted only of unwarrantedly detaining the young student and dragging him by force into the cell | detail

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Dmytro Karpenko and another lawyer detained in Kirovohrad

Dmytro Karpenko whose case has led to an Amnesty International Urgent Action was detained on Thursday just before the court hearing due to consider his appeal against a criminal investigation over allegedly “resisting police officers” in August | detail

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New Criminal Procedure Code: More Powers for the Police?

There are plans to pass a new Criminal Procedure Code which has been under preparation now for 5 years. However in the latest version, the powers of the police are significantly broadened | detail

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Pressure and Offensive on Social Protests

"One has the impression that after the termination of mass-scale and long-lasting protests, the regime has decided to crush those disgruntled, show their sphere of influence and “put them in their place”. So that others don’t think to follow their example, and come out onto the streets to uphold their rights" | detail

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Pomilyaiko torture case: Victim’s relatives summoned for questioning

Relatives of Svitlana Pomilyaiko who has been trying since 2008 to have her allegations of torture by police properly investigated received the summons on the day of the interrogation and were warned they could be brought in by force | detail

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Police Record on Human Rights in 2011

The Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors on Law Enforcement (UMDPL) held a roundtable on 19 December at which they presented the results of their monitoring of police observance of human rights during 2011 | detail

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First Amnesty International letter-writing marathon with a Ukrainian prisoner

Yakiv Strogan was arrested on charges of attempted murder four months after the incident in question. During those months he had very publicly, including in parliament, accused police officers of abduction, torture and attempted extortion. | detail

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EU must press Ukraine at summit to stop police abuses

Amnesty International stresses the need for firmness as Ukraine’s police continue to torture and extort money from victims with effective impunity. | detail

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Chornobyl activists questioned all day, summoned for Saturday

The leader of the Kharkiv former Chornobyl clean-up workers, Vladimir Proskurin believes the police actions were aimed at stopping him attending the Chornobyl Union of Ukraine conference and opposing the leadership of a person seen by many as selling out the protest movement | detail

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The Whole Truth about fighting Ilegal Immigration: Facts and Figures

In a damning expose of myths about migration and those who encourage them, Volodymyr Batchae stresses that the fight against illegal migration must not turn into a hunt for CIS nationals so as to be able to proudly present to Europe hunting trophies in the form of figures supposedly demonstrating an exacerbation of the problem | detail

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Ukraine Must Reform Police Ahead of Euro 2012

An Amnesty International expresses concern over the safety of fans coming into contact with Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt police who are seldom held accountable for their actions | detail

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CE Human Rights Commissioner scathing of Ukrainian Prosecutor system

Thomas Hammerberg criticized the dominant role of the Prosecutor in the present court system which is a legacy of the Soviet system, as well as the fact that in Ukraine the Prosecutor General is still responsible for general supervision of the court system, a mechanism unacceptable in a democratic society. | detail

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Public assessment of police violence

If earlier it was criminals who were most likely to be subjected to unlawful violence by the police, now the list of victims has broadened to include suspects, witnesses, relatives, Denis Kobzin, Director of the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research and co-author of a recent public survey, comments | detail

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Pomilyaiko torture case hits another hurdle

It has been learned that a month ago the Prosecutor of the Ordzhonikidze District in Kharkiv once again terminated the criminal investigation into allegations of police torture from Svitlana Pomilyaiko | detail

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