First Meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Public council for the Observance of Human Rghts

On 28 December the first sitting of the newly created Ministry of Internal Affairs Public council for the Observance of Human Rghts was held. | detail

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The work of the police is becoming more open to public control

On 29 November 2005 the first spot check of a mobile group, created by order of Yu.ry Lutsenko, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, for control over the observance by police of the standards of human rights, was carried out in the Chernihiv region | detail

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Law-enforcing organs, courts, penitentiary organs and other power organs live for charitable contributions, that is official bribes

An interesting paradox situation has formed in Ukraine, when bribery among officials is tightly connected with the official “bribery” of power organs in the form of getting charitable contributions for their special funds. Such officially established system of state bribing is inadmissible, and its liquidation should become the first step toward extermination of corruption in our country | detail

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Actions of law-enforcers during the soccer match “Dynamo” (Kyiv) – “Shakhtar” (Donetsk) were lawful

“The service check did not confirm the statement that the militiamen violated the operating law by their actions. The information on the allegedly existing order about the beating of fans was not confirmed too”. The official response of the PR department of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine accompanied with the commentary of the “Prava ludyny” editorial board | detail

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Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights: Open letter to the Minister of Interior

The appeal on unlawful actions of militia regarding the viewers at the soccer match “Dynamo” – “Shakhtar” on 29 May 2005 in Kyiv | detail

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Is militia with people? (Open letter to Minister of Interior of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko)

The Kharkiv Regional Department of the Ministry of Interior informed the KhG about the results of check of the information published on the site “Maydan”, which concerned the violations of operating laws by officers of law-enforcing organs. Co-chairman of the KhG Evhen Zakharov has serious doubts as to impartiality of this check. | detail

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Militia of Zakarpatska oblast violates laws, reckon the representatives of the profile Parliamentary committee

The events in Mukachevo that took place in the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 became the object of consideration at the sitting of the Supreme Rada Committee in charge of the legislative provision of law-enforcement activities. | detail

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Sitting of the Kharkov press-club: “Reform of the law-enforcing organs as a method for the struggle against corruption”

The sitting was held on 5 November and was devoted to the reform of militia. | detail

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Officers of Evpatoria militia robbed a scientific society

Several militia officers rushed into the office of the scientific society of students and post-graduates "Yusti-s" without any court warrant and confiscated system blocks of computers. | detail

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Patriarch of the Odessa journalist beaten

Another journalist was beaten, but this time not for his professional activities. Militia, as always, was inactive. | detail

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A robust door saved Valentina Vasylchenko

The door of the flat of journalist V. Vasylchenko was being broken by some strangers for a long time. She addressed militia but appeared to be fruitless. | detail

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It happened on the Easter’s eve

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Attitude to the court power in Ukraine

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Democracy of the Severodonetsk variety

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