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Prosecutor suspected of involvement in Odesa May 2 tragedy

Odesa’s Regional Prosecutor has been challenged to investigate allegations that could implicate one of his employees in the concealment of the weapon used by anti-Maidan activist Vitaly Budko [‘Botsman’] during the violent disturbances on May 2, 2014 | detail

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Why Poroshenko’s Support for Shokin Is Dangerous

Elected on a promise to reform Ukraine and fight corruption, reformers now fear Poroshenko has gone off course. The current imbroglio centers on Shokin, a Poroshenko ally and protector of the country’s corrupt old guard. | detail

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Police & judges accused of impeding prosecution of crimes against Euromaidan activists

On the same day that the Head of the special department investigating Maidan crimes spoke of constant obstruction from current police officers, former Berkut officers and judges, a court has allowed Anatoly Logvinenko, an ex-Berkut officer accused of grave crimes, to remove his electronic bracelet | detail

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Ukraine’s Security Service resorts to attack & threats to keep their luxury lifestyle secret

Ukraine’s Security Service [SBU] has tried to get a program probing corruption within its ranks removed from air, just weeks after two of the journalists were assaulted outside the SBU offices in Kyiv. Since it failed, there is no need to speculate on the reasons – the luxury vehicles that SBU staff use to get to work, rather than the public transport claimed, can be seen – and valued | detail

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Not so new police: protesters and journalists detained in Kharkiv oblast

Two journalists and a number of protesters were detained on Friday Oct 2 near the Bohodukhiv Oil Depot in the Kharkiv oblast. Unlike the detention of journalists outside the SBU [Security Service] building in Kyiv which elicited a formal apology, the police version of events simply ignores the presence of journalists - and their rather incriminating video footage. | detail

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Journalists probing Security Service luxury cars detained and manhandled

Two investigative journalists from the anti-corruption programme Skhemy: Corruption in Detail were accosted on Friday morning, Oct 2 outside Ukraine’s SBU or Security Service and told to confess to being spies. | detail

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Kharkiv police officers caught hitting a black student

An investigation is now underway after two Kharkiv police officers were videoed hitting and then trying to detain a black student who appeared to be simply waiting with a friend, also black, at a bus stop. Most disturbingly, the incident would have almost certainly ended differently had a passer-by not begun videoing the police behaviour and then felt compelled to intervene on the student’s behalf. | detail

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Racist attack on young man in Kyiv

A foul racially-motivated attack has been reported against a 16-year-old young man in Kyiv with the duty police officer at the metro station nowhere to be seen | detail

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Outrage over plan to name police unit after victims of Euromaidan

The civic initiative Euromaidan SOS has reacted swiftly to plans by the Interior Ministry to name a law enforcement unit after Nebesna Sotnya – those killed during the Euromaidan protests. | detail

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Avoiding Lustration: Senior Prosecutor Evades Sweep Of Yanukovych-Era Officials

Ukrainian prosecutor Oleh Valendyuk should have been out of a job last fall, the victim of a lustration law meant to clear away members of former President Viktor Yanukovych’s team after his ouster at the hands of pro-European protesters. Instead, Valendyuk holds a higher position than ever: he is the top prosecutor in the capital, Kyiv. | detail

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Movement at last on Odesa 2 May investigation

A year after the tragic riots and fire in Odesa on May 2, 2014, a top police official is facing charges and civic investigators have upheld their right to information which is of clear public importance. A draft bill has also been tabled which could waive charges for people accused only of participation in riots, increasing the chances of finding the organizers and initiators | detail

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Another attack on journalists investigating Interior Ministry corruption

For the second time in the space of a few weeks, investigative journalists probing corruption within the Interior Ministry have come under attack. The film crew was from the same programme whose findings recently led to the top Traffic Police official losing his job | detail

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On Police Reform

A brief description of the changes due to take place this year in the Ukrainian police force | detail

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Head of Traffic Police Dismissed after Scandalous Lifestyle Exposed

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has just been forced to remove a second police associate after a damning report exposed fiddled records and the head of Ukraine’s traffic police living it up in style. Worryingly, he has promised only an ’internal inquiry’ into the extremely serious allegations. | detail

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Ex-Berkut officer on trial over AutoMaidan ambush

A first court hearing is due on April 30 in connection with the Berkut riot police ambush of Automaidan activists in Jan 2014. Only one officer has been charged, although the names of those who took part in the beating up of activists and smashing of their cars are known. So too are their current positions in the police force | detail

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No liability for police officers who beat up civic activist this January?

Not only have the ex-Berkut officers who beat up rights activist Konstantin Reutsky in January this year not been punished, but there are plans to award them for stopping a car with weapons, this giving the lies to claims that the men had been suspended pending an inquiry. | detail

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Outrage over police brutality against rights activist and journalists

Civic and media organizations are demanding a full investigation into the incident on Thursday night when Luhansk human rights activist and correspondent for, Kostyantyn Reulsky was beaten after he and two journalists were stopped by traffic police officers whom they believe to have been former Berkut officers. | detail

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Suspect wanted for grave crimes against EuroMaidan now suppressing protest in Moscow?

Petro Fedchuk, ex-deputy head of the Kyiv Police on the run from prosecution for the violent dispersal of peaceful Maidan protesters may now be providing the same services to the Russian police. While others are also continuing to evade justice, some former Berkut officers are fighting side by side with Maidan activists defending Ukraine | detail

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Torture as usual at Kyiv police station?

Bitter déjà vu as the police of a Kyiv police station are accused of beating up an underage activist, keeping him in custody for what they claim was an attempt to destroy a Roshen chocolates kiosk, and long denying him access to a lawyer | detail

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European-style Police Force: Strategy for Reform

For the first time in 18 years the government has adopted a package of proposals for reforming the Interior Ministry, and most importantly a Police Reform Development Strategy written by human rights activists | detail

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