Vradiyivka victim’s lawyers seek attempted murder charges against police officers

The lawyers of Iryna Krashkova, the young woman from Vradiyivka in the Mykolaiv oblast brutally raped and left for dead, believe that the case should be reclassified as attempted murder. | detail

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Vradiyivka: Rule of Force rather than Rule of Law

Events in Vradiyivka, the district centre of the Mykolaiv oblast with a population of 8 thousand have stirred up the entire country. On 26 June two officers of the local police station – Lieutenant Dmytro Polishchuk and Capitan Yevhen Dryzhak – dragged a 29-year-old woman, Iryna Krashkova, who was returning from a discotheque, into a taxi, took her to a forest where they raped and savagely beat her, leaving her unconscious | detail

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Second police officer detained in connection with brutal Vradiyivka rape

The Mykolaiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office has reported that a second police officer has had his status changed from witness to suspect with regard to the gang rape of a young woman from Vradiyivka | detail

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Vradiyivka residents storm police station after rape of young woman

According to reports on Monday evening more than a thousand residents of Vradiyivka stormed the local police station, angered over the rape of a young woman apparently with the participation of police officers | detail

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Police ruin their own image

Donetsk analysts and human rights workers concur in their view that the police are not coping with their law-defending function and are to blame for their bad image | detail

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Dangerous police PR methods

Oleksy Svyetikov reports that the city of Severodonetsk unlike other cities in the Luhansk oblast is suspiciously free of crime - if one believes the police statistics. This, however, would be unwise | detail

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Shameful ping-pong to block the truth in the Indylo case

On the eve of the third anniversary of Ihor Indylo’s death in police custody, the Prosecutor has again succeeded in blocking proper examination into the young student’s death | detail

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UHHRU leaves Interior Ministry’s Public Council

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has announced that the reports from its representative on the Public Council attached to the Interior Ministry force it to conclude that there is no interest within the Public Council in resolving problems related to human rights | detail

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AI: Make the police accountable and stamp out torture

"Beatings and torture continue unabated in the Ukraine in spite of the new Criminal Procedure Code adopted by the government late last year. No concrete steps have been taken to set up an independent police accountability mechanism." | detail

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Police officer gets long sentence for raping detainee

A Donetsk court has sentenced one police officer to 10 years imprisonment for raping a male detainee. He must also pay 20 thousand UAH. Two other officers received 4 and 5 year suspended sentences | detail

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Increased protests against judges and the law enforcement bodies predicted

Iryna Bekeshkina, Director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, believes that Ukrainians see the judicial and law enforcement bodies as defending the authorities against them | detail

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How the Police „fight corruption”

The Association of Human Rights Monitors of Law Enforcement have reported worrying, if hilarious, examples of how police departments obtain their statistics, including those on fighting “corruption”. | detail

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Police checks under scrutiny – and criticism

Ukrainians are suffering more and more often from unlawful searches by police officers, especially at railway stations. These are the findings of the latest stage of monitoring carried out by the NGO network “The Police under Scrutiny” | detail

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Road Control investigative journalists brutally beaten

Road Control which monitors drivers’ rights and the traffic police asserts that the traffic police called in around 20 thugs who attacked journalists filming an illegal car impoundment site | detail

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"Law enforcement system not ready for implementation of new CPC"

Yevhen Zakharov, KHPG Co-Chair, is generally positive about the new Criminal Procedure Code in force since 20 November, though all depends on how it is implemented | detail

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Deals with investigators – progress or grounds for corruption?

On 20 November the new Criminal Procedure Code came into force. Among the new features is the so-called “agreement with the investigators” drawn up at the initiative of the Prosecutor or the suspect or accused | detail

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Police beat up journalist and civic activist

In Kamyana-Buzka (Lviv oblast) traffic police officers unlawfully detained and beat Nazar Oleksevych, journalist from the newspaper Krai and member of the NGO Democratic Alliance and his father, Roman | detail

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One policeman vs. Interior Ministry and Security Service

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union reports one cheering victory for an honest police officer who turned to them | detail

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Police buy up special means. For the elections?

Against a background of talk about the need to reduce law enforcement agency staff, the Ukrainian police have supplemented supplies of special means. Are they thus preparing for possible protest after the elections? | detail

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UHHRU: New Law on Prosecutor does not remove unconstitutional supervisory role

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union stresses that the existence of general supervision by the Prosecutor’s Office is impeding other legal reforms, in particular reform of criminal court proceedings, a component of which is the new Criminal Procedure Code | detail

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