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Criminal investigation over events at Berdyansk colony

The Zaporizhya Regional Prosecutor’s Office reports that it has initiated a criminal investigation over the use of unlawful force against a prisoner in the Berdyansk Corrective Colony No. 77 | detail

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How many innocent Ukrainians are serving life sentences?

With the highest Ukrainian courts showing reluctance to respond adequately to European Court judgements casting doubt on evidence used to sentence people to life imprisonment, the question is burningly relevant. It will be addressed, together with others, at a press conference on Wednesday in Kyiv | detail

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What really happened at the Dnipropetrovsk SIZO?

Human rights workers and the relatives of convicted prisoners suspect that the latter were beaten and subjected to torture at the Dnipropetrovsk SIZO [detention centre]. They are sceptical of the official version that the prisoners received injuries during a fight with convoy guards | detail

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Prisoners resort to self-mutilation in protest at beatings

The Vinnytsa Human Rights Group has reported that prisoners at the Pishchanska Corrective Colony No. 59 in the Vinnytsa region have resorted to self-mutilation in protest over a mass beating. | detail

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“Ukrainian Guantanamo” that doesn’t exist. De jure

Despite being declared illegal in early 2008, there is all too much evidence that the notorious "special units" or anti-terrorist units used to intimidate and ill-treat prisoners | detail

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Healthcare for Remand Prisoners should be under the Health Ministry

Human rights stress the need for a range of measures to ensure that prisoners receive proper medical care, including removing medical staff from under the jurisdiction of the State Penitentiary Service and making changes to the Penal Code and the Law on Pre-Trial Detention; | detail

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Patients in detention must receive medical care!

Measures are planned on 6 October to highlight the grave situation in Ukrainian SIZO [pre-trial detention centres] where people with illnesses, sometimes very serious, are not given proper treatment or moved to the appropriate hospitals | detail

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Shocking statistics in Ukrainian penal institutions

This year the number of people held in SIZO [ore-trial detention centres] and penal institutions rose by around 8,500 inmates. Over the year there was also a 45 percent increase in the number of deaths. | detail

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Tymoshenko arrest highlights need for improvements to detention units

According to Andriy Didenko from the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, bringing former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to the Pechersky District Court two or three hours before the court hearing could be described as ill-treatment or even torture | detail

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Andriy Didenko: Reform of Ukraine’s Penal Institutions hasn’t yet begun

Kharkiv Human Rights Group Anti-Torture Programme Coordinator Andriy Didenko spoke to Roman Skrypin on Radio Svoboda about his own experiences and the situation with penal institutions in Ukraine | detail

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Death of Dnipropetrovsk remand prisoner to be reinvestigated

The Prosecutor General’s Office has ordered the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Prosecutor to reinvestigate the death of a remand prisoner, 27-year-old Viktor Skvortsov who died on 27 January 2011 in the city tuberculosis unit | detail

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Calls for modern system of registration

The President, government and parliament will soon be receiving an appeal to reform the present practice of registering citizens. The appeal was drawn up by participants in a forum of civic organizations entitled “What rights does a person without an internal passport have?” | detail

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Accounting Chamber issues damning report on Penal Reforms

In 80 out of 151 penal institutions living space does not meet the norms of the Criminal Procedure Code. The situation is also unacceptable in SIZO where people remanded in custody are forced to take turns sleeping due to lack of space. | detail

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Penal Head apparently dismissed over events at Colony No. 89

One official stated that the Prosecutor would be investigating these events, as well as a whole range of other criticisms regarding the rising death rate and incidences of tuberculosis in the colonies, poor cooperation with civic organizations and the press, etc. | detail

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KHPG representative not allowed into Penal Colony No. 89

Andriy Didenko, KHPG Programme Coordinator, who had received permission on Tuesday to visit the penal institution where prisoners have been on hunger strike following the deployment of a Special Forces unit on 5 July, was on Wednesday not allowed into the colonY | detail

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Prisoners beaten for complaining about lack of fresh air?

At a press conference on Tuesday, human rights activists provided information they have been able to receive about the beating of prisoners by a Special Forces unit at Penal Colony No. 89 in Dnipropetrovsk on 5 July | detail

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Prisoners on hunger strike at Colony No. 89 in Dnipropetrovsk

Following the unlawful deployment of a unit of Special Force Officers from the State Penitentiary Service on 5 July, a large number of prisoners have officially declared hunger strike | detail

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Special Force Penal Service officers again deployed against prisoners?

There are reports, unconfirmed but from various sources, that on 5 July Special Force Officers from the State Penitentiary Service beat a large number of prisoners at Colony No. 89 in Dnipropetrovsk. | detail

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Is there life after release?

Problems confronted by people released after imprisonment include the lack of housing, identification papers and official employment. Last year over 37 thousand people were released, but the human rights organization Donetsk Memorial warns that around 20 percent end up back inside | detail

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Another dubious lead for Ukraine – the number of prisoners

One in four prisoners in Ukraine is behind bars for theft, with this often on a minor scale. There are even people imprisoned for economic offences which in the entire civilized world are punished through fines or confiscation of property | detail

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