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Who will defend people’s rights in the Dnipropetrovsk region?

A study presented by the Dnipro Social Research Centre reports a deterioration in the human rights situation in the Dnipropetrovsk region | detail

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Human rights activists demand investigation of beatings at Simferopol SIZO

Representatives of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group insist that an immediate investigation be carried out and information provided about the brutal beating of a number of prisoners held in the Simferopol SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] | detail

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Armed men in masks in Simferopol SIZO

Reports have come in from various sources that around 40 Special Forces fighters of the State Penitentiary Service armed with machine guns have been brought into the Simferopol SIZO [Pre-trail detention centre] | detail

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Criminal investigation launched over death of prisoner

Those accused of “exceeding official duties” over the death of a 25-year-old man in Penal Colony No. 42 include the Head of the penal institution | detail

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Sign for receipt of more time inside

According to the author, the practice of extending a person’s time of imprisonment when their sentence is coming to an end is not a bad memory from Soviet times but quite common in today’s Ukraine | detail

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Donetsk Memorial: Police still beat detainees with impunity

The police continue to beat people, even applying new forms and methods of beating, while the Prosecutor’s Office is good at finding ways of not bringing police officers to answer | detail

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Ukrainian SIZO – incurable problems?

In Ukrainian remand units or SIZO, people are falling ill and dying for want of medical assistance, human rights activists and lawyers warn | detail

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Number of prisoners is on the rise

On 30 March the human rights organization Donetsk Memorial gave a press conference entitled “The Prison System: Progress scarcely noticeable” where it presented its fifth annual report Prisoners Rights in Ukraine – 2009 | detail

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More dismissals: this time the Head of the State Department for the Execution of Sentences

Oleksandr Halinsky was appointed in August last year. His appointment came with some degree of consultation with civic organizations and after a number of human rights organizations made direct appeals to the government to consider public opinion in their choice for this vital role. | detail

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From prison to university

The number of prisoners in the West of Ukraine who want to become students of higher educational institutes is increasing. The network of penal institutions from which some applications have come is also widening | detail

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Prisoners to pay for humanization of prisons?

With the entry into force of Law № 2460, penal administrations have the right to retrieve through the courts the cost of keeping all prisoners who are not working. And it is no longer important whether the penal institution (the State) is providing prisoners with the opportunity to earn money or not | detail

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Parliament prohibits checks on prisoners’ correspondence with lawyers

All such correspondence should be sent or brought to the addressee on the date of its receipt without being looked at by the administration | detail

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Allegations of torture in Kyiv remand unit

Lawyers representing Yury Beketov, a remand prisoner in the Kyiv SIZO have stated that their client has not been provided with medical care which, according to European Court of Human Rights case law, can be deemed a form of torture | detail

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Criminal investigation initiated into beating of a Vinnytsa prisoner

The criminal investigation is under Article 365 § 2 of the Criminal Code (exceeding power, accompanied by violence). | detail

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Halinsky promises a human face to the Penal Department

The new Head of the Department for the Execution of Sentences has promised cooperate with civic and human rights organizations in order to be able to receive information about negative elements in the work of the system | detail

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OleksandrHalinsky appointed Head of the Penal Department

Mr Halinsky has up till now been in charge of the Odessa Regional Division of the Department for the Execution of Sentences | detail

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Changes in Penal Department management should be a step towards reform of the system

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is calling on the Government to pay heed to human rights organizations and public opinion in appointing a new Head of the Penal System to enable vitally needed reform | detail

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KHPG appeals to government over new Penal Department appointment

After the inept management of the last 4 years and exodus of professionals from the service, it is vital that a new head for the Department is chosen wisely and with an eye to finally achieving badly needed reforms | detail

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Ukrainian Penitentiary Society calls for responsible appointment

The dismissal of Vasyl Koshchynets from his post as Head of the Department for the Execution of Sentences and rumours over who will take his place have prompted human rights organizations to renew their calls for serious reform of the penal system. | detail

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Damning audit of Penal Service

The Accounting Chamber has found that due to inefficient management, only one tenth of the tasks in the Programme for improving prisoners’ conditions had been fulfilled | detail

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