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SIZO ordered to pay moral damages for not providing medical aid

Three years after Olha Belyak died through lack of medical care, and her parents were then treated with hideously insensitive callousness, the Shevchenkivsky District Court in Kyiv ordered the remand centre to pay compensation | detail

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Izyaslav Penal Colony events to be followed up

KHPG has called for an investigation into the apparent use of a special unit (like OMON, or riot squads) in the Izyaslav Penal Colony on 25 January and allegations that the officers beat up prisoners | detail

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Stalling over the investigation into abuses at Lviv SIZO

The lawyer of the victims in the case against ex-head of the Lviv SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] Vasyl Romanyshyn believes that the court investigation is being deliberately dragged out. The Halytsky Local Court has sent the case for further investigation. | detail

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Council of Europe assured that monitoring will be carried out of penal institutions in the Lviv region

Activist of the civic network OPORA, Taras Halatlyak reports that during a visit to Lviv by the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg, it was agreed that the network would be given the opportunity to carry out monitoring in all Lviv region penal institutions | detail

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The Rights of Convicted Prisoners with Tuberculosis

The results presented here of surveys and monitoring carried out among prisoners and ex-prisoners, medical personnel and others, make extremely disturbing reading and show that the situation with tuberculosis in penal institutions is in no way under control | detail

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Tuberculosis and overcrowding in holding facilities and penal institutions

Prisoners are held in overcrowded cells, and only this year have people suffering from tuberculosis started receiving proper treatment, and then not all of them | detail

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Pre-trial detention centres [SIZO] in Ukraine and how they comply with international norms

An analysis of how Ukrainian legislation regulating the rules and conditions for holding individuals remanded in custody in pre-trial detention centres (SIZO) comply with the standards and recommendations of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture | detail

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I pray for you each day - on the Penal System in Ukraine

The author, with twenty years experience working within the penal system, calls for major changes in how the authorities and society view punishment and deprivation of liberty. Those who commit crimes should be punished, certainly, but not crippled for life. | detail

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Prosecutor criticizes infringements by the Vinnytsa region MIA and Penal Department

The Vinnytsa Region Prosecutor’s office reports infringements in holding detained individuals, convicted prisoners, and those remanded in custody. | detail

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Suicide attempt by prisoners in Berdyansk

Five inmates attempted suicide in order to improve the regime in the penal institution | detail

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At the Sokyryanska Penal Colony prisoners received worm-ridden bread

This is hopefully a positive example of the impact media and public attention can have on the conditions in Ukrainian penal institutions | detail

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Does Ukraine face a wave of prison unrest?

A recent interview given by a former head of the Kharkiv regional division of the Department for the execution of sentences paints a worrying - and familiar - picture of the situation in Ukraine’s penal institutions. Many of his allegations have been angrily denied by the current holder of this post | detail

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Prisoners’ rights and countering torture: does the situation in Ukraine comply with civilized standards?

Yevhen Zakharov and Arkady Bushchenko discuss progress and changes still needed to eradicate the use of torture | detail

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Kharkiv human rights activists name the reasons for the recent cases of attempted suicide (or self-injury) in penal institutions

The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group considers that the acts of self-injury amongst people on remand or prisoners in Kharkiv and Lviv were the direct result of cruel treatment from the administrations of these institutions. | detail

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Human rights activists wish to check the activities of special enforcement units (riot police, etc)

Worrying reports of special subdivisions being deployed in some penal institutions, subjecting prisoners to violence and humilation | detail

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Prisoners call for help

The editorial office of RUPOR received a letter from Vinnitsa. Prisoners of two penitentiaries tell about the horrible situation with human rights in these establishments. | detail

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A person deprived of liberty is not deprived of the right to be a human being

On 7 April a press conference of Volodymir Butenko, the head of the Kharkiv regional branch of the State department of penitentiaries, was held in the press-center of the informational agency “Status Quo”. The topic of the conference was “New priorities of penitentiary system”. | detail

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