Preliminary prisons will be closed.

The upkeep conditions in the special penitentiary establishments of Kirovograd do not meet the requirements of the Ukrainian Constitution and the European committee against torture. The work of the preliminary prisons was suspended in several districts of the oblast. | detail

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“PL” continues the discussion on the problems of human rights protection movement.

The dialog between Evhen Zakharov (the Kharkov Group for human rights protection) and Natalya Dulneva (the Ukrainian Association “Amnesty International”, Lviv) on some terms concerning the conception of human rights protection. | detail

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Kuchma appointed officials in charge of the development of civil society

The Commission of encouraging democratization and development of civil society will, among others, provide the consent of actions concerning political reforms and hold consultations between citizens’ unions and organs of state power for achieving consensus in this sphere. This is stipulated by President Kuchma’s Decree of 7 October 2002. | detail

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On some problems of human rights protection movement in Ukraine

Does the civil society exist in Ukraine and, in particular, that part of it, which is traditionally named human rights protection movement? Author’s meditations and readers’ comments. | detail

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Where there is a will, there is a way

This is an article of a deeply religious man, who regards the crime and the corruption in law-enforcing organs as a result of the disbelief in God. The author hopes that when the situation changes, the criminals will stop committing crimes, and the corrupted state officers will stop to steal. | detail

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An exotic jailbird

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An arrested Lviv citizen may die

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A new bulletin

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