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At least 52 Crimeans prosecuted for refusing to serve in Russian occupiers’ army

There can be many reasons why individual Crimeans have sought to avoid Russian military service.  In all cases, however, it is Russia that is violating international law by forcing young men to serve in an occupying army   | детальніше

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Russia sends Ukrainians from occupied Crimea to fight in Syria

Ukrainian human rights groups have submitted evidence to the International Criminal Court of Russia’s war crimes in forcing young Crimeans to serve in the occupying state’s army | детальніше

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Russia’s censor threatens Ukrainian newspaper for explaining that conscription of Crimeans is a war crime

Roskomnadzor has threatened to block access to the website of Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, a major Ukrainian newspaper over an article about Russia’s imposition of conscription in occupied Crimea.  Dzerkalo Tyzhnia has reacted by expressing disappointment in such shoddy work from the Russian censor and willingness “to point to other material for which the site should be hidden from Russians”.  | детальніше

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Russia doubles war crimes against Crimeans forced to serve in occupier’s army

Young Crimean conscripts have approached human rights activists complaining of demands that they renounce their Ukrainian citizenship.  This alone is a war crime, but so too is Russia’s ongoing conscription of young men on territory it is illegally occupying . | детальніше

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10 thousand Crimeans forced to serve in Russian occupying army

Russia is continuing to violate international law by conscripting young Crimeans into the army of an occupying state, and prosecuting those who refuse to do military service.  Conscription is also forming part of Russia’s mounting persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  | детальніше

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Eyewitnesses Ponder Real Reasons Behind Raid On Kyiv Nightclub, Question Excessive Force

Eyewitnesses and human rights advocates say Ukrainian authorities used excessive force when they arrested 17 young clubgoers for drug possession and detained 32 others they described as draft dodgers in an early morning raid on a popular Kyiv nightclub. | детальніше

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Crimean Jehovah’s Witnesses told to renounce their faith or serve in occupiers’ army

A Crimean Jehovah’s Witness has been ordered to provide ‘proof of change of faith’ in order to be eligible for alternative civilian service. Russia is already in grave breach of international humanitarian law by conscripting young men on illegally occupied Ukrainian territory, and is now adding open religious repression | детальніше

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Russia breaches international law forcing Crimeans to serve in occupying army

Nearly 5 thousand young Crimeans are to be conscripted into Russia’s army in 2017, with Russia thus openly flouting the UN General Assembly and the Fourth Geneva Convention. For the first time since Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, Crimeans will be sent to regions of the Russian Federation | детальніше

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Ambushes as quota-filling ’mobilization’ continue in the Kharkiv oblast

The police and recruitment offices in Kharkiv are continuing to grab young men effectively off the street and send them to military recruitment centres, despite assurances from the Interior Minister and Kharkiv Governor that such methods of ‘mobilization’ would stop. | детальніше

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Ambush in Kharkiv

On how they fulfill the mobilization plan in Kharkiv | детальніше

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Outrage as young men grabbed off the street in Kharkiv for military service

While the regional military commissar claims that all is in order, representatives of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group are adamant that this is in breach of the Constitution and can be viewed as abduction | детальніше

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Ukraine’s leaders broaden mobilization while refusing to declare state of war

Failure to officially acknowledge what Ukrainians have been living with since the Spring of 2014 can only arouse distrust and questions about who benefits by not declaring a state of war in which Russia, not isolated ‘terrorists’, is the main aggressor. | детальніше

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Thousands of soldiers prevented from voting

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada has failed to introduce amendments to electoral legislation which would have enabled military servicemen from the ATO zone to vote in the elections | детальніше

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The Savchenko Case shows Russia in tandem with militants

Should anybody have doubted the close ties between the Russian authorities and pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine, Nadiya Savchenko, a military officer taken prisoner and paraded as a ‘trophy’ by militants three weeks ago is now facing prosecution on dubious charges in Russia | детальніше

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Human Rights Monitors express concern about Krasny Liman

A monitoring group has found no evidence for allegations that the Ukrainian National Guard shot wounded militants in Krasny Liman, but has found disturbing evidence indicating the need for a thorough investigation as to whether a hospital may have been the deliberate target of mortar fire | детальніше

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Ministry denies that conscript died of a brain injury

A young man on military service has died in one of the units of the MIA Internal Military Forces near Kyiv. Reports that other conscripts had their mobile telephones removed and were ordered to say nothing have also been denied | детальніше

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Changes to legislation on conscripts

Inna Sukhorukova, one of the KHPG group monitoring conscription twice a year, reports that in the last two years the Ministry of Defence has done quite a lot to improve the legislation pertaining to conscript service as well as military servicemen on contracts | детальніше

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Details emerge regarding the death of a conscript

The Kharkiv Region Military Prosecutor has instituted criminal proceedings over the death of 18-year-old conscript Yury Stashchenko who died from a blow inflicted by a fellow soldier | детальніше

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Another conscript dies from hazing

The Ministry of Defence reports that a conscript in the Kharkiv region has died as the result of hazing and states that an investigation is underway | детальніше

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Killers of young conscript Oleksandr Rybka sentenced

The 18-year-old conscript soldier died 20 days after being called up to do his military service. Two corporals were sentenced to 5 and 7 years imprisonment for beating him to death | детальніше

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