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Medical examination of conscript soldiers simplified

The Ministry of Defence has introduced changes aimed at making medical examinations more transparent and ensuring that young men unable to serve on medical grounds do not need to undergo the same tests each year | detail

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Major who shot and killed a soldier sentenced to 13 years

Major Vennikov who on 6 August while on duty shot and killed rank and file soldier Pashchenko was convicted of murder and sentenced on Friday 8 December to 13 years imprisonment by the court of the Cherkasy Garrison | detail

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Minister of Defence demands harsh punishment for killers of “Desna” conscript

At present in all military units in Ukraine officers have been ordered to have somebody on duty around the clock in the barracks. It must be said that it’s not clear how long they will continue to protect new conscripts from bullies [“didy”] in this way. | detail

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Conscript dies of internal injuries from beatings inflicted

On 27 November an 18-year-old conscript soldier died of beatings received in the No. 169 Infantry Training Centre in the Chernihiv region. The autopsy showed that the cause of death was a ruptured liver caused by serious beating | detail

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Curbing bullying in the US Military

On a trip as part of the program of international visits “Protection of civil rights in the USA Army”, 7-25 August 2006 | detail

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Prosecutor General calls for measures to stem the rise in deaths and violence involving military servicemen

The Prosecutor General’s Press Service reports instructions issued in response to the worrying rise in the number of deaths of military servicemen | detail

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Human rights in art

On the Third Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, “Ukrainian Context” and why it is specifically the documentary film genre that has proved such a powerful creative means for trying to understand problems linked with human rights | detail

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The Third Ukrainian Human Rights Organizations Forum (20 -21 May)

Positive trends, but no reason whatsoever to retire from the scene, with warnings given of continuing areas of high concern | detail

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Survey in military unit А 1915

The anonymous survey presents some cheering findings, as does the cooperation the local group encountered, however the level of ignorance about Ukraine’s international commitments is disturbing | detail

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Please remember to light your candles on this 16th day of the month in solidarity with those suffering repression in Belarus, and pass on all information to others | detail

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The Ministry of Justice plans to broaden the right to alternative military service

The proposed new law recognizes the right to alternative service of those who on moral grounds reject the use of violence. | detail

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The Military prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv garrison has begun a campaign against “dedovshchina”

According to information given by senior lieutenant of justice S. Trubchaninov, a deputy of the military prosecutor of the Kharkiv garrison, during 2005 the officers of military prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv garrison has taken preventive measures against illegal bullying and other forms of pressure by senior military personnel. As a result, no facts of dedovshchina were registered during the first six months of 2005 | detail

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Attention, government! You’re monitored by human rights protection activists

For the first time the community prepared a systematic complex report consisting of 21 chapters concerning the violations of human rights in Ukraine in 2004. The report is not just a statement of facts; there are recommendations to the government at the end of every chapter on improvement of the situation with human rights and freedoms. | detail

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Report on the results of monitoring of quality of the autumn recruiting campaign-2003

The Kharkov Union of soldiers’ mothers (KhUSM) continues the monitoring of the quality of recruiting campaigns. | detail

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Fund of legal aid was created in Ukraine

The main goal of the Fund is the protection of most vulnerable layers of society and reforming of the higher juridical education, which implies the change of outlook and principles of work of young lawyers and students of law. | detail

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To live to see the rehabilitation

“The situation with rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions, which has formed in Ukraine, is undetermined and unjust to the victims of the repressions”, reads the joint press release of the Council of Ukrainian human rights protecting organizations and the Kharkov group for human rights protection. The press release was presented in the framework of public discussion of the law drafts on rehabilitation of the victims of repressions. | detail

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Appeal of the participants of public hearings on the Law “On rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions in Ukraine”.

The participants of the public hearings turned to the Supreme Rada of Ukraine with the appeal to consider, as soon as possible, the drafts of the Law “On rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions in Ukraine”. | detail

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