Position of the Kharkov group for human rights protection on introduction of changes into the laws on rehabilitation of political prisoners

Co-chairpersons of the Group E. Zakharov and I. Rapp state the position of the KhG and present the analysis of the existing drafts and their propositions on this question. | detail

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A farewell to arms

Reduction of the Ukrainian army is a catastrophe for servicemen. | detail

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Privileges envisaged by laws must be granted

Communal services do not want to observe the law «On social and legal protection of servicemen and their families», according to which parents and other members of families of servicemen, who perished, died, disappeared or became invalids during the army service, get the 50% discount for the payments for dwelling and communal services | detail

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Results of the monitoring of the quality of spring recruiting campaign-2003

The quality of the recruiting campaigns did not improve: 80% of young soldiers from Kharkov and the Kharkov oblast are not ready for army service. | detail

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Ukraine: EU Should Press for Rights Commitments at Summit

(New York, October 7, 2003) — European Union leaders should use today’s summit with Ukraine to secure concrete human rights commitments from the Ukrainian government, Human Rights Watch said today. | detail

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Monitoring and protection of the freedom of the press and other human rights and freedoms in Ukraine

The review of the intermediate results of the USA Embassy project "Human rights and the freedom of the press" for March-August 2003 (the report at the conference on 18 September) | detail

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The access to justice.

The short resumes of the session | detail

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The freedom from torture and cruel treatment

The short resumes of the session | detail

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The right for privacy in Ukraine

The short resumes of the session | detail

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The access to information in Ukraine

The short resumes of the session | detail

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The freedom of expression in Ukraine

The short resumes of the session | detail

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Ambassador John Herbst Opening Remarks.

The speech delivered by the Ambassador at the conference. | detail

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Conference “The freedom of speech and human rights in Ukraine – 2003”

A brief report about the conference "The freedom of speech and human rights in Ukraine - 2003" that was held on 18-19 September in Kyiv. | detail

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The vicious circle

Why unhealthy recruits are enlisted to the army? The analysis of some normative acts concerning the conscription. | detail

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Who is the guilty?

Another case of dedovshchina occurred in one of military units of the Kharkov oblast. A young soldier got hard injuries. The accused was condemned to the service in disciplinary battalion, and several officers of the unit were disciplinary punished or dismissed. The article is supplemented with "Prava ludyny" commentary about the general situation in the Ukrainian army and the reasons of this situation. | detail

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Who is responsible for recruiting ill youths to army?

The Kharkov oblast governor Kushnariov created the commission that must investigate the cases of the youths, who were dismissed from army because of bad state of health within first six months of their service | detail

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On rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions in Ukraine.

The open letter of the Kharkov group for human rights protection on the drawbacks of the Law "On rehabilitation of the victims of political repressions in Ukraine" was adopted by the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. | detail

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Not-able-bodied youths are still enlisted to the army

the unsatisfactory work of juvenile doctors and medical recruiting commissions. | detail

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