„Absence of a law does not free one from its execution“ (a proverb of the Soviet times)

The Law „On the alternative (non-military) service“ is discussed and criticized. | detail

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Quality of the autumn recruiting campaign of 2001.

The article contains the results of the monitoring of the quality of the autumn-2001 recruiting campaign. The article also contains the description of concrete facts of conscripting recruits unsuitable for the army service. | detail

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Murders, explosions and kidnappings are common in modern Odessa

Some facts characterizing the unbearable criminal situation in Odessa are described in the article. | detail

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Violence in family: how to solve the problem on government and non-government levels

One of the most urgent problems in Ukraine is now the problem of violence in family. The article is devoted the general discussion of this problem. | detail

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Our brave warriors got afraid…

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Who will defend the rights of the parents of perished servicemen?

On 20 January 2002 the conference of the union of the parents of servicemen perished in peaceful time was held in Kharkov. The participants of the conference undersigned a letter to the President and the Supreme Rada. This letter demands to adopt the special law concerning the parents of servicemen perished in the peaceful time | detail

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More than 300 complaints about violating human rights were received by the profile parliamentary committee in 2001.

In 2001 the Parliamentary Committee for fighting with organized crime received more than 300 complaints and appeals about violation of human rights and freedoms by law-enforcing organs, among them 50 complaints and appeals about the application of psychical and physical violence. | detail

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Guaranteeing constitutional rights and freedoms by perfecting regulation norms.

The realization of the project ’Guaranteeing constitutional rights and freedoms by perfecting regulation norms’ has begun in Ternopil. | detail

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On addressing law-enforcing organs in concrete criminal cases.

The comment of the Kharkov Group for human rights protection on the legal conditions, under which the human rights protection NGOs may represent a citizen. | detail

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Public hearings in Lugansk

On 8 December public hearings devoted to the International Day of human rights were held in Lugansk in spite of the obstacles from the town administration. | detail

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Leaders’ school for human rights protecting NGOs.

On 25-28 October the Kharkiv human rights protection group (KhG, in what follows) prepared and held the Leaders’ school for activists of human rights protecting NGOs. | detail

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Students – yard sweepers

Practically in all higher schools students are made to do various dirty jobs gratis. There are no legal grounds to force students to do it, it is all based on the fear before the school administration. This tradition was started in the Soviet times and is continued now. | detail

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Women’s rights: step by step.

The public humanitarian consortium ‘Geneza’ organized and held the round table on the topic ‘Women’s rights: step by step’. | detail

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Starting the network of VCU public reception offices in the Kharkov oblast.

The Kharkov oblast branch of the Voter’s Committee of Ukraine continues to create the network of its public reception offices. | detail

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Integration of Ukraine into the European system of human rights protection is accelerating.

President Leonid Kuchma signed the laws adopted by the Parliament on the ratification of Protocols 1 and 2 to the European Convention on preventing torture, inhumane and degrading treatment or punishment. | detail

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Ukraine: human rights are still abused

A brief review of the Amnesty International report ‘Ukraine before the UNO Committee of human rights’, where the state with human rights in Ukraine is characterized as unsatisfactory. | detail

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Quality of the autumn recruiting campaign of 2000.

The Kharkov Union of soldiers’ mothers permanently monitors the quality of recruits from Kharkov and the Kharkov oblast. The article presents the results of such monitoring. | detail

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The Ukrainian Constitution prohibits to use coercive labor.

A case is described about the attempt of the plant administration to send a worker to do unskilled work not mentioned in his contract against his will. | detail

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