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Ukraine’s First City Human Rights Ombudsperson elected

In Skadovsk in the Kherson region the City Council has just elected Ivan Shulha, Coordinator of the Centre for Legal Information and Consultation as the city’s first Human Rights Ombudsperson | detail

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Developing public journalism: advice for local media outlets

The role of the media in ensuring public awareness and participation in local self-government is outlined in this useful manual | detail

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Monitoring human rights in the Odessa region

The Odessa Section of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine will engage in monitoring human rights and awareness raising, as well as providing free legal aid to victims of human rights abuse as part of a nationwide project by a network of human rights organiziations | detail

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“The Police and Human Rights”: A Seminar on teaching human rights in Internal Affairs educational institutes

A valuable educational initiative aimed at ensuring that from their first day on the job, law enforcement personnel know that human rights are not expendable, and that the aim NEVER justifies some means | detail

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Human rights and legal awareness-raising in Sumy

The Sumy City Civic Organization “Pravozakhyst" ["Human rights protection"] has been active since 2001 in developing legal awareness and ensuring that people understand their rights and the law | detail

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The Luhansk information and education center for human rights

The Luhansk information and education center for human rights ( invite all those interested to visit their new website. | detail

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Work of the program “Hippocrates” in the Rivne region

In connection with active discussion of patients’ rights in the recent numbers of the bulletin “Prava ludyny”, we want to propose to our readers the brief information about the work of the program “Hippocrates” in the Rivne region. We also want to tell about our successes and failures and to present our propositions aimed at development of human rights protection movement in the Rivne region | detail

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The Ukrainian choice

Special thematic festival of films, devoted to the problems of human rights, was conducted | detail

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Are Ukrainian mass media able to protect human rights?

Participants of the seminar for journalists “Human rights and freedoms and mechanism of their protection”, which was held on 18-24 March near Kyiv, tried to answer this question | detail

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Action for protection of rights of the detained was held in Sevatopol

Sevastopol human rights protectors organized an action for protection of rights of the detained. | detail

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Activists of Ukrainian human rights protecting organizations trained in Kharkiv

On 27-30 January the Fifth school of human rights for activists of Ukrainian human rights protecting organizations was held in Kharkiv. The School was organized by the Kharkiv group for human rights protection. | detail

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All-Ukrainian conference “Ethical principles of the third sector”.

On 29-30 September 2004 the conference “Ethical principles of the third sector” will be held in Kyiv. The goal of the conference is to sum up the results of the discussion of the draft of Declaration of ethical principles of the activities of organizations of civil society of Ukraine, which discussion is carried out now in all regions of Ukraine, and to create the efficient mechanism of joining of organizations to the Declaration of ethical principles. | detail

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Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights was registered

On 30 June the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the all-Ukrainian Association of human rights protecting organizations “Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights”, which had been founded by 15 human rights protecting organizations. | detail

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The 4th school of human rights in Kharkov

On 4-7 December 2003 the Kharkov group for human rights protection conducted the 4th school of human rights. 42 participants of Russian and Ukrainian NGOs spent together 4 days | detail

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Intermediate results of the program of public consultation

The Voters’ Committee of Ukraine is realizing the pilot program of public consultation directed at rendering free legal aid to voters. The intermediate results of the fulfillment of the program are presented by the author. | detail

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The Public reception office in Kirovograd is overcrowded

More than 180 citizens visited the Public reception office of the Center for human rights protection of the association "Public initiatives" (Kirovograd) since April 2003. | detail

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The project “Training in self-rule” started to work in the Poltava oblast

The aim of the project "Training in self-rule" is to spread the experience of Mirgorod territorial community in the sphere of protecting and lobbying the interests of the community. | detail

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The round table “You must know your rights” in Lutsk

On 29 July 2003 the round table was held in the framework of the project "You must know your rights" with the purpose of making public the results of the monitoring of the publications about the violations of human rights. | detail

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