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Dismissed Prosecutor General condemns baseless criminal charges against Poroshenko

Ukraine’s charges against the ex-President are no less surreal | детальніше

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Zelensky fires adviser who condemned legalization of Russian-controlled Donbas militants

Geo Leros was dismissed from his position as adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky less than 24 hours after an interview in which the people’s deputy (MP) criticized a recent agreement provisionally reached in Minsk | детальніше

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Freedom House report shows OSCE monitored elections in occupied Donbas would be a farce

Freedom House’s devastating assessment of the political and human rights situation in the Russian-controlled Donbas ‘republics’ should be compulsory reading for Ukraine’s leaders, as well as for those western partners who are pushing Ukraine to agree local elections on occupied territory | детальніше

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Underhanded agreement for direct dialogue with Donbas militants is a red line Zelensky promised not to cross

There has been outrage since a document signed on 11 March in Minsk was published by the Ukrainian media and it became clear what the Ukrainian side had agreed to. | детальніше

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PACE ignored gross human rights violations in Crimea to justify capitulation to Russia

Delegates from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have cited supposedly ‘positive moves’ from Russia as their excuse for removing sanctions, an excuse dismissed by both Ukrainian and Russian human rights groups t | детальніше

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Summary of the Analysis of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring The Functioning of Ukrainian as the State Language”

This review provides an analysis of the adopted version of the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language” No. 2704-VIII from April 25, 2019 (the law or the language law) based on international human rights standards and the Constitution of Ukraine. | детальніше

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Putin has declared war, but not just against Ukraine, with his proposed constitutional changes

Putin’s inclusion of notorious Russian writer / Donbas fighter Zakhar Prylepin in a working group on constitutional changes is a grave affront to all Ukrainians, however the changes Putin is planning, especially with respect to its occupation of Crimea, are likely to have even more serious ramifications for Ukraine | детальніше

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Why Russia demanded the release of a ‘Ukrainian fascist’ as part of the prisoner exchange in occupied Donbas

Russia has constantly demonized all Ukrainian nationalist organizations as ‘fascist’, so why, you might ask, would it demand that Ukraine release the former leader of one of the most notorious of such organizations? | детальніше

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Contra spem spero

In 2019 there were even more human rights violations than in previous years. This is the gloomy conclusion that emerges when you try to gather together all the various events concerned with human rights in the year just ended. | детальніше

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Dictatorship law that could force Poland out of the EU brings thousands out in protest

Thousands of Polish citizens in 160 cities took to the streets on Wednesday evening to protest against a draft law aimed at crushing judicial independence in Poland and at silencing and / or punishing judges | детальніше

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‘Treason’ investigation initiated against ex-President Poroshenko over Minsk Accord with Russia

The latest criminal investigation against former President Petro Poroshenko, initiated by the State Bureau of Investigations, elicits obvious and very disturbing parallels with a previous high-profile prosecution | детальніше

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UN states tell Russia to ends its militarization of Crimea and get out

The UN General Assembly has adopted an important resolution on Russia’s occupation and militarization of Crimea in which for the first time concern is raised over Russia’s build-up of nuclear weapons in the occupied peninsula. | детальніше

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Number of Ukrainians prepared to accept peace at any price at record low on eve of the Normandy Summit

A public opinion poll just published reads like a warning list for Ukrainian President Zelensky of concessions, including at the Normandy summit on 9 December, that would not be tolerated | детальніше

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Russian-controlled ‘Donetsk republic’ claims more Ukrainian territory

The self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [‘DPR’] announced on 29 November that is has adopted a ‘law’ defining what it claims to be its ‘state territory | детальніше

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So do most people in occupied Donbas want to join Russia and blame Ukraine for the war?

On doubts about the validity, as well as the point of a recent survey carried out in occupied Donbas for Dzerkalo Tyzhnya which suggested that a majority of residents want to be part of Russia, support the latter’s occupation of Crimea and blame Ukraine for the ‘civil war’ | детальніше

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NABU’s unlawful actions could result in Ukraine being accused of pressure on European Court of Human Rights

On 31 October, I published an article on cases known to me of surveillance by National Anti-Corruption Bureau in the European Court of Human Rights. This publication assesses the causes and potential consequences of this surveillance. | детальніше

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Who are NABU detectives following at the European Court of Human Rights?

National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) is carrying out the surveillance in the European Court of Human Rights. There couldn’t be the greater shame of the Ukrainian state! | детальніше

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A Ukrainian obituary

More than five years since the war in Donbas started, how should we remember those who have died in it? | детальніше

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Majority of Ukrainians against ‘special status’ for occupied Donbas

56% of Ukrainians are against the ‘special status’ for Donbas that is a pivotal element of both the Minsk Accord and the Steinmeier formula which Ukraine agreed to on 1 October 2019 | детальніше

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