Russia accuses Crimean Tatar leaders of recruiting for Islamic State

The de facto authorities in Russian-occupied Crimea have publicly claimed via Russia’s official RIA Novosti that Mustafa Dzhemiliev and other leaders are recruiting Crimean Tatars to become Islamic State fighters. The allegations are especially ominous given Russia’s current military involvement in Syria which Moscow asserts, in the face of considerable evidence, is directed against the Islamic State. | detail

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Armed Right Sector & Azov fighters are discrediting Crimea Blockade

Initial concern over the involvement of the ultranationalist Right Sector in the Crimean Tatar-initiated Blockade of Russian-occupied Crimea has been compounded by a report from the Crimean Human Rights Group finding multiple infringements | detail

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What is meant by amnesty for the separatists?

Full amnesty for people who have killed or tortured is simply impossible | detail

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Odesa 2 May Suspect: We were financed by Moscow

Serhiy Rudyk, one of the men facing charges over the May 2, 2014 disturbances in Odesa, is in no doubt that the anti-Maidan protests on Kulikovo Pole in the Spring of 2014 were paid for “by Moscow”*. Rudyk, who cannot be suspected of anti-Russian bias, names the specific amounts paid for living at the anti-Maidan camp, and mentions rumours that Moscow paid 2 million dollars for the entire ‘Kulikovo Pole project’. | detail

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BBC Correspondent incites Telegraph readers to break the law over Crimea

BBC journalist John Simpson has ‘uncovered Crimea’s charms’ and a quite staggering degree of contempt for international law and human rights. In a travel piece for the Telegraph, he encourages people to do as he did: break the law, effectively whitewash Russia’s invasion and forced annexation of Crimea and wax lyrical about the charms of Crimea, while ignoring extremely serious human rights concerns under Russian occupation. | detail

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Trial begins in Ukraine of captured Russian military intelligence officers

There has been talk of the men being part of an exchange and it is probably no accident that the preliminary hearing into the charges against the two Russian intelligence officers Aleksander Aleksandrov and Yevgeny Yerofeyev coincided with the resumption of the universally condemned trial of Nadiya Savchenko. | detail

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Why are the Kremlin’s Proxies in Donbas provoking a Humanitarian Catastrophe?

The militants’ current anti-Western line and their decision to drive international organizations out of militant-controlled areas will certainly reduce interference in the pseudo-elections that both so-called ‘people’s republics’ have announced. Such behaviour must, however, make it even less likely that western countries would accept ‘elections’ which are so flagrantly in breach of the Minsk Accord. | detail

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Russia targets Mustafa Dzhemiliev’s hostage son in revenge for Crimea Blockade

Khaiser Dzhemiliev, the son of exiled Crimean Tatar leader and Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemiliev, has been moved to a distant prison colony in the Astrakhan region of Russia | detail

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More needed than 8-man ‘task force’ against lethal Russian state propaganda

The West has done next to nothing to counter Russia’s state-controlled propaganda machine with its vicious warmongering and lies. Zhanna Nemtsova’s call for sanctions against those whose incitement to hatred and violence led to her father’s murder outside the Kremlin were heard, reported - and ignored. | detail

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Russia tricks Polish schoolkids for its latest ’Crimea is ours’ propaganda stunt

(Update) Russia is now using schoolkids to create the pretence of legitimacy for its illegal occupation of Crimea, and may have deceived the schools involved, claiming that the teenagers would be visiting St Petersburg.  Instead, they were taken to Crimea with their visit eagerly reported by such pro-Kremlin TV channels as Life News. | detail

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Another fake Ukrainian separatist stunt with the trail from Odesa to Moscow

A paid protest in Odesa, designed to provide photos for a more grandiose fake, was nipped in the bud on September 19. The planned event in Odesa was modest, unlike the totally fictitious 500-strong protest in Kyiv purportedly in support of the ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia’ and claiming that the authorities are persecuting national minorities in the Odesa oblast. | detail

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Crimean Blockade: No More ‘Mutually Advantageous Collaboration’

At midday on Sunday, Sept 20 Crimean Tatars and various Ukrainian civic organizations, including Right Sector, began an indefinite blockade of the ‘border’ between mainland Ukraine and Crimea. All three crossings into Crimea were blocked to trucks, though cars and individuals on foot were allowed through | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants inadvertently acknowledge minimal public support (updated)

On Sept 11, the so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [‘DNR’] reported a ‘significant increase’ in support for ‘DNR’ with this now reaching over a quarter of the population under Kremlin-backed militant control. It later tried to doctor the records to indicate support on a par with that which Russian surveys keep suggesting that Vladimir Putin enjoys | detail

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Crimean Human Rights Field Mission ‘reformats’ after Russia labels them ‘undesirable’

Since Crimean Field Mission members, as well as those who help them, now face criminal prosecution in Russian-occupied Crimea, this vital voice reporting grave rights violations has announced a ‘reformatting’ of its work and the emergence of new human rights organizations. | detail

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Stop Feeding Bandits! Crimean Tatars call for a Civil Blockade of Occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar leaders have called on Ukrainians to join a civil blockade of Russian-occupied Crimea. The blockade will continue until Russia releases its Ukrainian political prisoners, stops blocking free media in Crimea and committing other rights offences | detail

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Ukraine accepts Int’l Criminal Court jurisdiction yet still doesn’t ratify Rome Statute

While still not simply ratifying the Rome Statute, Ukraine has, for the second time, accepted the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction to investigate possible war crimes committed since Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea and the military conflict in Donbas. . | detail

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Russia claims ‘universal jurisdiction’ to try Ukraine for human rights crimes

Russia’s Investigative Committee has claimed that “the situation in the south-east of Ukraine is nothing less than genocide of the Russian-speaking population” and that, therefore, in accordance with international law “it cannot stand on the side-line”. | detail

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Oppose Russian tyranny with your pen!

50 years ago Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus, Viacheslav Chornovil and others demonstrated their opposition to tyranny and to politically motivated arrests. That opposition is needed again. Please help show Ukrainian prisoners held by Russia and the Russian authorities that they are not forgotten | detail

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“A Grenade thrown at Ukraine”

The clashes on Monday were over highly divisive amendments to the Constitution, but it is not, as has been claimed, the Constitution that is bloodstained, but those far-right politicians and their supporters willing to use violence, including a grenade and firearms. at a crowded demonstration | detail

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Putin’s Ilovaisk Treachery Forgotten?

The Presidents of France, Germany and Russia marked the first anniversary of the Ilovaisk Massacre in which Russian President Vladimir Putin played a fatal role by backing “a new ceasefire”. Perhaps it would have been undiplomatic to mention Putin’s murderous treachery, but wise to keep it in mind. | detail

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