The opinion of Larisa Bogoraz about the war in Iraq.L.

Bogoraz, a well-known Russian human rights protection activist, denounces the war in Iraq. | detail

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The Supreme Council of justice „“ President from trial

Three articles concerning the institution by judge Yu. Vasilenko of the criminal case against President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. | detail

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On the case of judge Yuri Vasilenko

(A non-juridical comment) | detail

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On the discussion about the probable military operation against Iraq

The problem of the probable war in Iraq seems to be the most actual today. Here we present the opinions of several well-known human rights protection activists concerning this question. | detail

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ON THE PROBABLE WAR IN IRAQ: The opinions of human rights protectors

The problem of the probable war in Iraq seems to be the most actual today. Here we present the opinions of several well-known human rights protection activists concerning this question. | detail

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What crimes the tax militia expects from public organizations?

The department of pre-investigation checks of the Lugansk oblast tax militia will begin tomorrow the check of the Lugansk organization of the Ukrainian Voter’s Committee (UVC). It is not clear yet, what tax offenses they expect to find in the public organization, which is not a taxpayer. | detail

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Repressions against Odessa youth

Andrey Yusov, a member of the union "Ukrainian Brotherhood" and the head of the city resistance committee "For truth", became a victims of the new composition of power. | detail

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Witch hunters are stopped, but not punished

The author describes a typical case: how Oleksandr Zarvovskiy, the principal of Severodonetsk school, was persecuted for his participation in the opposition meeting. | detail

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Sergey Golovaty against Leonid Kuchma.

MP Sergey Golovaty, the former Minister of Justice, asserts that President Kuchma blocks the creation of the international commission on Gongadze’s case, since he is afraid that he will be accused of the murder. | detail

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2001 in the eyes of Ukrainian human rights protectors

Which was 2001 for Ukraine concerning observation of human rights? Opinions of activists of Ukrainian human rights protection movement. | detail

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The mayor of Cherkassy about ‘Nikulin’s case’

Mayor of Cherkassy Volodymir Oliynyk, a former judge, intends to become a public advocate in the case of Oleksandr Nikulin, the mayor of Kirovograd. | detail

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Protest against erecting Stalin’s monument

On 31 August representatives of Sevastopol political parties and public organizations created a public committee to protest against the erection of Stalin’s monument in the city. | detail

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Dependence and independence

At first the author discusses the difficulties of Ukraine in a quite materialistic manner. For example, he remarks that Ukraine inherited from the USSR heavy industry, which consuming too much energy. On the other hand, Ukraine has a deficit of energy carriers. Hence, a real difficulty. In the second part of the article the author uses religious argumentation and advises politicians to ask God’s assistance in the administrative affairs (in particular, he wants a chapel to be built in the Parliament). | detail

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Ten years of independence. Time to wake up

The author’s meditations about the passivity of Ukrainian people during ten years of independence. Some anti-democratic tricks of the authorities are described, which went not punished, not criticized and often not noticed. | detail

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