Five Ways We Have Changed the World’s Perception of Ukraine

Ukraine has continued to face many challenges but something has changed in the last year. The country started scoring targeted and powerful public relations goals abroad. At Ukraine Crisis Media Center, where I am a co-founder, we have actively sought to change how Ukraine is perceived | detail

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Against All Odds, Ukraine’s Refugees Rebuild

Displaced by war, Oleg Gorbachev moved his hostel for elderly people in 2014 from eastern Ukraine to the outskirts of Kyiv  | detail

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Social Services Threatened as Charities Face Eviction

Station Kharkiv, one of the city’s largest volunteer organizations, is facing the loss of its offices after donors told the organization that they could no longer provide sufficient funds to cover the rent of the premises. | detail

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A Vested Interest in Ukrainian Jewish Unity

Ukraine’s leading Jewish organizations are holding a joint conference this week and hope to create one single coordinating body, representing all organizations. If they succeed, this will be the latest demonstration by Ukrainians from all faiths and ethnic groups of unity in the face of Russian aggression | detail

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Lviv volunteers help restore homes in Kramatorsk

At the beginning of August a group of volunteers from Lviv arrived in Kramatorsk wanting with their own hands to help restore buildings damaged when flats in a many-storey apartment block in Stankostroy were hit by shells | detail

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Attacks on KHPG’s Andriy Didenko

During the last month two attacks have been carried out on our colleague Andriy Didenko. KHPG Director Yevhen Zakharov believes the attacks to be linked with his work. | detail

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Center.UA under attack, other NGOs next in line?

With Ukraine’s leaders having systematically removed most controls and transparency with respect to vast amounts of taxpayers’ money, the mere suggestion that the NGO Center.UA should be accused of money laundering might seem comical. The background, unfortunately, is much more sinister | detail

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Ever fewer Ukrainians believe they have any influence

Interestingly while less and less people believe that demonstrations and rallies can help or that they personally can have impact on the authorities,, more are pinning their hopes on civic organizations. | detail

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Lay off civic activists

With so many horrific tales of police lawlessness, an internal clean up would seem warranted. Instead it is civic activists who are facing scrutiny and bullyboy tactics. The aim seems ominously clear: silence those highlighting the assault on people’s rights. | detail

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On unlawful harassment of civic activists

Many well-known public figures, journalists and NGOs, including KHPG, the Centre for Civl Liberties and othersare concerned that a criminal investigation is being used solely to obstruct the civic activities of Maxim and Kostyantin Latsyba and to use them as an example to intimidate all activists | detail

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NGOs cultivated to back the authorities?

Activists from a Donetsk oblast civic movement accuse the authorities of cultivating puppet NGOs in order to imitate development of civil society | detail

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Civic anger over hijacked public councils

Civic organizations believe that those in power have orchestrated the effective hijacking of the Public Councils under the Foreign Ministry and Kyiv City State Administration in order to make them malleable as part of an assault on civic society | detail

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Efforts likely to discredit civic activists and journalists

Oleh Rybachuk, leader of the civic movement CHESNO, believes that in the near future there may be a wide-scale campaign aimed at discrediting civic activists and journalists | detail

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Fake letters from “concerned citizens” as grounds for tax and other checks

It would appear that the law enforcement agencies have at least in the case of Ihor Koliushko manufactured a letter giving them an excuse for carrying out checks on business enterprises | detail

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NGOs told to “explain themselves” – harassment or idiocy?

Four major NGOs have received an extraordinary letter from the State Registration Service demanding their “explanation” after individuals complained that they were propagandizing “anti-Ukrainian anti-moral and anti-constitutional ideas” | detail

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EU raises the pressure

The EU is continuing to seek levers of influence on Ukraine’s leaders, while in Brussels support is being increased for NGOs in the EU’s East European neighbours who can put pressure on the authorities, demanding democratic reforms | detail

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Wall of Officialdom’s Lies

A “Wall of Lies” has been erected in the centre of Kyiv in the place of a scandal-filled construction site. It will now sport the portraits of officials who are believed to be responsible for unlawful construction work in the city and/or who have not kept their word | detail

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Civic activists demand real liability for Deputy’s son Landik

Cases where the sons of deputies, prosecutor’s and others in high places escape criminal liability in Ukraine are legion. The video footage showing Roman Landik, son of a Party of the Regions National Deputy trying to chat up a girl and then beating her badly when rebuffed did however elicit outrage | detail

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SBU puts pressure on activists speaking out against controversial higher education law

In the case of activist Vitaly Kichkiruk from the Foundation for Regional Initiatives, the Security Service was reminded of the law. Whether all activists exercising their constitutional rights withstand insistent requests for “conversations” is not clear | detail

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Civil society gets a C grade for impact

A study carried out by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation suggests that the public are being given less and less opportunity to have impact on decision-making by the authorities | detail

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