SBU puts pressure on activists speaking out against controversial higher education law

In the case of activist Vitaly Kichkiruk from the Foundation for Regional Initiatives, the Security Service was reminded of the law. Whether all activists exercising their constitutional rights withstand insistent requests for “conversations” is not clear | detail

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Civil society gets a C grade for impact

A study carried out by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation suggests that the public are being given less and less opportunity to have impact on decision-making by the authorities | detail

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Committee in Defence of Modern Political Prisoners formed in Lviv

The decision to create the committee was taken on Monday 30 May at a public rally “Stop political repression in Ukraine!” by former political prisoners, human rights activists, academics and others | detail

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Ukrainian politicians put the squeeze on civil society

The Soviet Union used to propagate the notion that dissidents were funded by Western intelligence agencies. Today, those same (now, post-Soviet) elites, push an updated version of this notion, by arguing that their opponents work with Western foundations and NGOs to foment democratic “revolutions.” | detail

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Verkhovna Rada takes first step with draft bill on civic organizations

The draft law is aimed at simplifying registration and the activities of civic organizations which form the basis of civic society. The law now in place “On citizens’ associations” provides obstacles to civic activity | detail

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Why is the government afraid of Ukraine’s civic organizations?

This was the key question at a press conference called in connection with recent proposals from the Party of the Regions to ban financing of NGOs from abroad, as well as with the possible consideration by parliament on 12 May of the draft Law on Civic Organizations (No. 7262-1). | detail

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IRF Director: Soviet atmosphere returns to Ukraine

While convinced that the Party of the Regions initiative to restrict the rights of civic organizations will not succeed, the Executive Director of the International Renaissance Foundation is concerned that the public could actually believe that it might | detail

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Party of the Regions plans afoot to ban foreign sponsorship of NGOs

The Party of the Regions wants to draw up a draft bill aimed at imposing control over the funding of civic organizations in Ukraine. Analysts warn that such a law would put an end to any chance of Ukraine joining the EU | detail

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International Renaissance Foundation refutes “irresponsible” remarks about non-existent threat

Statement in response to the extraordinary suggestion made by the Head of the Party of the Regions faction in parliament, O. Yefremov that a scenario similar to that in Northern Africa is being set in motion in Ukraine on money from IRF’s founder, George Soros | detail

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Boris Gudziak: University Rectors should stop being afraid

The Ministry of Education headed by Dmytro Tabachnyk has in a year undertaken an assault on the autonomy of universities and stopped movement towards the Bologna system. This is the view expressed in an interview given to Radio Svoboda by Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Father Boris Gudziak | detail

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SBU once again sniffing around a civic organization

Ukraine’s Security Service would now seem to be interested in finding out about the civic organization “Democratic Alliance” , specifically it’s work supported by international grants. | detail

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The Mistake of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) must draw the Ministry’s attention to the fact that IRF activities are not coordinated (and cannot possibly be coordinated) by any of the above-listed diplomatic missions | detail

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Mr President Elect – Hear each of us! Nationwide flash-mob

Participants called on newly elected President Yanukovych to come to the Civic Forum on 5 March and to tell Ukrainians WHAT he will do, WHEN and HOW on combating corruption; human rights; reforming the health service and lots more judicial reform; | detail

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Ukraine’s authorities ignore civic organizations’ proposals on improving legislation

Shortcomings in legislation, as well as the lack of political will. are a barrier to the development of civic society in Ukraine. | detail

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Course in civic education to be taught in schools

"The main method is not to provide information from the traditional standpoint “You have to and that’s it”. We focus on the need for students to make their own choice" | detail

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Help a rural library!

A public campaign has been launched in the Volyn region in support of rural libraries with organizations, businesses, local authorities and members of the public asked to donate books they don’t need | detail

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On human rights issues and dilemmas

In an interview given to UNIAN the Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union Yevhen Zakharov speaks of the dividing line between politicians and human rights defenders, the work of the Ombudsperson and the relation between material wellbeing and freedom of speech. | detail

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Lviv residents trust civic organizations more than political parties

According to the research centre “Socioinform”*, one in five Lviv residents would have voted at the local council elections for a civic organization. | detail

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UNIAN Human Rights initiative

The UNIAN press agency’s new project should provide exciting possibilities for broadening awareness of the work of human rights organizations and generally of human rights issues | detail

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On civic society, the political crisis, freedom of speech and more

Yevhen Zakharov sees one of the main achievements of the Civic Assembly in its having drawn civic organizations together and enabled them to feel part of an ever more potent civic community | detail

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