A year after the elections: the challenges to civic society. Can democracy survive?

“Dialogue between civic organizations and state executive authorities has been virtually stifled, and the media do not devote attention to this issue. We need on principle to ask sternly: “You promised, so what has been done?” I’m afraid that many leaders of the elected authorities would have no answer. However the question must be put”. | detail

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Support for civic initiatives in Ukraine – a new project from the East European Democratic Centre launched

The project’s aim in the coming year is to help youth organizations develop networking capacity and cooperation with other sectors in society, including the local authorities | detail

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Rivne self-help campaign to improve language skills

With lack of knowledge of even one foreign language often hindering fruitful cooperation with other organizations, the organizers hope that through this project, local civic organizations which are the main contributors to the development of civic society in Ukraine will find new prospects and horizons opening before them. | detail

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Honest earnings!

Ukrainian civic society is increasingly understanding that the initiative for change must come from them, this time in combating corruption and bribe-taking | detail

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Public City Council created in Kherson

The Mayor hopes that the Council, which has been formed at the initiative of different civic organizations, can focus deputies’ attention on burning issues rather than on political battles | detail

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Address to the Ukraine – 2007 Conference in the European Parliament

There is no more immediate task in Ukraine than that on which we are working – the creation of a powerful machine for independent civic assessment of the work of the authorities, for appealing against decisions which run counter to the law, human rights and public interest, for the lobbying of these interests. | detail

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5 thousand people boycott films in Russian

“With this whole initiative we are only standing up for the chance to choose to watch films in good quality Ukrainian translation”. | detail

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Are the authorities trying to “tame” the public?

While the Lviv authorities have begun organizing public hearings themselves (joining them seen as being less dangerous than figting them!), they seem less interested in taking heed of what the public is telling them | detail

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Press Release: CINEMA – TRANSLATION “I promise not to go to showings of foreign films with Russian translation”

This excellent initiative has already raised its original target and looks set to prove not only that Ukrainians want the choice to watch films in Ukrainian, but also (and not for the first time!) that they know better than politicians how to join forces and affirm their rights | detail

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Civic action in defence of the right to watch films in Ukrainian

More than 600 people have already supported the initiative which was launched the day before yesterday in response to the effective refusal by film distributors to translate films being shown in Ukrainian cinemas | detail

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Increasing the influence of ordinary people on state policy

A project has been launched aimed at increasing the influence of local territorial communities in Ukraine on decision making by state authorities and local administrations focusing particularly on public hearings | detail

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Public Contract signed between nongovernmental organizations and the authorities in Drohobych

The first, but seemingly not last, such agreement aimed at improving the level of openness and accountability of the local authorities and public participation in decision making | detail

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Lviv Civic Society has its own voice on the Internet

A new Internet resource - the Lviv Civic Portal -will promote public participation in decision making and in monitoring the activities of the local authorities | detail

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Strengthening control over the authorities through a network of civic representation

Promising initiatives for consolidating public participation and control in the Chernihiv region | detail

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One step closer to public participating in decision making

The new Resolution passed by the Cabinet of Ministers enables representatives of civic organizations and others at their own initiative to be included on the boards of local state administrations | detail

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Who’s destroying the historic centre of Lviv?

The "visit" today by over 70 Lviv journalists and their statement achieved one aim - a commission has been created. Postive as a beginning, but by no means enough ... | detail

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Ukrainian Civic Forum created

An association of civic networks and organizations from different regions of Ukraine which have formed one network to work together in the interests of civic society. They extend an invitation to all who support the enclosed Declaration to join them | detail

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“It will all come true tomorrow

A call to think soberly about the tasks ahead | detail

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How not to treat the mass media in Ukraine

The instantaneous reaction of the media and Ukrainian society to the recent attack on journalists would suggest that certain political factions who assume carte blanche is restored would be well advised to think again | detail

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