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Ukrainian Civic Forum created

An association of civic networks and organizations from different regions of Ukraine which have formed one network to work together in the interests of civic society. They extend an invitation to all who support the enclosed Declaration to join them | detail

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“It will all come true tomorrow

A call to think soberly about the tasks ahead | detail

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How not to treat the mass media in Ukraine

The instantaneous reaction of the media and Ukrainian society to the recent attack on journalists would suggest that certain political factions who assume carte blanche is restored would be well advised to think again | detail

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Drowning in nonsense ...

More on the suffocating effect of the law restricting ’political campaigning" | detail

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Freedom of Expression?

The present pre-election campaign suggest a downside to unlimited freedom of expression | detail

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A look ahead to the March parliamentary elections in the light of the present crisis. The author analyses the roots of Ukraine’s political malaise and provides biting criticism of the “Disneyland” world of the Verkhovna Rada | detail

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What is Putin trying to achieve? The Geo-political aspect of Russia’s gas counter-offensive

An in-depth analysis of Russia’s economic and political objectives with the New Year Ukrainian gas crisis both as far as Ukraine is concerned, and in broader geo-political terms. | detail

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On the planned amendments to the Constitution (the “political reform”): “I am a citizen. …. I simply have rights which I will not give up without a fight. My barricades are the Constitution. Each time anybody attempts to take these rights away, they will have to take the barricades by storm. And we’ll see who wins, since there are a lot of us” | detail

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Some problems of legal protection of citizens in Ukraine

It was written much about the absence of efficient protection of rights and interests of citizens in Ukraine. However, in spite of general declarations, intentions and promises to improve the situation, no concrete measures were taken: the operating laws were not changed, and new laws were not created | detail

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Maidan demands that it be served!

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Whether fair punishment of a criminal may be considered as a political repression?

The problem always appears at the time of change of power: how the representatives of new power would treat the representatives of old power? New power, which wants to be progressive, must be guided by the progressive doctrine in its attitude to old power. However, the criminals must be punished independently of their relations either with power or with opposition. This is the moral, legal and, at last, political duty of power, which should not be a tool in hands of criminals, but must guarantee law and order for well-being of all citizens | detail

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Commentary of the Kharkov group for human rights protection on the election-2004

As the Ukrainian mass media have already noted, the progress of the Presidential election-2004 is characterized by stiff, even savage confrontation, between candidates nominated by different political camps, as well as by ultimately law moral standards demonstrated by the acting executive power | detail

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The Law of Ukraine «On general state pension insurance»

Muddle in the pension laws. | detail

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“PL” continues the discussion on the problems of human rights protection movement.

The dialog between Evhen Zakharov (the Kharkov Group for human rights protection) and Natalya Dulneva (the Ukrainian Association “Amnesty International”, Lviv) on some terms concerning the conception of human rights protection. | detail

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