Yevhen Zakharov: Speech in Parliament during the election of Ombudsperson

The address given by one of the candidates for the post of Human Rights Ombudsperson – Yevhen Zakharov, Co-Chair of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group and Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union before the vote for Ombudsperson on 15 March. | detail

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Verkhovna Rada fails to elect a Human Rights Ombudsperson

With the result suggesting either intrigue or disagreement within the ruling majority, the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday failed to provide sufficient support for either Yevhen Zakharov or Valeria Lutkovska | detail

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Human Rights in Ukraine – 2011 Report issued

The report identifies three danger trends which emerged last year: increased poverty; political persecution of the opposition and civic movements, as well as the destruction of judicial independence | detail

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Yevhen Zakharov: Statement

The fundamental requirements which Parliament should be guided by in electing a new Ombudsperson are impartiality, independence, competence, pluralism and accountability | detail

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Opposition supports Zakharov as Ombudsperson

It was announced on Tuesday that the opposition parties which form the Committee against Dictatorship are putting forward Yevhen Zakharov as Human Rights Ombudsperson to replace Nina Karpachova whose (third) term of office has come to an end. | detail

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Call for a Human Rights Ombudsperson from Civil Society

UHHRU has addressed an open letter to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada asking him to support the candidacy for Human Rights Ombudsperson of Yevhen Zakharov who fully meets the demands of impartiality, independence, competence, pluralism and accountability | detail

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Human Rights in Ukraine – 2011: More and More Violations

An overview of some of the tendencies which emerged in 2011 and seem most dangerous for human rights, including rising poverty, political persecution and disregard for judicial independence | detail

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Thistle of the Year Ignominious Gold for Human Rights Abuse goes to the President

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has for the sixth year running marked Human Rights Day by identifying the worst violators of human rights during the year and awarding them its Thistle of the Year Anti-Prize | detail

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EU wearies of financing elusive Ukrainian reform

From 2012 the EU will not be financing individual projects, but paying money directly into the Ukrainian budget for specific reforms | detail

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Yellow Card for Ukraine’s Police: Second Warning

On 8 September civic activists throughout the country will take part in measures aimed at ensuring that young people know their rights when in contact with the police and drawing the attention of both the public and MIA management to the issue of human rights observance by police officers | detail

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20 years of Good Intentions: Human Rights in Ukraine

There is no systematic policy at all on improving observance of rights and freedoms in the country. The actions of the State with regard to the human rights sphere are unsystematic, chaotic and ineffective. Violations of political and civil rights in 2010-2011 were the most serious of all the years since independence. | detail

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Committee in Defence of Modern Political Prisoners formed in Lviv

The decision to create the committee was taken on Monday 30 May at a public rally “Stop political repression in Ukraine!” by former political prisoners, human rights activists, academics and others | detail

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Mustafa Dzhemiliev – Laureate of “Light of Justice” Award

Mustafa Dzhemiliev, Head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People and former political prisoner has become the second Laureate of the “Light of Justice” Award for his ability “to light the candle of justice in the dark recesses of the human soul and to guide the way to a more humane society” | detail

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US State Department 2010 Human Rights Reports

From the section on Ukraine: “During the year there were reports of increased government pressure on independent media outlets, limitations on freedom of assembly, and the appearance of politically motivated prosecution of opposition politicians” | detail

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Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union now has 30 member organizations

The UHHRU is pleased to welcome a new member of the Union – the Postup [Progress] Human Rights Centre in Luhansk which seeks to provide comprehensive defence of human rights and promote human rights awareness in Ukraine | detail

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Docudays UA coming your way

The 8th International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA begins in Kyiv next week. From 25 to 31 March film showings will take place in the House of Cinema and the Goethe Institute. As always, there will also be a range of seminars, master classes and other events. | detail

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Human rights in Ukraine: assessment of the new regime’s first year

An overview of the most worrying trends in Ukraine seen during 2010 with a significant deterioration in observance of most human rights and freedoms | detail

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Ukrainian human rights organizations present Human Rights in Ukraine 2009 – 2010

The human rights organizations’ report on the human rights situation in the country during 2009 and 2010 was presented at a press conference on 24 February | detail

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HRW: Governments Soft-Talking Abusers

Too many governments are accepting the rationalizations and subterfuges of repressive governments, replacing pressure to respect human rights with softer approaches such as private "dialogue" and "cooperation," Human Rights Watch said on Monday in releasing its World Report 2011 | detail

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2010 Thistle of the Year Anti-Award Recipients announced

Laureates for this ignominious anti-award bestowed on the worst human rights offenders during the year include the Minister of Internal Affairs A. Mohylyov for deliberate disregard for human rights and the Head of the Security Service [SBU], V. Khoroshkovsky for systematic restriction of civil liberties | detail

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